Finally, my final chapter of this Fic is here. Thanks to all who were patient enough to wait for it. Here it is!

Score so far:

Yami Yugi: 4700

Kaiba: 2050

Joey: 3800

Bonnie: 1400

Tara: 1650

Josh: 3250

Our story continues right where we left off: in the deserted parts of Team World, where old, unfinished building stood and one of them newly destroyed. It was the building that Yami Yugi, Kaiba and Joey were in a three-on-three duel with three of the Shadow Riders, who were revealed to be Kim Possible's friends, Tara and Josh Mankey, under the control of her School Rival; Bonnie Rockwaller. During that duel, Tommy Pickles managed to get a short recording of the duel and when Bonnie was revealed, and Bonnie, hell-bent on keeping her identity and motives a secret, forced Tommy out by kicking him out a window, seriously injuring him. And it was during that moment, the energy and force Kaiba had been feeling since that morning seemed to take on full force and control him. On the outside of the building, John, Brian and the duel teams with them, taking cover as an earthquake, caused by the effects of Kaiba's energy force, jarred the unstable fault in the area. It was awhile before the earthquake stopped entirely and John got up from the ground.

John: (Sighs) I hate earthquakes.

John removes the dirt on his suit and focuses his attention at the now damaged gymnasium.

John: That is defiantly not a good sign.

Voice: No it isn't.

John turns around and approaching behind him were the members of Team Ishtar; Marik, Ishizu, Odion, and Shadi.

John: Shadi? It's been awhile.

Shadi: John. It's good to see you again.

At that moment, the remanding members of Team Yugi, and Team Kids Next Door were getting up as well. Numbuh 4 turns to where John is and sees Shadi.

Numbuh 4: Shadi? Is that you?

Shadi: (turns to Numbuh 4) Wallace? (Smiles) I had a feeling I would see you again.

Tristan: Hey, I recognize you! You're that guy who saved Duke and me from falling off Kaiba's Blimp.

Shadi: Yes, I remember you as well. Tristan, right?

Tristan: Yeah, how'd you know my name?

Shadi: I've been keeping my eyes on you, as well as Yugi, the Pharaoh, and the rest of you.

John: So what brings you all the way over here?

Marik: We were hoping you'd tell us.

Tristan: What do you mean?

Shadi: A while ago, my Millennium Key reacted to an unknown energy source and a portion of its power was shot off into this area.

Numbuh 4: You too? My Millennium Scales did the same thing. The beam shot into the Gymnasium where Yugi, Joey and Kaiba are dueling the Shadow Riders.

Marik: The Shadow Riders?

John: A group of duelist that's been plaguing other duel teams. Right now, Yugi, Kaiba and Joey are in there (gestures gymnasium) as we speak, dueling three of them.

Odion: Do you think whatever took the Millennium Item's power was caused by the Shadow Riders?

John: Somehow… I don't think so.

Brian: John, this has gone far enough! I'm sending in my S.W.A.T.-Bots to storm the building.

John: No! Not just yet, Brian. Let's see what happens first.

Inside of the gymnasium, where the duel was taking place, Yami Yugi was looking at Kaiba with worried and shocked eyes. Just then, an astral projection of Yugi appeared next to Yami Yugi.

Yugi: (In Yami Yugi's thoughts) What in God's name happen to Kaiba?!

Yami Yugi: (through though) Whatever was affecting Kaiba this morning seemed to have taken full force and in complete control of him.

Yugi: (Through thought) Well, whatever Kaiba has, I hope it can help, it's his turn still.

Joey: Yo, Kaiba, I don't usually ask this, but are you alright?

Kaiba turns to Joey and speaks, his voice still sounding distorted, as if two people are speaking at once along with Kaiba.

Kaiba: (Distorted) Never better, Joey. I'm about to win this duel.

Bonnie: HA! You, win? Oh please, your little magic act isn't going to help you win at all.

Kaiba: (Distorted) You would think that, wouldn't you, Bonnie? But you're wrong. I have drawn the ultimate tool to win this duel.

Kaiba takes the card he drew earlier and turns it around, showing it to Bonnie. It's his Egyptian God Card, Obelisk the Tormentor.

Bonnie: You're God card? That giant rock monster might help you, if you could summon him. You need to make three sacrifices to summon a level ten monster and last I checked you're side of the field looks pretty empty.

Joey: Ooh, she's right. (To Kaiba) How are you gonna get Obelisk to the field? We got no monsters to sacrifice.

Kaiba: (Distorted) Tch. So not the drama, Joey, there's more then one way to summon an Egyptian God card. And I have just the cards to pull it off.

Yugi: (through thought) … Did he just say…?

Yami Yugi: (through though) Yes, Yugi, he did. Curious that.

Kaiba: (Distorted) Now, I play the card that will help me summon Obelisk. (Puts card in Duel Disk) The magic of Soul Exchange!

The magic card is shown on the field.

Bonnie: Soul Exchange?

Kaiba: (Distorted) That's right, Bonnie. At the cost of skipping my Battle Phase, I'm allowed to sacrifice my opponents' monsters, in place of my own. So I think I'll choose… How about your three monsters: Cyber Tutu, Cyber Gymnast, and Etoile Cyber.

The magic card glows, as do three of Bonnie's monsters. They glow before shattering to pieces, leaving only the energy left from the three.

Kaiba: (Distorted) Now I use their energy to summon one of my most powerful monsters. Come forth, Obelisk the Tormentor!

He puts the card on his Duel Disk. The three orbs of energy rush over to Kaiba and they make contact with his Duel Disk, it starts to spark and it sets off a lightning bolt into the air. Another bolt of lighting, this time blue, comes down and makes contact with the ground, and rising from that spot was Obelisk the tormentor.

ATK: 4000
DEF: 4000

Tara: Oh boy.

Josh: We're dead.

Bonnie: Hold it right there, Dragon boy. You might have your Heavy hitter out on the field, but you can't do your Battle Phase thanks to Soul Exchange.

Kaiba: (Distorted) who said I'm going to use just Obelisk? I plan to get all three of our God cards out to the field.

Bonnie: And how are you going to do that? You only have one card.

Kaiba: (Distorted) Correction, (puts card in Duel Disk) I now have five cards.

The card is shown on the field, showing that it is Card of Demise. Kaiba then draws five cards from his deck and looks at them.

Kaiba: (Distorted) Oh-ho, Boo-yah! I have just what I need. First I play (puts card in Duel Disk) Enemy Assist.

The magic card, exactly to what Serenity played in her duel, is shown on the field.

Kaiba: (Distorted) Now I pick one card from my hand, and then I give it to my opponent, I.E. you Rockwaller, and you have to play it right away regardless of any requirements needed.

Joey: Kaiba, has whatever it is goin' on with youse affected your brain? Why are you giving her a card to use against us, something that might help them?

