Finally, here's the next story. This Fic will let out a very important plot point, so keep reading to know it. Again, I only own the Team World Rules, a Few cards and the Team World characters; the other cartoons are owed by their respected companies. Now on with the Story!

Our story continues right where it left off: The fiery explosion that destroyed the Shadow Realm fog, created by Yami Bakura, which held Danny and his team. Everyone who was looking on and managed to get away from the explosion now was watching the flames in worry. Yami Yugi along with his team, Juniper Lee and team, and the Kids Next Door were among the ones watching. At that moment, Yugi appeared next to Yami Yugi in astral form.

Yugi: (Through thought) this is definitely bad. What do we do now?

Yami Yugi: (Through thought) if only I knew.

Soon, sirens were heard. The groups turn to see fire trucks rushing their way to the spot. The fire trucks were driven by Ref-Bots dressed in fire-fighter attire, and more of these Fire-Bots were riding on the sides.

Kaiba: Hmm…Machine fire-fighters. Interesting…

Joey: Looks like we lucked out, huh guys.

Yami Yugi: Looks that way, Joey. However, I think finding Bakura and his opponent in this mess is the first thing to do.

Without waiting for Joey or anyone to reply to what he said, Yami Yugi began running towards the flames, which were slowly dying down.

Joey: Yugi! (Groans) I hate it when he does that.

Joey chases after him and so does Yami Numbuh 4.

Juniper: Hey, wait for me!

We now focus more on the area filled with flames. So far, it looks like areas on the ground were on fire, but then we see a figure lying on the ground. It was Vlad, still in his ghost mode and groaning in pain. A few feet away from him was the Fenton Family Ghost Assault Vehicle, turned on its side. Jack, Maddie and Jazz were still in their seats, stunned at what happened.

Jack: Whoa! What the heck was that? Good thing we were wearing out Fenton Seatbelts.

And in the heart of the fire were the two duelists, Danny and Yami Bakura. Yami Bakura was just standing there, stunned at what happened, while Danny was coming out of his intangibility, smiling.

Danny: Well, Bakura, That's game!

Yami Bakura: 0

As soon as Yami Bakura's Life Points reached zero, two shadows appear on the grown next to Danny. They form into Sam and Tucker, both lying facedown on the ground and slowly getting up.

Tucker: Oh, my head.

Sam: (Groans) I may be Goth, but I never want to go through that again.

Danny: (Sees them) Tuck! Sam!

He runs towards them and grabbed both of them in a double hug.

Yami Bakura: Well, Danny Phantom, it seems you and your little posse got the better of me. It's just too bad you won't have that chance again.

His Duel Vest opens again. He takes the millennium rod and points it towards Danny, Sam and Tucker.

Danny: Hey, what are you doing?

Yami Bakura: I don't need to win a shadow game just to send someone to the Shadow Realm.

Sam: Hey, we won our freedom. We had a deal, Bakura!

Yami Bakura: Heh, I have been known to break my promises.

The Anubis eye starts to glow on the rod.

Danny: The only thing you're gonna have broken is your back.

Danny then begins to inhale sharply; he holds it in for a second, and then gave a very loud scream. As he screamed, green energy waves flew from his mouth. The waves were breaking up the sections of the ground that was in its way, destroying everything in it path. Yami Bakura braces himself as the waves finally hit him. The millennium rod flies out of his hand as he finally loses his strength fighting the waves and falls to the ground.

Yami Bakura: (groans) uh… that power… I never felt anything so strong.

Danny: You like it? I call it my "Ghostly Wail!"

Sam: Nice job.

Danny: Now, while he's down.

Danny then becomes intangible and he leaps into the air, his legs turn into a ghostly tail and he flies towards Yami Bakura. Danny dived into Yami Bakura's head and disappears; it looked as if he entered his head. At that same time, Yami Yugi, Yami Numbuh 4, Joey and Juniper made it towards Danny, Yami Bakura and the others. Juniper sees Sam and Tucker and runs faster towards them, running faster then either Joey or both Yami Yugi and Yami Numbuh 4, and surprising the three.

Joey: Wow, she's fast!

Juniper: Sam! Tucker!

The two turn around to see Juniper coming at them.

Sam and Tucker: June?

Juniper: I saw that purple fog and through that you guy were in it. Looks like I was right. (Looks around) hey, where's Danny?

Yami Yugi, Yami Numbuh 4 and Joey finally caught up to Juniper.

Yami Yugi: Look!

He point to Yami Bakura, who was now getting up. His body started to twitch and shift, like he was losing control of his body.

