Mustangs Day for Making Front of Ed!

Al: Hay Ed, have you turned in your report to Lt. Mustang yet?

Ed: No looks down

Al: Why not?

Ed mumbles: I really don't want to.

Al: I'm sure Mustang won't bug you about anything; he has nothing to tease you about.

Ed: You have a point, he doesn't know anything that I've been doing for the past month; maybe he won't.

Al: So are you going to.

Ed: Are you kidding me!

Al: Well you sort of have to, or you'll lose you're certification and you won't be in the military anymore.

Ed: So what's your point?

Al: I thought we had a good reason to be in the military.

Ed: I thought the military had a lot more to do with the world, instead of paying mind games on people.

Al: Well you miles well the humiliation done and over with.

Ed sighs: You're right, let's go.

Al and Ed walk to Lt. Mustang department.

Al: Good luck.

Ed: Thanks Al.

Ed Walks in

Mustang: Well look who's here; it's the full metal

Ed: I'm just turning in a report and then I'm outta here.

Mustang: So how have you been doing lately; wish you were back home huh?

Ed: What are talking about?

Mustang: O, that nice pretty girl that walked in the other day, Ms. Rockbell?

Ed: Winry was here yesterday.

Mustang: O, yes she was

Ed: Why? What was she here for?

Mustang: O just talking about your auto-mail; this should be very entertaining Ed?

Ed . : What is?

Mustang: Remember that dream about the hot spring, winry?

Ed: What are you talking about pervert?

Mustang; yeah I believe Al told me about it.

EdGrowing pink and speechless

Mustang: So anyways, how is your relationship going with Ms. Rockbell?

Ed: Are relationship, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!red now

Mustang: O come on Ed, you're not standing here telling me there's not going to be a Mr. and Mrs. In the feature.

Ed: SHE'S JUST MY MACHANIC! more red shades flash on his face

Mustang: Mechanic, really, huh, and I thought you were merely more then just friends

Ed: O shut up! Well ya!

Mustang: Well I'm just making a point; So Ed, how do you feel about Ms. Rockbell.

Ed: WE'RE JUST FRIENDS, OKAY! Growing purple

Mustang: A young fine lady, wow how close you guys become after dressing up in all the auto- mail.

Ed: Growing purple: What the hell!

Mustang: Ever sunk in on her while she's take'n a shower before.


Mustang: I believe you had just a wonder time in that hot spring!

Ed remembering the dream growing black is about to walk out door

Winrypops in: O, hay Ed - uh smile goes down: Are you ok looking at him odd

Ed: It's nothing.

Mustang: O and look what a coincidence.

Ed: I'M OUTTA HERE! slams door and leaves

Winry: What were you guys talking about that got him so mad?

Mustang: Nothing special you need to know about.

Winry: O.O Okay

Mustang: but I think I over did it.

Winry: Whatever it is, I think your right

Mustang: Humm…..