Kaiba: (Distorted) Believe me, Joey, This card will help us more then them.

Kaiba takes one card in his hand and throws it towards bonnie and she catches it.

Bonnie: Tch. Yeah right-(looks at card, reads it, then gasps) You two-timing sneak!

Kaiba: (Distorted) Quit stalling and play the card.

Bonnie just curses under her breath as she plays the card given to her. It is a magic card, a card Yami Yugi recognizes.

Yami Yugi: (Gasp) Obligatory Summons?

Joey: What's that do?

Yami Yugi: When used properly, it can be a very powerful card. It forces the opponent to Special Summon from their deck any and all monsters that fall into the same category as one monster the player chooses is that already on the field.

Joey: So if Bonnie played it, and the only monster we got is Obelisk, she's gonna have to choose him. And that means…

Kaiba: (Distorted) Two more Egyptian God cards.

Suddenly, Yami Yugi's deck glows red and Joey's deck glows yellow. Then both decks shoot out a beam of energy into the air. The air grows dark as two large figures come from the clouds; The Winged Dragon of Ra, and Slifer the Sky Dragon.

Kaiba: (Distorted) And thanks to Slifer's card effect, it gains 1000 ATK points for every card in our hand, and combined with mine, Yugi and Joey's hand, that comes to 10 cards.

Slifer the Sky Dragon:
ATK: 10,000
DEF: 10,000

Winged Dragon of Ra:
ATK: 0
DEF: 0

Bonnie: You tricked me!

Kaiba: (Distorted) You have no one to blame but yourself. Ra, Slifer, Come to me!

Both Slifer and Ra looked at Kaiba for a moment. In one's guess, the two God monsters looked like they were surprised at what Kaiba has now; the red and blue bands and his eyes. They stared at him from a few seconds before moving towards his side of the field.

Yami Yugi: What the…? Slifer?

Joey: Hey Ra, what gives? I didn't tell you to go to Kaiba.

Yugi: (Through thought) Something is up with the Egyptian Gods. I know Kaiba can control Obelisk but how did he get Slifer and Ra to listen to him without us telling them to?

Yami Yugi: (Through though) I think it has to do with that energy source in Kaiba.

Kaiba: (Distorted) Now, I first activate one of the many powers of Ra: by offering monsters on the field as sacrifices, I am then allowed to take the sacrificed monsters ATK and DEF points, combined them together and add them to Ra's ATK and DEF. Slifer the Sky Dragon, Obelisk the Tormentor, offer your energy to Ra and give it the strength it needs!

Obelisk and Slifer look at each other before they began to follow Kaiba's order. Obelisk placed its hands together to form an energy sphere and Slifer opens its main mouth and does the same thing. Both sphere shoot energy beams at Ra and it absorbs them, causing both Obelisk and Slifer to shatter, thus being destroyed.

Winged Dragon of Ra:
ATK: 14,000
DEF: 14,000

Bonnie: You still can't attack! Power him up all you want! You can't get him to attack us!

Kaiba: (Distorted) That's where you're wrong.

Bonnie: What? What are you talking about? You're little golden bird can't attack because of your magic card.

Kaiba: (Distorted) There's more then one way to attack. Ra has one other trick up his sleeve, and it involves one more power boost. Once I give all but one of my Life Points to increase Ra's ATK and DEF points, Ra can attack and destroy everything in its path.

Bonnie: …. You…You're bluffing!

Kaiba: (Distorted) Oh am I? Just watch as I now give all but one of my Life Points to activate Ra's Power of Instant Atta-!

Yami Yugi: KAIBA! Wait! Don't do it!

Kaiba: (Distorted) What?

Yami Yugi: Listen to me Kaiba; something is clearly wrong with you. If you use Ra's Instant attack and you fuse with it, there's no telling what might happen. End your turn now, Ra is too powerful for you to control in your condition.

Kaiba: (Distorted) "Condition?" Yugi, I've never felt better in my whole life. The power, the energy, whatever this is, it hasn't affected me at all. For the first time in years, I've never seen so clearly. I know what I must do, and that's to stop Bonnie before she cause harm to anyone else, especially Kim and Ron.

Yami Yugi: Kaiba, I want to stop Bonnie as much as you do, but I can't trust you with Ra while you're like this. Just end your turn, let Joey take control of Ra and let him do it.

Kaiba: (Distorted) I can't. If I end my turn now, there's the possibility that they might be able to destroy Ra before we could attack. We have to end this now while there's still a chance. I have to end this.

Yami Yugi: Kaiba, wait!

Kaiba: (Distorted) Winged Dragon of Ra, I offer all but one of my total Life Points in order to activate your Instant Attack!

Kaiba: 1

Suddenly, Kaiba's whole body starts to fade away in light.

Yami Yugi: KAIBA! NOO…!

Soon, his whole body turns to light and forms into an orb, which makes its way towards the top of Ra's head.

Yami Yugi: Joey, we can't let Kaiba do this, he's going to put everyone in danger.

Joey: Well, what should we do?

Yami Yugi: I don't know, I…

Yami Yugi looks up at Ra and soon, thinks of an idea.

Yami Yugi: I have to fuse with Ra as well. (Holds up Duel Disk) Winged Dragon of Ra, I, as well, offer all but one of my Life Points to you!

Joey: Hey, you're not doing this alone, Yuge. You go, I go. (Holds up Duel Disk) Hey, Ra, you can count on me to boost you up, I give all but one life point to youse!

Both of the duelists start to glow white, Joey turned into an orb and flies towards Ra.

Joey: 1

Yami Yugi, however, seemed to look as if his skin was cracking. Yami Yugi goes "What the-?" before his whole body shatters in light, leaving, oddly enough, Yugi in his place. Apparently, Yami Yugi separated from Yugi before giving his Life Points to Ra.

Yami Yugi: 1

Yugi: Pharaoh!

On top of Ra, on his blue head bead, appeared Kaiba. Smiling manically

Kaiba: (Distorted) A-HAHA! YES! And now, to finish you off once and for all!

Ra let out a very loud "roar" before turning its attention towards Bonnie, Tara and Josh.

Winged Dragon of Ra:
ATK: 24,547
DEF: 24,547

Kaiba: (Distorted) Attack! RAGING BLAZE CANNON!

The arch on Ra's back starts to collect energy, forming it into an orb. Suddenly, Yami Yugi appears next to Kaiba and takes a hold of his arm.

Yami Yugi: Kaiba! Call off the attack right now!

Kaiba: (Distorted) I can't, I already ordered the attack.

Soon, Joey appears too and grabs Kaiba's other arm.

Joey: yeah, well, we can stop it. Ra, change of plans: call off the attack!

The orb charging up the attack stops for a moment, but suddenly, Ra starts to roar as if it is in pain as the orb continues to absorb energy.