Yami Bakura: (groaning in pain) Ugh! What…are you… Doing to me…?

At that second, his eye became green like Danny's and he spoke in Danny's voice. Danny was overshadowing him.

Danny: You're not gonna control this kid anymore, Bakura. I'm… (Groaning)…Forcing…You…OUT!

Suddenly, two figures came out of Bakura's body in opposite directions. Bakura falls to his back and the last to millennium items fell off his body as well, joining the already fallen rod. One of the two figures wad Danny Phantom, and the other was Yami Bakura, who was now in a spirit form in the physical world.

Yami Bakura: (looks all over him) what the…?

Danny: Tucker, Sam, I need the Fenton Thermos!

Yami Yugi: That's him! The one I saw dueling Bakura!

Joey: (Sees the Fenton RV) hey, where'd that weird RV come from.

Unfortunately no one head Joey because they were too busy at the scene before them. Sam sees the Green and silver thermos in Juniper's hand and she takes it from her.

Juniper: What is going on here?

Sam: No time to explain. (To Danny) Catch.

She throws the thermos to Danny and he catches it. Meanwhile, in the Fenton RV, Jack Fenton sees Danny.

Jack: The Ghost Kid! Come on, Family!

Jack then moves his body, forcing it to the floor of the RV, which forces it from its side and back on its wheels. Meanwhile, Vlad finally gets up from the ground and sees Danny as well.

Vlad: Yes! The Skeleton Key worked. Danny is mine!

Meanwhile, Jack and Maddie, both carrying Fenton Bazookas, exit the RV and aim their weapons at Danny.

Jack: We got him now.

Jazz exits the RV and forces their weapons down.

Jazz: NO! Don't shoot! Look!

She points at Danny, showing to her parent's that he's opening the Fenton Thermos he has and aiming it at the Yami Bakura spirit.

Yami Bakura: What are you doing?

Danny: Well, for one thing, getting rid of you!

He pushes a button and the green energy waves come out of hit and hits Yami Bakura, which sucks his now ghostly form into the thermos. He lets out a yell as he finally enters the thermos, which closes as Danny covers it with the lid.

Danny: Done and done, and without a moment too soon.

Joey: Alright, would someone explain what the hell just happened?

Danny comes back to the ground and faces Joey and the others.

Danny: Don't worry, that ghost won't bother anyone ever again.

Just then, Bakura managed to sit up slightly. Holding his head in pain, he tries to speak.

Bakura: Uh… what happen? (Feels the left side of his face) HUH? WHAT HAPPEN TO MY EYE?

Danny: (turns to Bakura) oh… that. Um… well, it seems that a ghost overshadowed you and took out you eye to put that gold one in.

Bakura sees the millennium eye on the ground; it was covered slightly in blood. Using his right eye, he sees that his hand was slightly bloody from feeling the left eye socket.

Bakura: The spirit did this!

Danny: Well, he's gone now.

Danny then grabs all three of the millennium items on the ground.

Danny: Now I just have to send these back to-

Before he finished, the Thermos holding Yami Bakura started to shake. Danny takes a closer look and sees that the sides were starting to swell. It was as if Yami Bakura was trying to get out.

Danny: (to himself) oh, you've got to be kidding me!

Danny then saw a small glowing crack on the side, then another one on the other side, but bigger.

Danny: oh… It's gonna Blow!

Without hesitation, he threw the thermos into the air before it exploded, releasing Yami Bakura from its imprisonment. Once then, he makes his way towards his human counterpart. Bakura sees this and he tries to back away.

Bakura: No! Stay away! I don't want any part of this anymore, you hear me?

Yami Bakura: Sorry, Bakura, but you made a promise that you'd help me obtain the millennium items. You wouldn't want to go back on a promise, now would you?

Yami Bakura turned into a beam of light and entered Bakura's chest. Bakura started to scream in pain as the sprit started to take over again. The three millennium items glow and release themselves from Danny's grip, each shot a beam of energy, which hit Bakura, causing him to glow. As the energy flowed through his body, we see that the left eye socket looked like it was regenerating a new left eye. After blinking it a few times, the eyes changed into a sterner look, proving that Yami Bakura was back in control. The millennium items stop glowing and they make their way towards the Duel Vest Yami Bakura was wearing, after each item entered in their right hole, the vest closed again, concealing the items.

Yami Bakura: Ah, it's great to be back.

Yami Bakura looks behind the group to see the rest of the teams that saw the fog, including the fire-fighter-Bots and cop-Bots making their way towards them. Vlad, who no one noticed, saw the group heading their way as well.

