Title: Good Love Stories never had Happy Endings

By: Aizawa Sakura

Disclaimer: Not mine. Gravitation belongs to Maki Murakami.

Summary: Hiro goes to visit royal bastard Yuki. He sure did not see this coming. Slash/shounen ai. Yuki/Hiro. Not in a good way though.

Author's Note: Thanks for reviewing the last chapter. Actually this was intended to be a one shot, but since people reviewed requiring a continuation it's now a multi chaptered fic.

Warnings: Freaking Yuki Angst. Fighting. Blood. Getting slashier. Again, there might be bad grammar.


Chapter Two

Yuki's PoV

I never thought this would happen. Me and Hiro. No way.

Shuichi was… shall we say… funny. Funny indeed. Definitely a good way too kill some time. But he was never good. In bed, that is. He was good at being annoying, good at burning the food. Good at being a pain in the ass. But in bed he sucked. In more than one way. Sometimes it was quite pleasant. More often, no. I couldn't keep it up. I don't want him anymore. He won't forget me. Won't get over me. He never does. But I will not take him back. Not this time. Having sex with him was just a way to kill some time. Sometimes it was good, okay, I'll give you that. But it was never hot, never any passion involved. And most importantly, and quite heart-rending, it was never like… this. Looking down at Shuichi was never like looking down at Hiro.

Hiro is beautiful. Really, he is. Unfortunately, for him at least, he has some serious anger management problems. Did he actually think he could walk into my home, yell at me, throw me down on the floor, pin me there while yelling some more, and get away with it? NO WAY.

I kiss him. Forcefully. He fights, tries to get away. I won't let him. I bite his lower lip. Hard. Perhaps a bit too hard. Either that, or I'm imagining the taste of blood. He whimper. Opens his mouth just enough for me to force my tongue between his teeth. Our tongues touches. I try to lick every corner of his mouth. He tries to get away even more. I put my arms on his shoulders, my hands gripping his long red hair, keeping his head still, pinning him down. He still keeps fighting. I break the kiss, but I do not pull back.

"Stop squirming" I say, "time you start enjoying yourself."

"Get off me!" he growls.

"No" I say.

"Get. Off. Me. Now."


"You fucking bastard! Get the hell away from me!"

"I made you angry" I move slightly, getting even closer to him. My mouth just by his ear. "I do not like that language of yours" I whisper. He stops the violent fighting, is still now.

"I do not like you at all" he says, his voice almost as low as mine and full of venom.

"Really?" I say smiling just a little, "I beg to differ." I let my tongue scrape lightly over his earlobe. He breaths in hastily.

"I hate y—"

I bite his ear.


He gasps.

I bite again. I lick. I caress.

He gasps, almost screams. Breathing getting shallow.

"Stop it" he whines. "Please! Stop it."

I will not. I could, but I will not. I have a point to make. Good love stories never end happily. There is no such thing as love. There is physical attraction. Just physical attraction.

"No" I whisper.

"Stop it or I'll-"

"Or what?" I ask, a smile forming. A smile which abruptly disappears when he yanks his head upwards to dig his teeth into curve of my neck.

I scream.

He throws his arms around me to pull me off him. I try desperately to get away from him. We tumble across the floor. Kicking, hitting, nails scratching. Blood flowing red hot through our veins. Rage. His teeth still buried in my flesh. Full contact. Then Hiro pulls away from me. We remain lying on the floor, breathing hard. Trying to forget about the pain spreading from my neck I look at him. He's hiding his face in his hands. I nudge him. He looks up at me. His eyes blank. Sad, confused, ashamed.

"Yuki" he says, his voice low, cracking, "I'm sorry."

Sorry? I wonder. Why would he be sorry? I'm the one who should be begging his forgiveness. Then I see it. The blood strain just at the corner of his mouth. I bring my hand to my neck. When I look at it, my fingertips are red. Not much, just a little. He bit through. I look back at him.

"I'm so sorry" he says, again.

"It's okay" I say, chocked by his sudden concern. The tears forming in his eyes.

"It is NOT okay!" he yells. "I could have killed you."

"Don't be silly" I say. It's just a scratch.

"Yes. But it could have been a fucking carotid artery!"

He's crying now. I hate it when people cry. Or so I thought. Shuichi cried all the time. I hated it, it annoyed me to no end. One of the reasons I couldn't stand him, I believe. This is different. Shuichi always cried for selfish reasons. Always so caught up in himself while tying to tell me it was all about me. His life. His life was all about me. Yeah sure.

I was always supposed to be the strong one. Always supposed to take care of myself. To stand up for myself, and to stand up for the ones that decided they loved me. When I saw Hiro like this, crying because he thought he had hurt me, because he was afraid of himself, I realised something. Me and Hiro, we was much the same. He too, was supposed to be strong. To protect his little followers, his pathetic little band mates.

I was never good at this comforting thing. I usually sneer and walk away. Not now though. Carefully, I put my arms around him. Rubbing his back.

"Don't cry" I say, trying hard to sound nice.

We look at each other. I wipe his tears away. He looks confused still. Sad. I kiss him. Not hard, not forceful. Just lightly brushing my lips against his. He tense up. Prepares to pull away, put up a fight. Then… he relaxes, melting into the kiss. Carefully kissing me back. I taste blood on his lips. I deepen the kiss. Tongues touches, without any battle for dominance. Softly brushing against one another. My hands traces his body. Exploring. Caressing. His soft moans similar to the sad cries of a lone cub. His hands grasping my shirt. Holding on as if gravitation wanted to tear us apart. I don't know how much time passed by. But I felt good kissing him. Perhaps, I thought, after all, there was something called love. Intoxicating. He made me feel passionate. However lame it might be, it was perhaps love.

"Hiro" I say, looking into his dark eyes, filled with… something. Desire. Perhaps even lust. "would you care to move into the bedroom?"

Again, he tense up. He pulls away from me.

"No" he says, slowly. "No. I won't." Confused again. Whatever I saw a moment ago is suddenly gone.

"Unlike you, I do believe in love" he says, getting up from the floor. "And you are not the one I love" sad again. "I… despite you."

He leaves.

And I remember the most important bit about love:

My love stories never end happily.



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