Joey: Hey, Ra? You okay, buddy?

Yami Yugi: Ra! Call off the attack as once!

Joey: Okay, I'm not liking this one Bit.

Yami Yugi: Something's wrong, Ra won't stop the attack.

Joey: Yuge! Look!

Yami Yugi looks at where Joey was pointing at and sees that the Winged Dragon of Ra's talons are glowing a red and blue band, much like on Kaiba. Suddenly, he hears Kaiba yelling in pain. Turing towards him, Yami Yugi sees that Kaiba is starting to get sucked into the blue bead they were coming out of. Both Yami Yugi and Joey try to pull Kaiba free from whatever was pulling him in, but they both lost their grip on him and sank into the bead.

Yami Yugi: NO! KAIBA!

Joey: Oh man, Kaiba's a goner! We could be next!

The orb under the arch focuses energy into Ra's mouth as it began its attack. Breathing the now created fire in its mouth, Ra shoots a very large blaze of flames over to the three revealed Shadow Riders, the force of the blast knocked them all down and pushed them far, and making them hit the wall.

Bonnie: 0

Tara: 0

Josh: 0

Joey: Yugi, we did it! We won!

Yami Yugi: It would seem that way, Joey.

Suddenly Ra roars again, and now it begins to glow white.

Yami Yugi: However, I don't think they're our problem anymore. Ra Hasn't left the field and now it's changing.

Joey: Oh no! HOLD ON, YUGI!

Ra continues to glow white as its form starts changing. As it doing that, the form starts to rise up into the air, riding into ski, creating a giant hole through the roof in the process.

Oh the outside of the building, John, Brian and the other duel teams see something coming out of the gymnasium, which is, what we know, is what was once Ra, now turning into something else. So far it looked like Ra, but it was white, morphing, and glowing brightly. About a minute after it came out of the building, the glow starts to dim down and we now see a new monster. It was an awe-inspired site: from the looks of it, it is still relatively a dragon; its scales are a brilliant pear white. Its wings look more angel-like then dragon-like, and its head is more round then Ra's head. The odd feature about this dragon was that on its claws, talons, torso and head, are runic symbols, they are on the dragon as red and blue bands, similar to what Kaiba had on his before, only these bands have ancient writing on them, similar, but not the same as, to the symbols around the Seal of Orichalcos. The dragon's eyes were close, but they open up, revealing that they are two colors; right eye golden amber, left blue. On its head, the blue bead still is shown with Yami Yugi and Joey inside of it. The dragon moves its whole body, turning its attention towards the group standing outside.

Brian: My God… it's …. I'm speechless.

Jazz: It looks Majestic.

Kim: It looks amazing.

Suddenly, the new monster let out a loud, threatening roar.

John: … It does not look friendly.

The bead on the dragon stars to glow, as to Yami Yugi and Joey.

Joey: Yuge… What's happening?

Yami Yugi: I don't know Joey, but it looks like we're about to be…

Before he could finish, his body starts to lift out of the bead and he gets shot into the air.

Yami Yugi: …Ejected!

Yami Yugi was launched up into the air when he started to glow again. His body turned into an orb and made its way back to Yugi, who was at the time leaving the building. Yugi held up the Millennium Puzzle and the orb flew right into it.

Yugi: I got you, Pharaoh.

Meanwhile, back with Joey…

Joey: Oh jeeze. If that happened to Yugi, then that means it'll happen to…

Before he could finish, his body starts to lift out of the bead and he gets shot into the air.

Joey: …ME!

Joey was launched up into the air, but instead of turning into an orb of light, he starts falling towards the ground.

Joey: NYAH!

Mai: (Gasp) JOEY!

Danny: And that's my cue.

The white rings appear on Danny's waist, turning him into Danny Phantom. Danny jumps and flies towards Joey. He flies up right behind him, grabbing both of his arms and catches him.

Danny: I got you, Joey!

Joey: Whoa! Thanks, Danny. Almost made a smash on Team World right there.

Danny lands Joey gently on the ground and Yugi runs right next to them.

Yugi: Are you alright, Joey?

Joey: Eh, I've been better.

John, Brian and the group of duel teams rushes towards the three. Mai runs towards Joey and hugs him tightly.

Mai: Joey! Oh, I'm glad you're okay!

Joey: (Struggles to talk) Glad to see you too, Mai.

Mokuba: Wait. Where's Seto?

Yugi: (Gasp) He must still be in (Turns to the new monster)…Ra?

Mai: That is the Winged Dragon of Ra?!

Duke: Since when can Ra do that?

Joey: It must be Kaiba. Whatever caused those red and blue bands on his body must have affected Ra when he fused with it.

Danny: Red and blue bands?

Yugi: Yeah, it happened right after Bonnie knocked Tommy out of one of the windows.

Kim: (Gasp) Bonnie?!

Mai: Who's Bonnie?

Joey: She's the leader of the Shadow Riders.

Yugi: Bakura somehow got her to join his side to get back at Kim and Ron.

Ron: Man, she's always causing trouble for us. Will she ever leave us alone!?

Numbuh 1: Wait, what happen to Kaiba?

Joey: Bonnie must have pushed one of his buttons or something, 'cause he became royally pissed off.

Yugi: Yeah, and suddenly, my Millennium Puzzle and Necklace shot some sort of beam at him.

Numbuh 4: So that's what that was that affected our items.

Shadi: Then that strange energy source I sensed was coming from Kaiba.

Yugi: Shadi?

Shadi: Yes, it's good to see you again, Yugi. But right now, the time for small talk will have to wait. It seems this new form of Ra has a mind of its own. Look!

Shadi points to the dragon that was once Ra and we see that it is about to attack them. Its runic bands glow and it starts to breathe electricity.

Rufus: (pops out of Ron's pocket) Uh? Yipes! (Hides back into pocket)

Ron: AH! It's going to attack us!

Danny: Quick, everyone Huddle to me.

Marik: What for?

Danny: JUST DO IT!

Soon, everyone there came close to Danny and huddled around him. The dragon launches its attack and shoots a breath of electricity at them. Danny concentrates, his body starts to phase out, he starts to concentrate and everyone around him phases as well. The attack makes its target, but it passes right through them, causing a hole in the ground. The dragon lets out a roar before it flies off. Danny starts to turn solid, as does everyone else.

Danny: Everyone okay?

Joey: Well, my stomach feels funny.

Tucker: You'll get use to it.

Marik: How did you do that?

Danny: It's one of my perks. Long story.

Ishizu: I'm sure we'd like to hear it. But first, (To Yugi and Joey) What were you saying about Kaiba?

Yugi: Well, this morning, something was going on in his body and his hands were glowing red and blue bands. The design of them looked similar to those blue bands that are on Kim's battle suit.