Vlad: Oh, Cheese Logs! Too many people! Looks like I have to lay low.

He turns invisible and flies away.

Yami Bakura: I'd love to stay and chat, but I have things to take care of.

Danny: You're not going anywhere!

He inhales again and emits another Ghostly Wail. This time Bakura was prepared. He reached for his deck and pulled out a card. It was a Waboku, and it started to glow.

Yami Bakura: Go ahead; Wail your pathetic little head off. With my trap card active, I don't feel a thing.

Danny continues with the attack, looking like he's not stopping anytime. This, however, made the current audience feel worried.

Yami Numbuh 4: This does not look good.

Sam: oh no! This is too much! At this rate, he'll drain all his powers!

Yami Yugi: What?

Danny continued with his attack until finally, he was screaming, but no energy waves were coming.

Yami Bakura: Well, looks like my work here is done.

As he said that, the Shadow Realm fog started to consume him.

Yami Yugi: BAKURA! You're going to pay for what you have done.

Yami Bakura: All out of change at the moment, Pharaoh, but we'll meet again. In the meantime, I'd watch my friends, Possible and Stoppable, if I were you.

He laughs evilly as the fog consumed him and left no trace of him.

Juniper: Whoa… I've seen some weird and evil stuff before, but that guy really takes the cake.

Yami Numbuh 4: What did he mean by that last comment?

Joey: Guys. Something's wrong with that white-haired kid.

Sure enough, Danny was beginning to stumble around a bit. His Ghostly Wail is a powerful weapon; however, since he's still relatively new at it, if he overdoes it too much, he loses his powers for a few hours. He then tripped over his own feet and began to fall. As he was falling, the two white rings appear on his waist again, they spilt, slowly transforming him back to human mode. Sam, Tucker and Jazz looked on in fear as Joey, Juniper, both Yami Yugi and Numbuh 4, and Danny's parents looked on in surprise. He transformed complete back into a human and fell flat on the ground.

Juniper: (In shock) …Danny?

Joey: (In shock) he's that Danny Fenton kid you were talking about?

Yami Yugi ran to Danny's side and placed his fingers on the pulse on his neck.

Yami Numbuh 4: What is going on here? What was all that about?

Yami Yugi: Well, whatever he is, he's hurt, very badly. That last attack of his must have done something to his body. He need's medical attention and fast.

Through Danny's point of view, everything was going blurry, he hadn't even realized that he transformed back to Danny Fenton, but he knew it would happen because he officially lost consciousness and everything went black.

It was Still Danny's point of view, and everything was dark, all around, nothing could be seen anywhere. Soon, voices were heard, they were very low at first, but they then got louder. As the voices got louder, the darkness was getting a little less dark. The darkness faded away and was replaced by a blurry light.

Voice 1: (male) look, his eyes are opening, I think he's coming to.

Voice 2: (female) Danny?

The blurry light was blocked by a blurry figure standing in the way. Soon, everything was slowly coming to focus, until finally, we see that the figure is Sam Mason, she has a worried look on her face. We now see Danny's face, he has a few bandages on his head and he's lying on a hospital bed.

Danny: (groans) Sam? What happened?

Sam: You… kinda overdid the Ghostly Wail again.

Danny: Uh… my head.

Danny's eyes widen in fear as he slowly remembers the incident: his duel with Yami Bakura, how he tried to capture him in the Fenton Thermos and failing, and passing out when he was using his Ghostly Wail.

Danny: Oh man. Did anyone see me?

Tucker then appeared next to Sam.

Tucker: Well… you want the Good news or the Bad news?

Danny: (sighs) what's the Good news?

Tucker: well, the Good news is that only six people saw you turn back into human.

Danny: …And the Bad news?

Sam: Well… the Bad news is that… two of those people happen to be… you parents.

Danny's pupils shrank and the Heart Monitor that was attached to him started going crazy.

Danny: …. WHAT?

Just them, coming through the door of the room Danny was staying at, His parents; Jack and Maddie, and his sister came rushing in, almost knocking Sam and Tucker Down, and made it to Danny's bedside.

Jack: Are you OK, son? We saw you're heart rate go high.

Maddie: Is something wrong? Do you need anything?

Danny: No mom, dad, I'm fine. I'm just a little shocked, that's all.

Maddie: Shocked? (Realizes) ohh…

Danny: So I guess you know now. That I'm half-ghost. Somehow, I always knew you'd find out like this.

Jack: How is this even possible?

Voice: (male) that's something I think we should hear as well.

