In the Middle

I am in limbo now I have passed on not to long ago to my right there is a stairway going up to heaven to my left a stairway going down to hell. I am in the middle they know not where I belong for I belong in nether yet in both for I died to young for them to judge me but old enough to be dead. Not good enough for heaven not bad enough for hell. This is where I belong in the middle this is where I will be judge for me to enter in heaven or be sent to hell. An angel comes to me and asked

"why are you here young one?" and I said to him " because I do not belong with the Angels of heaven nor do I belong with the Dark Angel in hell so here I shill stay tell one or the other see me fit to belong" the angel smiled and said "join us in the heavens you belong there with us" then he held out his hand for me and I took it.