Kim: Like my suit?

Yugi: Only half Red.

Wade: That's a weird coincident. I've been working on a battle suit for Ron; it looks like Kim's only his is red.

Ron: Wade, you're making me a battle suit?

Wade: I'm almost done with it, too.

John: Hey, HEY! Can we please focus on the danger right now?

Joey: What danger?

Brian: Well in case you jokers didn't notice; that dragon thing just flew off and now it's about to enter Downtown Team World!

Everyone turns to the distants and they see that the dragon is actually on a course to Downtown Team World.

Yugi and Numbuh 4: Oh no!

Suddenly, Both Numbuh 4 and Yugi's Millennium Items start to glow and the light consumes them both


The light fades, revealing Yami Yugi and Yami Numbuh 4.

Yami Yugi: We have to stop that monster, who knows what that thing might do to everyone there.

Yami Numbuh 4: It'll be world wide panic. And I though the Shadow Riders were a problem.

Yami Yugi: (Realizes) The Shadow Riders! Brian, inside the building, Bonnie, Tara and Josh, the three Shadow Riders, are in the building. They must still be unconscious from Ra's attack.

Brian: Why didn't you say so?! S.W.A.T.-Bots: Storm the building and apprehend the criminals!

S.W.A.T.-Bots: Yes sir!

The S.W.A.T.-Bots enter a single file line, entering the building.

Joey: That takes care of them. Now what about the dragon problem?

Jenny: Leave it to me. Stopping rampaging monsters from destroying a town is my specialty.

Jenny's pigtails transform into jets, and then her back forms glider wings, combined, they launch Jenny off into the air and towards the town.

Joey: That dragon use to be Ra, it's gonna take more then her to stop it.

Danny: Well, looks like she's gonna need help. I'm going too.

Danny jumps into the air and flies at top speed, following Jenny.

Yami Numbuh 4: They're both going to need more help if that thing has Ra's power. Numbuh 1, you take the School bus ship. Numbuh 2, you take the S.C.A.M.P.E.R. And Numbuh 86, you pilot the S.K.Y.C.L.A.W.

Numbuh 86: Now hold on! Why should we-

Numbuh 86 stops what she was saying when she looked at Yami Numbuh 4 stares at her with a "Death Glare" while the Anubis eye glows on his forehead.

Numbuh 86: Uh… I mean, yes sir, I'm on it (runs to the S.K.Y.C.L.A.W.).

Yami Numbuh 4: Numbuh 362, Lizzie, Mushi, you three join Numbuh 86.

Numbuh 362: You're the boss, Numbuh 4.

Lizzie: Aww… But I wanted to be with my Nigee!

Yami Numbuh 4: Sorry Lizzie, I need you with Numbuhs 86 and 362 more.

Lizzie: (Beat) Oh, alright.

Yami Numbuh 4: Numbuh 5, you and Tommy-

Tommy: (Interrupts) That's Dark Operative!

Yami Numbuh 4: Sorry. You and Dark Operative join with Numbuh 1.

Numbuh 5: Whatever you say, Numbuh 4.

Yami Numbuh 4: And Numbuh 3, you're with me and Numbuh 2.

All of Team Kids Next Door went with their assigned team and entered the ship.

Yami Yugi: Wait, Numbuh 4, I'm coming with you.

Joey: And you can count me in too.

Mai: And me too.

Mako: Don't forget about me.

Mokuba and Serenity: And us too.

Tristan: Where Serenity goes, I go.

Duke: And that goes double for me.

Yami Numbuh 4: There's only enough for a 5 more: Pharaoh, Joey, Mai, Mokuba and Serenity.

Duke and Tristan: Aww…

Yami Numbuh 4: Alright. Pharaoh, Joey, you're with me. Mokuba, Serenity, you're with Numbuhs 1, 5 and Dark Operative. And Mai, you're with Numbuhs 86, 362, Lizzie and Mushi.

The groups of duelists enter into the ship they've been assigned to. After securely fastened, the three planes take off into the air and make their way towards the town.

John: Okay, everyone else listen to me. Brian, have you're S.W.A.T.-Bots apprehended the last three Shadow Riders yet?

We see Brian ordering the S.W.A.T.-Bots to take the comatose bodies of the three Shadow Riders into one of their trucks.

Brian: All five Shadow Riders are accounted for.

John: Good. Take them to H.Q. and hold them in one of our cells. Cop-Bots 22 and 24: take a few cars and escort the rest of the Teams to H.Q. and keep them there.

Cop-Bot #22 and 24: Yes sir!

John: The rest of you, stay in H.Q., you'll be safe there. Cop-Bots 23, 49, 52, 170, 72, 15, 4, 9 and 50, I want you all to take the Warthogs and alert the rest of Team World to end any duels and take shelter.

Cop-Bot #23, 49, 52, 170, 72, 15, 4, 9 and 50: Yes sir!

Tea: John! June's gone missing.

John: What?!

Arnold: Hey, Kim, Ron, Will and Wade are gone too.

Duke: Yeah, and from the looks of it, so are the rest of Danny's team and family. That RV they were in is gone too.

John: Oh, son of a bitch!

Brian: What do you purpose we do?

John: Continue with my orders. Brian, help the Cop-Bots escort the teams to H.Q.

Brian enters one of the trucks and the Rest of Team Yugi, Team possible, Team XJ9, Team Ishtar, Team Te Xuan Ze, and Team Funnie entered other trucks as some Cop-Bots enter a few cars and the ones ordered entered the three Warthogs.

Tea: John, aren't you coming with us?

John: No, I have to catch a different ride, but I'll meet you guys there.

Brian: Alright everyone, let's move out!

The groups of vehicles take off into the desert road and make their way to the city. John is the only one left.

John: I have to stop this thing before it gets worst.

Suddenly, the Millennium Shield on his belt buckle starts to glow. John searches his pockets and finds his deck box. He opens it and pulls out a card.

John: Millennium Shield, give me the power of this monster!

We now only see his shadow. The shadow starts to morph and change and we see that it looks like John sprouted dragon wings and his legs turn into a tail. The shadow then starts to fly up into the air and disappears completely.

Our story continues in Downtown Team World. So far, no one has yet to notice the dragon that was once Ra coming towards them and the town. We now focus our attention to a group of three teams: Team Go, Team Ed and Team Beaver, it seems they were arguing about trading their cards.

Daggett: Look, I don't care what you say, three normal rare cards does not equal a secret rare card. Ergo, I am not trading my Gilford for your Chthonian Solder, Getsu Fuhma, and Warrior Lady of the Wasteland.

Eddy: Oh come on, it's at good deal, these monsters have awesome effects.

Shego: Can we hurry this up? I'd like to duel sometime this century.