The Fentons, Sam and Tucker turn to see Yugi (who changed back) standing in the doorway, along with Joey, Numbuh 4 (who also changed back) and Juniper.

Danny: So you're the other four who saw me transform.

Yugi: I'm afraid so.

Juniper: I had a feeling you were different then meets the eye. You mind telling us about this?

Danny: (sighs) well, pull up a chair, all of you. It might take a while.

About 15 minutes passed and Danny explained everything about himself and his super hero Alter Ego, Danny Phantom. How the Lab accident with the Fenton Ghost Portal rearranged his molecules and fused his body with Ectoplasmic energy, how he started to use his powers to protect the people of his town from the evil ghost that always attacked.

Danny: … and so, that's pretty much how it all started.

Maddie: But why didn't you ever tell us? All this time we were hunting that Ghost boy, we were really hunting you!

Danny: How was I supposed to do that? I mean "Hey mom, dad, just to let you know, that Lab accident gave ghost powers." And if you found out, you might try to dissect me or something like that.

Jack: We're you're parents, son. Even though we hate ghost, we would never do something like that to our own son.

Maddie: Your father's right, dear. We would accept you no matter what.

Danny: well, I'm glad to hear that, coming from you guys means so much more.

Jack: I'll be honest; this is gonna take to getting use to, our own son a ghost, and a Hero to boot.

Danny: (To Yugi and the others) and I hope you'll do me the solid of keeping this a secret.

Juniper: You have my word I won't tell anyone.

Joey: You got my word too.

Numbuh 4: My lips are sealed.

Danny: (to Yugi) what about you?

Yugi: You have my promise too. I can understand what you must go through being a hero, always risking your life for others.

Danny: You can? How?

Yugi: (Holds up millennium puzzle) you're not the only ones with special powers.

He lets the puzzle hang as it started to glow, the light consuming him.


When the light faded, Yami Yugi was now shown to be in control. Everyone there who never saw that before looked at him in shock.

Sam: Wow. Just when you think you've seen everything, something like that comes up.

Danny: Yugi? Are you still you?

Yami Yugi: Not quite, Danny, I'm the spirit of the millennium puzzle.

Danny: So you're a ghost like Bakura, overshadowing Yugi to take control.

Yami Yugi: I'm nothing like the spirit of the ring, he controls Bakura by force. I, on the other hand, don't really control Yugi, Our spirits sort of merge in time of great need.

Tucker: So, you know about this Bakura guy?

Yami Yugi: All too well, I've faced him and dueled him on numerous occasions.

Jazz: So do you have a name or should we call you Yugi too?

Yami Yugi: I don't know much about myself except that I use to be a 5000 year old Pharaoh.

Juniper: (to herself) so it's true, Monroe and Ah-Mah were right about the shadow games.

Jack: (Gasp) Great Gobs of Ghost Goop! A millennium item!

Yami Yugi: (surprised) you know about the millennium items?

Jack: Know them? Maddie and I spend most of our free time studying them.

Maddie: We heard roomers that they make the creatures in Duel Monsters real.

She takes a hold of the millennium puzzle in her hands, carefully, not to pull and strangle Yami Yugi by accident; she examines it using a scanning system in her goggles.

Maddie: It seems to be made of pure gold. Hmm…I do sense a faint Ecto-energy coming from it, and another energy I'm not familiar with. (To Yami Yugi) how long have you had this-

Danny: (Interrupts) Wait, Wait, Hold on! There's still one thing that's bothering me, (to his family) how did you guys get to Team World?

The three looked at each other in confusion, realizing that they never thought of that.

Jack: Well… to be honest, we're not sure, we just followed Vlad into the Ghost-Zone and ended up here.

Danny: Vlad? Ghost-Zone? So... you know about Vlad, huh?

Maddie: What? You mean…?

Danny: I found out when we were at the Reunion. So, he's here, huh?

Jazz: I don't know. I didn't see him when we got here. (To Jack and Maddie) Mom? Dad?

Jack: Now that I think of it, I didn't see him either.

Maddie: Me neither.

Yugi: Well, if you'll pardon me, Mr. and Mrs. Fenton, this Vlad person might have to wait, because we seem to have a bigger problem: Bakura.

Danny: (gasp) that's right. Bakura is still out there! How did he break free from the Fenton Thermos?

Tucker: I guess he was too strong for it.

Numbuh 4: Why was he dueling you guys, anyway?

Danny: I think he said that we were a distraction for some big plan of his.

Yami Yugi: Knowing him, it's a plan to get the millennium items.

