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The Transformation

This is a tale of a Mewtwo who became human/ Mewtwo hybrid, and in many ways gave Ash a new love. And how this hybrid help bring down Team Rocket.

Deep in the woods of Viridian forest was a small wooden hut. There was nothing out of the ordinary about it, but if one was to take a look at the large photograph on the mantle they would discover that the inhabitant was anything but ordinary. For in the photo was a young FEMALE MewTwo, wearing a Sunday dress, standing between what one could assume that the man and woman behind her were her 'mother' and 'father'. The Mewtwo had a wide toothy grin with a single front tooth missing. Next to the Mewtwo was her 'sister' Misty and their older sisters.

As one moved on to the next photo ober showed the same Mewtwo surrounded by five teens, and it didn't take a rocket scientist to know that these humans were the pokemon's school friends.

Next to the mantle, burying her head into her pillow was the Mewtwo. She was about six foot tall, had what could be called breast, and unlike Mewtwo from the movie, she had waist length, violet hair that her parents had paid to have implanted. Her name was Violet Waterflower, Misty's adopted sister, and this is the story of how this Mewtwo became a poke morph. Being the only pokemon to ever get a human education, and graduate, she was given rights that no pokemon ever had. She had many human habits, not to mention the fact that, she good trainer and loved playing with her pokemon. But she was tired of falling in love with human men and not being able to act upon it.

Yet right now she was upset with a well known pokemon champion called Ash Ketchuem, who ironicly was the boy of her dreams, and it was obvious because every wall in her room was covered in posters of him. Anyways it started when Ash found out about her being Misty's sister, he had accidently brought up the topic why she wasn't human. "Violet I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt your feelings! Besides it's almost time to head to Professer Oaks." ,Ash said running in the door before take a seat next to her.

She looked at him tears visable in her eyes an spoke in voice very similar to Misty's, "I know you didn't mean to hurt my feelings, I'm just sensitive about that topic. Thanks. Oh and before we go, could you help me round up some clothes?"

"Sure, lets just hurry so the professer doesn't worry." ,Ash said as he packed a few of Violet's jeans and shirts.

After they finished packing up her clothes Ash turned to her, "I was curious. Why do you want to be human?"

Violet shot him a glare as a vein appeared on her forehead, "Why would I want to be human? Oh I know! So I can get married to a HUMAN and have HUMAN children! Does that answer your question!"

"Okay that makes sense." ,Ash shrugged. For a while neither spoke then Ash broke the silence, "Sorry Violet I was curious. After the experiment is over would like to go over to my place?"

Violet blushed, which kind of surprised Ash. 'Wow no wonder she wants to be human, she was raised as one, and in many ways is one! I wonder if she'll go out with me?' ,Ash thought as tears slowly formed in his eyes, 'Its been five years since Team Rocket turned Misty into a pokemon. I don't want them to hurt Violet but she can help me! Besides she already loves me.' He turned to Violet, "Uh Violet I was curious, you see prom is next month and I was wondering if you would be my date."

Violet's deep blue, catlike eyes widend and immediately gave Ash his answer through a kiss. Which completely caught the attention of Jessie, James, and Meowth, who had been hiding in the bushs. The trio was stunned beyond belief, for a Mewtwo had just given Ash Ketchum a very passionate kiss. Violet pulled back and grinned as Ash blushed madly. "I take that as a yes." ,Ash said a bit surprised at Violet's boldness.

A half hour later the pair arrived at Profesor Oak's lab. "Ah, Violet my dear, it is good to see your doing well. The machine is ready to go, we can began right now if you like." ,Prof. Oak said.

"Professor, I don't think I've been so ready for anything in my life." ,Violet said calmly.

"Very well then. Please, enter the chamber and we'll began." , Oak said gesturing to a tall cylinder like glass chamber, with two sliding doors (picture the Shuttle elevator from ARMEGEDION where Harry told AJ that he would be proud if AJ married his daughter) surrounded by a large wrap-around machine.

Violet obayed and as soon as she entered the chamber the two sliding doors sealed and the chamber began to fill with a blue gas. Ash watched as the dark form of a Mewtwo gave way to that of a female human, but before Ash could make out any of the finer details the gas thickend and her form disappeared. It was about that time that the Team Rocket came bursting through the door. "Hand over the Mewtwo lover boy and no one gets hurt!" ,demand Jessie skipping the motto.

"How about I don't give the 'Mewtwo' and instead I give you a nice, swift kick to the ass instead?" ,Ash laughed, before the room filled with thousands of alarms as the control panal lit up like a Christmas tree. Ash's eyes widend in horror as electrical circuts and computer panels exploded in showers of sparks.

"Ash! Quickly I need you to hit the emergency shut-down switch over there now! Before the whole thing goes!" ,Oak said in a frightend tone.

But to Ash's amazement, befor he hit the shut down switch, the machine turned off by itself as a pair of glowing blue eyes appeared in the chamber. With a loud hiss the chamber opened and the gas rushed out clinging to the ground as did. In the chamber was a woman at least 6'1" with purple hair that reached her knees, with her bangs framing an angular face, with a small nose, thin eyebrows, and almond shaped eyes. Her body was wonderfully sculpted, with her large natural breast, hourglass figure, and natural muscles, atop a pair of tall, muscular part human, part mew two legs. The only give away that she was once a mew two was the long purple tail that stuck out of her rear. But that only gave the woman a more deadly appearace. She turned to face the red headed rocket, "You want a Mewtwo? Then why don't you become one?" ,the woman laughed using her psyhcic energy to lift the rocket into the air and began to mutate the poor woman into a Mewtwo but Ash stoped her before she could finish the process. James grabbed his mutated partner and carried her out of the lab.

As soon as Team Rocket was out of sight, Violet collapsed on the ground from exaustion. Her breaths were labored and shallow. "Ash… Bucket… Now!" ,she gasped. Ash grabbed a gray empty bucket, just in time to catch the first bit of bile. She continued throwing up every five minutes. This went on for about thirty minutes until there was nothing to throw up. By that time Violet's deep violet tail had turned a ghastly white, and her hands were shaking violently. Ash grabbed a small sturenge filled with dose of seditive, and slowly injected it into the Pokemorphs arm.

The seditive took instant effect, as Violet's breaths became slower and deeper. Her hands stopped shaking, as the color returned to her skin, and Violet entered the realm of sleep. As soon as she was asleep he got her back into her clothes. He layed her on an undamaged bunk, and let her rest until the seditive wore off.

About three hours later Violet regained consciousness. "Ash I think it would be wise to take her to your place. I have to clean this place up." ,Prof. Oak said as he tossed the melted control panels into the trash can.

Ash nodded before picking up the exhausted woman and carrying her to his house bridal style. "Thanks Ash. For everything." ,moaned Violet as she looked him in the eyes.

"No problem Violet" ,Ash said as he repositioned the young woman in his arms.

She smiled and kissed him, "I really like that you know."

"I figured you would." He grinned as they continued down the road. About a half hour later Ash asked the female poke morph, "You think you can stand?"

"One way to find out." ,Violet said before landing feet first on the ground. Amazingly she had complete balance even with her body's slightly changed proportions. Ash gave her a slight smile at this and turned to the front door of his house. "Ready to go inside?"

Violet nodded, and followed Ash up to the house, noticing the gardens and turned green with envy. It was far better than hers and everything was green and healthy. Then Ash opened the door. Only to see a very tired and bruised orange haired girl sitting at the kitchen table (A/N: I can't remember how Ash's house is set up so don't flame me!). "Misty?" ,Ash said in disbelief.

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