Daggett: Keep you're Jump suit on, ya minx. (To Ed, Edd and Eddy) If you three want Gilford, I'd expect three Chthonian Solders and one ultra rare card, like that Freed the Matchless General you got. So ante-up before I get… (Trails off) what the…?

Daggett sees a large shadow on the ground, and Team Ed and Team go see the shadow as well. They all turn and they see the dragon that was once Ra coming their way.

Shego: Whoa…

Daggett: What in the name of Bob Schooley and Mark McCorkle's Brainchild is that thing?!

Eddy: looks like someone's Duel Disk is going on the blink.

Suddenly, the three teams hear a siren. They turn to see the three Warthogs, being driven by the Cop-Bots. The Cop-Bots driving are the ones making the siren noise and the ones on the back seats hold up megaphones.

Cop-Bots with Megaphones: Attention all duelist and Ref-Bots. This is the Team World Police Department: A class 5 emergency is now in effect. All duelists must stop what they are doing and head indoors immediately! If you are in the middle of a duel, end it in a draw. Attention all duelist and Ref-Bots. This is the Team World Police Department: A class 5 emergency is now in effect. All duelists must stop what they are doing and head indoors immediately! If you are in the middle of a duel, end it in a draw.

The Cop-Bots continue with the message as they drive down the roads.

Shego: What's a Class Five Emergency?

Edd: (Pulls out Guide Book) According to the Guide Book, A Class 5 Emergency on Team World is when "The hologram of a Duel Disk Malfunctions and one of the monsters from said Duel Disk starts attacking everyone" "Warning: Attacks from said monsters are very real, so act with caution."

TreeFlower: That's not a good sign.

They turn their attention back to the dragon and they see look at them.

Ed: I think it sees us!

The dragon opens its mouth and energy is being charged in it.

Norbert: Let's see… What's that word I'm thinking of…?

Daggett: "Run"?

Norbert: That's it. (Shouts) RUN!

The three teams turn around and they make a run for it, they manage to run just before the dragon made its actual attack. Pretty soon the dragon started to follow Team Ed, Team Go and Team Beaver. It continued to attack them and the three teams did their best to dodge them.

Shego: (Sarcastically) Never a dull moment at this place, huh?

Edd: We have to look for shelter, everyone split up!

They soon came across three alleyways and made the split; Team Ed when down the middle Alley, Team Beaver when down the right and Team Go when down the left. The dragon followed the group it saw last, which was Team Go.

Shego: Oh great, now it's following us!

Hego: We have to get it off of our trail. Wego 1 and 2!

Wego 1 and 2: We're on it.

The two Wego twins started to glow red, and soon there are four of them, then eight, then sixteen, and finally there are 32 of them. The Wego copies when in every which way in all directions, in an attempt to confuse the dragon. The dragon looked at the copies that seemed to appear out of nowhere and its head starts to what looks like, morph into something that looked like Slifer the Sky Dagon's head. The second mouth of this copy of Slifer's head starts to open and its starts to collect energy, then the mouth shot of a beam of energy, aiming towards the Wego copies. The energy collides with the ground and it causes all the copies to disintegrate.

Wego 1: So much for that idea.

Mego: AH! We're all gonna die!

The dragon's head morph back to its original form and it starts to flies closer to Team Go in a "dive bomb" maneuver. Just as it was about to get closer, a beam of energy strikes its back and it forced the dragon to come crashing down. As it falls, it looks like it's about to land on top of Team Go, but suddenly; three sets of grappling hooks attacked to ropes comes by them, circling the team and pulls them away just before it lands on them. We now see that the rope came from Kim's Hair dryer/Grappling hook and it was being pulled by her, Ron and Wade's duel-Bot. Shego sees Kim and is surprised.

Shego: Possible?

Kim: You're welcome.

Hego: What's going on? What is that thing that's attacking us?

Ron: Well whatever it is, it uses to be the Winged Dragon of Ra.

We now turn our attention back to the dragon. It gets up from the ground and turns to where it was attacked. There in the sky we see Jenny flying in the air, with her arm having a very large laser gun attached to it, it was her that struck the dragon.

Jenny: Hey, shiny. How's about attacking someone who can fight back?

Her left arm opens and a similar laser appears on it, she then uses both lasers and begins shooting at the dragon. The dragon sees this and it shields itself with its wings, they start to glow and the beams reflect off of them. It reopens its wings and flies towards Jenny with its mouth charging for an attack. The dragon breaths and shoots the energy out, targeting Jenny, who manages to dodge it at the last moment.

Jenny: Is that the best you got?

The dragon opens its mouth again, but this time a blue energy orb starts to develop. It shoots the orb out of its mouth and towards Jenny; Jenny sees this and dodges it like the last attack.

Jenny: Ha! You missed-!

Before she could finish; the orb that missed her explosion and out came a wave of chains. The chains hit Jenny and they coil around her body and they then sparked with volts of electricity, which caused her entire system to shut down. With her whole body shut down and trapped, her jets stopped working and she began to fall. But just before her metallic body hit the ground, a giant claw came out of no where and grabbed Jenny. We see that the giant claw came from the Kids Next Door's S.K.Y.C.L.A.W. In the ship we see Numbuh 86 driving it while Numbuh 362 was operating the claw, controlling it to capture Jenny and is now retracting it back to the ship.

Numbuh 362: Got her. (Into headset) Numbuh 1, this is Numbuh 362, we've caught Jenny.

We now turn our attention to the School Bus Ship, being piloted by Numbuh 1, who is also wearing a headset radio.

Numbuh 1: (Into headset) Roger, Numbuh 362. Okay, Numbuh 2, it's you're move…

We now focus on the S.C.A.M.P.E.R., being piloted by Numbuh 2. Through Numbuh 2's headset radio, he hears Numbuh 1's voice.

Numbuh 1: (Through headset) … Blast that dragon back to the renaissance.

Numbuh 2: (Into headset) You got it, Numbuh 1. Initializing Supreme mode!

Numbuh 2 pushes a button on the console and the S.C. .E.R. Starts to transform: its booster engines became larger and it produced more weapons on its side, it transformed into the S.C.A.M. .-S.O.O.P.R.E.M.E.

Numbuh 2: Missiles Launch!

Numbuh 2 takes hold of the steering with both hand and he pushes the little red buttons on the tip of them, once he does that, the S.C.A.M.P.E.R.-S.O.O.P.R.E.M.E. Starts launching missiles every which way, all of them heading towards the dragon. The dragon opens its mouth and its teeth start to glow, the missiles then suddenly made contact with an invisible wall, exploding before it so much as touched the dragon.

Numbuh 2: What the?!

Numbuh 1: (Through headset) Numbuh 2, status! Did the missiles work?

Numbuh 2: (Into headset, sighs) Negative, Numbuh 1. They didn't ever touch him.

