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Okay this chapter is going to set the stage for the rest of the story. Key events occur in this chapter, and oh just so you know this story is going to get dark. Real dark. Can anyone say World War THREE?


The next seven months went by quickly and so did their relationship, until Ash woke up one morning and discovered that Violet had slept with him the night before. Needless to say the lack of clothing and her tousled hair suddenly reminded him of what had happened last night. 'I hope I didn't impregnate her.' ,he thought with a shudder. Of course if he remembered Murphy's Law, he would have remembered that, 'What Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong.' Because it was on the way to Viridan for supplies that he discovered that Murphy struck again. Ash, Violet, May, Brock, Misty, Richie, Tracy, and their pokemon, were traveling down a beaten path, when the chaos broke out.

"Your pregnate!" ,Ash cried out at the purple haired woman before him.

"Yes, with YOUR child." ,Violet said in a stern voice as her tail thrashed about.

"Are you upset?" ,Ash asked in worried tone.

Violet's crystal blue eyes softend, as her tail slowed down and her cheeks became as red as tomatos. "No Ash, I'm not. I love you, and I will gladly bear your child." ,she said as a light shone in her eyes.

Ash sighed, "I was going to do this later but I guess it wouldn't hurt to do it now." He pulled out a small velvet box and went down on one knee, opening the small box and revealing a single dimond ring, "Violet Waterflower, will you marry me?"

Her eyes exploded into tears of joy, "Yes I will Ash Ketchum!" Then she kissed him full on the lips and their tounges began to dance.

The couple pulled away and suddenly noticed everyone staring at them bug-eyed. Even Pikachu was wide eye before he hit himself in the face. Somethings, I guess, weren't meant be. ,muttered the mouse.

Violet turned to the mouse and laughed, "I know Pikachu. I too was in on that little bet about when Ash and my little sister would get married. Now here I am getting ready to marry Ash!"

"You can understand what he's saying?" ,Tracy said in awe.

"Yep. I can understand what all pokemon say." ,Violet explained before grinning gleefully, "Now are you going to stand there or are we going to shopping?"

Unknown to everyone's May was doing her best not to scream as her true form begain to emerge. As she gritted her teeth, two sharp, pure white fangs became visable.

Three hours later, Viridian City Pokemon Center …

Ash's jaw was hanging to the floor. Violet had changed drastically in appearance. Her long, purple hair now sported redish-orange streaks, a foot shorter, and done up in a high-ponytail. She was wearing a white tank top under a black leather jacket, and a pair of deinm shorts. (Her legs are human enough for her to wear shorts) "Well do you like it?" ,Violet grinned.

"Uh, uh, uh…" ,Ash sputterd.

"Well are you say something or stand there all day?" ,Violet said putting on an annoyed pose.

"Huh, oh sorry, I'm just a bit amazed at how beautiful you are. Not that you weren't before, but now you've got a 'Laura Croft' thing going on. It makes you look hot." ,Ash admitted.

Violet laughed, "I take it you want to see how I'd look in the wedding dress?"

Ash nodded eagerly. Violet stopped laughing, "Sorry Ash. Misty wants to work on it some. You'll have to wait til' the wedding. What in th…? What happened to May?" ,Violet said in a shocked tone.

Ash turned around and then he saw what Violet was going on about. May was no longer fully human. The brunette trainer was now part wolf (she looks like she could be one with that hair of hers), in fact she looked more wolf than human. Her face had changed a great deal, it was more wolf like, with a long wolf snout, pointy wolf ears, and sharp teeth being the most obvious. Then there was the waist length mane of hair that extended down her back, with the chocolate brown tail that made it look even longer, the changes became more apparent the longer he studied her. Her curves were more exaggerated, and muscular than before, with a thick coat of soft brown fur covering every inch of her body. But the eyes and clothes were the only things that made it obvious it was May. As May sat down at on a nearby sofa, the heads of every trainer in the building snapped in her direction, but every guy in the room (minus those that knew who the wolf gal was) gave her a wolf whistle, before trying to get her number. "Buzz off! All of you! Alright, who's the wise ass who pinched my tail?" ,May fussed, as she was swarmed by guys who wanted her.

Ash and Violet entered the fray and began a two man assualt on the mob as they plowed through the sea of love-sick boys with a frightful ease. Eventually the two managed to deter the crowd away from her, but by then May had scared over half of the boys to the point that they left without having Ash or Violet telling them. As soon as the crowd dispersed, Ash and Violet sat down next to the wolf. Ash was a bit concerned for the girl, but his curiosity as to how May transformed got the better of him. "So-, you want to tell us how you turned into this thing?" ,Ash asked as he rubbed her ear. (funny, you'd think she'd be like Inuyasha, only female. Anyhow on with the Show)

May gave him a sideways death glare, but refused to turn her head, as she didn't want to scare Ash off. "I should of known you of all people would be curious as to my transformation." ,she said with a small giggle.

"Got that right! So will you tell us?" ,Ash asked, almost begging.

"Yes, but before I do, I'm going to borrow Violet for a few." ,May said before she and Violet got up and left the Center.

Violet sighed, "You sure you want to do this? I mean damn, if I could get my hair to be like this, I'd never want to cut it!"

May rolled her eyes in fustration, though she knew that Violet was right. Somehow in the transformation, her hair had become ultra soft, to the point that any woman would die to have. Still, May knew that something had to be done, otherwise she'd have some problems sorting out whats her tail and and what was her mane of hair. Then it clicked. "Hey Violet could you turn my hair a golden yellow?" ,May asked curiously.

Violet nodded before activating her psyhic powers and altering the pigmints in May's hair. The change was simple and easy, but while she worked the pigments, Violet slowly redid her own hair to have the same texture as May's. May however watched in awe as her bangs turned a golden yellow before Violet stopped and looked at her work. "What do you think? Still want me to cut it?" ,Violet asked.

"No, it's fine as it is. I guess I can go ahead and tell you what happened to me. Better yet I can show you." ,May said with her eyes glowing red, and fangs visible.

That's when Violet noticed a dark aura surrounding her friend as her eyes glowed red. May extended her claws before jabbing them through Violet's shoulders. Then the poke human felt a horror able pain in neck, and screamed before passing out.

Sorry May lovers, but I have to make Ash and Violet equal somehow. The next chapter is going to have a big role for Pikachu, who along with all the rest of Ash's pokemon, are going to discover their human side. Lots of them (Pikachu especially) are gonna hate it. Want to know why? Well stay tuned, R&R!