Joey: Well then we have to make sure he fails. I'll tell the others, we can form a plan to stop him. (Leaves room)

Danny: Wait a minute; I want in on this too.

As he says this, he gets up from his bed and unattached all the cords that were on him.

Yami Yugi: I'm not sure you're ready for this.

Danny: Dude, he tried to kill my friends, I'm not letting him get away with that.

Numbuh 4: He's a relentless spirit who'll do anything to get the millennium items and he'll get rid of anyone standing in his way! You're no match for him.

Juniper: I think he's right.

At this point, Danny was feeling a little angry at Numbuh 4 and Juniper's comment.

Danny: Listen, I don't want to sound rude, but I faced off against a Hunter who wanted my head over his fireplace, another half-ghost trying to kill my dad to marry my mom, an evil ghost king with a whole army of ghost, and my evil future self! I've faced things that you would only see in your dreams, so don't you tell me that I can't take on a ghost who has to use a human to function out here in the real world!

Numbuh 4: (Long pause) uh… what was that part about your evil future self?

Danny: That's a long story that I don't want to get into right now.

Juniper: (to Yami Yugi) Well, if Danny's gonna join you guys, I'll join too.

Yami Yugi: What? But June, it could be dangerous.

Juniper: Believe or not, I deal with stuff like this all the time.

Numbuh 4: What?

Juniper: Well… Since we're all sharing secrets, I guess it's alright to tell you guys. You see, I'm what's called the "Te Xuan Ze" I'm suppose to be a protector and keep the balance between the Human World and the Monster World.

Yami Yugi: Monster World? You mean the Shadow Realm?

Juniper: No, it's a different realm; these monsters could only be seen by a Te Xuan Ze. My Grandmother can see them too because she was a Te Xuan Ze too.

Yami Yugi: And I'm guessing that that's the reason you knew about that pendent.

Juniper: Yes. But I can't let anyone else know about this.

Danny: Well, June, I'll keep my mouth shut if you'll keep your promise that you won't tell anyone about my secret.

Juniper: (Shakes his hand) Deal.

Yami Yugi: Well, since it looks like Numbuh 4 and I can't persuade you two otherwise, (Hold out hand) I would be honored to have you two join us.

Juniper and Danny placed their hands with Yami Yugi's in a three-way handshake and Numbuh 4 follows after to make it a four-way.

Danny: Oh yeah! Bakura better watch his back.

At that second, Joey came through the door in a rush. He had a worried/freaked out look on his face.

Joey: Guys, we seem to have another friend who's down for the count!

Yami Yugi: What?

Joey: it's Jenny, That teenage robot! She was brought in by her teammates!

Yami Yugi: What's wrong with her?

Joey: She's fallen to pieces, LITERALLY! COME ON!

Joey rushes out, with Yami Yugi, Numbuh 4, Juniper, Sam, Tucker and the Fentons fast behind him. We now see that the place Danny was taken was not a real hospital, but the hospital section of none other then John's Team World HQ. There were several areas and sections of the castle that was fitted for all sorts of accommodations. After Danny passed out, The Police Commissioner, Brian Corvello, ordered That Danny was to be taken to Team World HQ in order to give him medical attention, and to question him because he knew that Bakura had the Duel Vest mach II and Danny, Sam and Tucker were witnesses. After a few minutes of running, they made it to where Joey saw Team XJ9 Last, which was in a repair wing of one of the Duel Test labs. They all rush in to see what Joey had already seen: It was Jenny, but she was in pieces, a lot of pieces, almost ever appendage on her body was removed and separated from each other and she was unconscious. The other members of her Team, Sheldon, Brad and Tuck (A/N: To avoid confusion, The Tucker that is Brad's brother will be referred to as Tuck), looked like they were beaten up pretty badly. Tuck was in a fetal position, rocking back and forth, brad was just standing there, staring into space mumbling "we didn't have a chance" and things like that, and Sheldon was at the bedside of Jenny's broken pieces, with a worried look on his face.

Yami Yugi: (Gasp) Jenny! Brad, Tuck, Sheldon! What happened to you all?

Brad's eyes stirred a little and now they were focused on Yami Yugi. But the only thing that came out of his mouth was…

Brad: The Shadow Riders.

Yami Yugi: Shadow Riders?

Joey: Who are the Shadow Riders?

Yami Yugi: I don't know, Joey, but if they did this, it seems that they are a whole new problem.

Looks like Bakura's Shadow Riders made their marks on Team XJ9. What will happen now? Keep reading to find out.