Numbuh 1: (Through headset) GRRR. Darn it!

Joey: Why didn't the missiles work?

Yami Numbuh 4: That dragon made some kind of force-field that repelled the attack.

Yami Yugi: More likely it was a "Negate Attack."

Joey: What makes you say that?

Yami Yugi: That monster still has Kaiba in it. I have a feeling this dragon is using Kaiba's deck to help it out.

Mokuba: (Through communicator) That would explain what happened to Jenny. Those chains are from his trap card "Shadow Spell."

Numbuh 362: (Through communicator) Guys, I found something on the radar, it's coming in fast. Check Starboard Side.

Joey: What side is Starboard on an air ship?

Numbuh 3: That's the right side, silly.

Yami Yugi: (looks out one of the windows) I see something. (Into communicator) Numbuh 362, we see the object coming this way. It's Danny.

Sure enough, on the outside, Danny is flying at top speed, his arms in front of him, glowing green and he prepares his attack.

Danny: Let's see how this overgrown lizard takes an Ecto-blast.

Danny's hand shoots of an ectoplasmic beam at the dragon, which surprisingly, made direct contact right between its eyes.

Danny: There. That should get his attention.

Sure enough, the dragon spots Danny in the air and it makes its way towards him.

Danny: Oh great, I think I just pissed it off.

The dragon shoots another white energy blast, aiming for Danny. Danny sees his and his body goes intangible, making him phase through the on-coming attack.

Danny: Ecto-blast won't work, let's try something else.

Danny closes his eyes and concentrates, when he reopened them, his eyes are glow a solid blue.

Danny: Here's the weather report: A cold front is moving in!

Danny raises his hands and from them came blue streams of energy. The beams come in contact with the dragon's left wing and arm, coating it with a layer of ice. This was a new ghost power Danny learned a while ago.

Yami Yugi: Danny just froze a part of that dragon's body!

Joey: Whoa! When did he become part Iceman?

Danny: Yes! It's working!

Danny shoots more ice beams at the dragon, each blast coating a different part of its body until finally its whole body is covered in ice. The now frozen dragon falls and lands on the ground, the force of the fall does not break the ice.

Danny: Who's in the mood for Popsicles?

The S. .P.E.R.-S.O. .E.M.E. flies closer to Danny and the side door opens, with Yami Yugi and Yami Numbuh 4 on the other side.

Yami Yugi: Great job, Danny. You've manage to contain the dragon.

Danny: Yeah, I know, I'm great.

Yami Numbuh 4: We should get this thing to Team World Headquarters, John and the rest of the scientist there should be able to find out what happened and see if they can get rid of it.

Joey: Uh, you guys might want to re-think your strategy. Look!

Joey points to the dragon and we see that the ice encasing it is starting to crack. It took a few more cracks before the ice shattered, releasing the dragon.

Yami Numbuh 4: Aw, damn it! It didn't hold.

Numbuh 3: (Gasp) IT SEES US!

The dragon opens its mouth again and it shoots another white energy blast.

Numbuh 3: Numbuh 2, Shields up!

Yami Yugi: It's coming too fast.

The Anubis eye glows on his forehead and the Millennium Puzzle glows. Yami Yugi draws a card from the deck in his Duel Disk and he holds it out.

Yami Yugi: Activate Hallowed Life Barrier!

The trap card glows and the energy blast comes in contact with an invisible wall.

Yami Yugi: It's useless trying to take down this beast like this. (Into communicator) Attention everyone: normal weapons won't work on this monster. Despite this transformation, it is still a Duel Monster, which means we have to take it down like one.

Numbuh 1: Yugi is right, if we're gonna take down this monster, we need to do it other monsters. Numbuhs 2 and 362: Prepare Ships for Duel Monsters combat!

We now focus our attention to Numbuhs 1, 2 and 362 at the same time. They each pulled out small keys that were inside of their shirts and around their necks. Numbuh 362 rips hers off, breaking the string, while Numbuh 1 and 2 took theirs off over their heads. On the three different consoles were special key holes covered in a clear-red glass case, they each lifted the case and placed their keys in the holes.

Numbuhs 1, 2 and 362: Activate Holo-Imagers! (They turn their keys)

On the outside, compartments from the three ships start to open. The Headlights on the School Bus Ship open and out folds Hologram imagers similar to the old duel podiums and under the ship appears a small disk with hologram imagers on the edges. On the S.K.Y.C.L.A.W., the nose of the ship opens outward, revealing a cone shaped hologram imager on the inside, the rudders on the wings fold upwards and a second set appears downward. The rudders open up, revealing circle hologram imagers, three to each side. On the S.C.A.M.P.E.R.-S.O.O.P.R.E.M.E., the head lights up front start to fold inward, and appearing on the other side is a giant ring of hologram imagers. And on the roof of the ship, folds out another set of circle hologram imagers. Inside the three ships, came a pillar or cables with odd plugs at the end, similar to the plugs Kaiba uses to use his Duel Disk on a duel podium. Each KND Member, including Lizzie, Mushi and Tommy AKA Dark Operative, took a cable and plugged them into the bottom of their Duel Disks, and then Yami Yugi, Joey, Mai, Mokuba and Serenity did the same thing too.

Numbuh 1: Ready you're Duel Disk, team…

Numbuh 2: … I've raised the damage level up to the highest number. Once Numbuh 1 gives the signal…
Numbuh 362: … Summon your strongest monsters and they'll appear outside.
Danny, who was still floating outside, activated his Duel Disk as well.

Danny: I'm ready when you guys are.

Kim, Ron, Will and Wade's Duel-Bot activated their Duel Disks as well.

Kim: Hold on guys, we're fighting too.

Ron: Yeah, we're not letting you guys have all the fun. The Ron-man came to play!

Shego: Well, I'm not just gonna sit here and do nothing. (Activates Duel Disk) Count me in.

Hego: And don't forget about the rest of Team Go!

Hego, Mego and the Wego twins activate their Duel Disk as well

Yami Yugi: Then it's Time to Duel!


The holo-imagers start to glow a rainbow color as they started up.

Numbuh 362: (Draws card) 362! Come on out, Armed Dragon, LV 10!

Numbuh 86: 86! I summon my Cyber Angel Dakini!

Lizzie: 49! I summon my Frostsaurus!

Mushi: 7! Let's go Archlord Zerato!

The four girls placed the cards on their Duel Disks and the holo-imagers project life size images of the monsters: Armed Dragon LV 10 and Archlord Zerato are flying in the air, Cyber Angel Dakini is standing on the S.K.Y.C.L.A.W. and Frostsaurus, a giant brachiosaurus made of ice, is standing on the ground.

Tommy: Dark Operative! And I summon my Steam Gyroid!

Numbuh 5: 5! Come on out, Harpie's Pet Dragon!

They both placed their cards on their Duel Disks and the holo-imagers project life size images of the monsters appear: both Steam Gyroid and Harpie's Pet Dragon are flying in the air.

Yami Numbuh 4: 4! Come Forth, Zera the Mant!

Numbuh 3: 3! It's time to play, Guardian Angel Joan!

Numbuh 2: 2! Perfect Machine King, roll out!

They both placed their cards on their Duel Disks and the holo-imagers project life size images of the monsters: both Zera the Mant and Perfect Machine King are on the ground, and Guardian Angel Joan is flying in the sky.

Numbuh 1: 1! Rise, Blue-Eyes White Dragon!

He puts the card on his Duel Disk and the holo-imagers project a life size image of Blue-Eyes White Dragon in the air.

Yami Yugi: Well now it's our turn. I summon my Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl and my Magician of Black Chaos!

Joey: I bring out my heavy hitters: Flame Swordsman, Gilford the Lightning and my Gearfried the Swordmaster!

They both placed their cards on their Duel Disks and the holo-imagers project life size images of the monsters: Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl and Magician of Black Chaos float and fly into the air, and Flame Swordsman, Gilford the Lightning and Gearfried the Swordmaster land onto the ground.

Serenity: I'm ready to fight! So I summon my St. Joan and new card I have: Voltanis the Adjudicator!

Mokuba: I'm ready to save my big brother! I summon Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon, Toon Jinzo, Toon Summon Skull, and Toon Dark Magician Girl!

They both placed their cards on their Duel Disks and the holo-imagers project life size images of all the monsters Mokuba and Serenity summoned floating and flying in the air.

Mai: It's my turn now, and I believe I'll summon all of my Harpie Ladies: Harpie Lady 1, 2, 3, Cyber Harpy, and Harpie Lady Sisters!

She puts the cards on her Duel Disk and the Holo-imagers project all of Mai's Harpie Ladies into the air.

Danny: I summon my strongest Spirit Monsters: Yamata Dragon and Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi!

He puts the cards on his Duel Disk and the two sprit monsters appear in front of him, flying in the air.

Kim: Let's get things started. I summon Diamond Head Dragon.

Ron: Come on out, Black Tyranno!

Will: Humanoid Worm Drake, appear!

Wade: Rise Air Fortress Ziggurat!

They put the cards on their Duel Disk and the monsters appear before them: Black Tyranno is on the ground and Humanoid Worm Drake, Diamond Head Dragon and Air Fortress Ziggurat fly and float in the air.

Shego: Move over, princess, it's my go. Come on out Cosmo Queen.

Hego: It's time for a hero's touch. Elemental Hero Thunder Giant!

Mego: My turn. I summon Man-Thro'Tro' and his weapons of choice: The Ojama Trio

Wego 1 and 2: And we summon our Master Monks!

They put the cards on their duel disks and their monsters appear: Cosmo Queen, Elemental Hero Thunder Giant float and fly in the air, the two Master Monks appear on the ground and Man Thro'Tro' appears with three smaller monsters in his grasp.

Numbuh 1: Alright Teams, hit that dragon with everything you've got! Blue-Eyes, White Lightning!

Yami Yugi: Dark Magicians and Chaos Mage, Triple Dark Magic Attack!

Joey: Flame Swordsman, Gilford and Gearfried, Triple Sword Strike!

Yami Numbuh 4: Zera, Darkness Claw!

Numbuh 3: Joan, Heavenly Beam!

Numbuh 2: Perfect Machine King, Bombardment Missiles!

Numbuh 5: Harpie's Pet Dragon, Searing Flames!

Tommy: Steam Gyroid, Steam Driven Blades!

Serenity: St. Joan, Heavenly Sword!

Mokuba: Toons, Attack at Will!

Numbuh 86: Cyber Angel Dakini, Angel Rage!

Mushi: Archlord Zerato, Heavenly smite!

Numbuh 362: Armed Dragon, Genocide Blast!

Lizzie: Frostsaurus, Ice Age Roar!

Mai: Harpies, Double Triangle Ecstasy!

Danny: Yamaha Dragon and Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi, Spiritual Flames!

Kim: Diamond Head Dragon, Diamond Flame!

Ron: Black Tyranno, Jurassic Roar!

Will: Humanoid Worm Drake, Plasma Cannon!

Wade: Air Fortress Ziggurat, Cannon Barrage!

Shego: Cosmo Queen, Cosmic Nova!

Hego: Thunder Giant, Volt-tech Thunder!

Mego: Man-Thro'Tro, Monster Toss!

Wego 1 and 2: Master Monks, kung-fu energy Force!

Each monster launched their different attacks: Both Dark Magicians, Chaos Mage, Guardian Angel and St. Joan, and Archlord Zerato shot mystic beams of energy. Armed Dragon LV 10, Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Harpie's Pet Dragon opened their mouths and blasted their attacks. Steam Gyroid spun its propellers and is charging in a whirlwind while Perfect Machine King Shot off a series of Missiles. Frostsaurus shoots an ice beam from its mouth, Zera's Claws glow and Cyber Angel Dakini's weapons charge with power, they both swung their attacks, shooting off energy blades and claws. Six of the seven Harpies formed into a triangle formation, charging up a blast and shooting it, while Cyber Harpie's claws glow, swinging them, she launches a strike. The Toon Monsters charged their attacks and fired energy beams and Yamaha Dragon and Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi shot off raging fire blasts. Diamond Head Dragon breaths silver flames, Black Tyranno roar gives off sound waves, Humanoid Worm Drake shoots out a piece of Blue plasma, and Ziggurat Launched off several missiles. Cosmo Queen's hands produce a orb of dark energy, Thunder Giant's hands generate electricity, Man-Thro'Tro' took the three Ojama monster and threw them towards the dragon, each one glowing in a orb of light and the two Master Monks' fist generate a new force of energy. Each and every attack made direct contact with the dragon, causing smoke and dust to rise in the air.

Numbuh 1: DIRECT HIT!

Joey: YES! We did it!


Everyone in the ships start to cheer in victory.

Numbuh 2: Yeah, Baby!

Danny: Um… guys, you might want to hold off the Rap-party for later, look!

Everyone turns to where Danny is looking and sees that the cloud of dust and smoke starts to get blown away. When the smoke cleared, we see the dragon still flying at that spot, using its wings to clear the area.

Numbuh 3: AHH! That dragon is still there!

Joey: But every shot was right on the money!

Numbuh 1: Attack again!

All the monsters launch their attacks at the dragon again, but this time, the opens its mouth and its teeth glow, then its whole body glows and it just disappears. The attack, now without a target, destroys bits of the buildings and the streets.

Numbuh 2: Darn, we missed!

Joey: How come when heroes always fight monsters and stuff, they cause collateral damage?

Yami Yugi: Now's not the time, Joey.

A blast of light appears and the dragon returns.

Yami Yugi: It must have used Matter Transporter Device.

The head of the dragon morphs into Slifer's again and it starts attacking with its second mouth. The blast from the second mouth hits all of our heroes' monsters, but it doesn't destroy them, although they now look worn and weaken.

Numbuh 1: What did it just do?

Yami Yugi: I'm not sure. It looked like the dragon just turned into Slifer.

Yami Numbuh 4: Only the head. (To Yami Yugi) You said that Kaiba sacrificed both Slifer and Obelisk to power-up Ra, right?

Yami Yugi: Yes, but so what?

Yami Numbuh 4: What if along with its ATK and DEF, it also took their card effects?

Yami Yugi: That would mean that this dragon has the strength of all the three God monsters.

Yami Numbuh 4: Slaying it may not be as easy as we though.

Yami Yugi: I knew something like this would happen when Kaiba started getting those bands on his body. If he hadn't used Ra's instant attack when like that, this wouldn't have happen. (Thinks for a moment) Wait, that's it!

Yami Numbuh 4: What is, my king?

Yami Yugi: If we could find some way get Kaiba out of that dragon then it would cease to exist and return to being Ra.

Yami Numbuh 4: Hmm… In theory, it could work. But how are we going to pull off a stunt like that?

Danny: Guys. Leave that to me. I can phase in and overshadow that dragon and get Kaiba out, but I'm going to need some cover.

Yami Numbuh 4: Okay Danny, we'll have our monsters distract the dragon while you do your work.

Danny: Thanks.

Yami Yugi: Everyone, Have out monsters attack again, we have to give Danny back-up.

Numbuh 1: Alright Yugi, we'll follow you for now. Monsters, charge at the dragon!

All the monsters followed the orders and are now making their way towards the dragon. Danny flies off with them and he turns invisible. As the three KND ships rose into the air, the Millennium Items Yami Yugi and Yami Numbuh 4 start to glow and flicker.

Yami Yugi: Numbuh 4, look, our Millennium Items.

Yami Numbuh 4: What could be causing them to react like this?

Meanwhile, on the rooftops of some of the buildings nearby, we see Juniper Lee, running very fast and jumping from roof to roof with agile reflexes. After a minute of jumping, she makes it towards the edge of roof where she sees the dragon and all of the heroes' monsters attacking him.

Juniper: Whoa, this is nuts.

Suddenly, a beeping noise was head, she looked at the bottom of her Duel Disk and sees the gem of the bracelet blinking and beeping very fast.

Juniper: My bracelet is going haywire.

Back with the dragon, all of the heroes' monsters were attacking it, trying to make some sort of damage. Danny, who was still invisible started to make his move: He flies towards the head of the dragon and he turns intangible, entering the bead on its head. The dragon, surprisingly, felt Danny enter its head and its eyes start to glow green, the moment they turn green the dragon started to shake and jolt its body violently.

Numbuh 2: Danny must have gotten in already.

Yami Yugi: Come on, Danny…

The dragon continued to jolt and shake its body as Danny was trying to take control of it.

Danny: (Voice echoing outside) Okay Kaiba, I know you're in here. Man, it's bright in here! I knew I should have taken Tucker's advice and added goggles to the outfit.

Suddenly, the dragon started to glow an intense white, which somehow had an affect of its inside.

Danny: (Voice echoing outside) Hey, what's going on? What- AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!

The bead on the dragon's head glows brighter then the rest of its body and Danny gets shot out, screaming in the air.

Danny: Oh great! Can't it get any worst? (The light rings appear on his waist, turning him back into human) I had to ask.

With his ghost form gone, Danny began to fall to the ground. Danny closes his eyes and waits for his impending demise when he felt something grab him and pulls him to the side. Danny opens his eyes and sees that he's in Juniper Lee's arms; it seems that Juniper jumped off the building and caught Danny in mid-air. She managed to jump so far that when she caught Danny, she'd land on the other rooftop across. Once she made her landing, she gently placed Danny down.

Danny: June? What-?

Juniper: Relax; I'd rather you not try to move anything.

Danny: (Groans) That dragon really did a number on me. It feels like my ghost powers just ripped right out of me.

Juniper: (Sighs) That overgrown lizard is too powerful. I'll have to use a banishment spell on it. Wait here (walks to the edge of the roof).

Danny: Whoa, wait "Banishment"? I don't think I like how you said that. What are you gonna do?

Juniper: Oh nothing much. Just send him to another dimension where he can't get out, that's all.

Danny: (Gets up) Wait, you can't!

Juniper: Sure I can, I do it all the time. If they had a magic college, I'd major in Banishment spells.

Before Danny could stop her, she pulls out a small clear crystal from her pocket and held it with both hands. Then, the crystal began to glow and Juniper let it go, letting float in mid air. Suddenly, she begin speaking in a strange language at a fast speed, Danny could only make out parts like "Ah kah lant rah soo" and things like that. As she was chanting, the gem began to glow brighter, and unfortunately, Danny wasn't the only one who noticed. The dragon notices Juniper on the rooftop, chanting her spell, suddenly its eyes begin to glow brightly, and on the bead on its head, an image of a key opening a lock appears faintly. Yami Yugi sees the image and sees the dragon looking at Juniper and he began to wonder what she was doing, but his thoughts were soon interrupted as the dragon shot a beam of energy from its bead and towards Juniper. She was too busy with the incantation she was performing to notice and the beam struck right on the crystal, causing it to explode, shooting her backwards, she lands flat on her back.

Yami Yugi: Oh-No! Numbuh 2, take us to where that dragon attacked, June was up there.

Numbuh 2: Aye-aye, Yugi!

The S.C.A.M.P.E.R.-S.O.O.P.R.E.M.E. begins its descend and lands on the rooftop where Danny and Juniper are on. Once the ship lands; Yami Yugi, Yami Numbuh 4, Joey and Numbuh 3 runs out and heads over to Juniper's side.

Yami Yugi: June, are you alright?

Juniper: (Groans) What just happened? My Banishment spell never backfired like that before.

Yami Numbuh 4: "Banishment Spell"?

Danny: Yeah, she just tried to send the dragon to Never-never land. (Towards Juniper in an annoyed tone) Which would have send Kaiba there too since he's IN the dragon!

Juniper: (Shocked) He is?

Yami Yugi: When he performed Ra's instant attack, he fused with the dragon. And whatever condition he was in at that moment affected Ra as well.

Juniper: Whoa, I could have been so in trouble with the Elders for banishing a human. But why did my Banishment Crystal failed?

Yami Numbuh 4: Somehow the dragon has taken control of Kaiba's deck and is using all the magic and trap cards that's in it.

Yami Yugi: I saw the image of "De-Spell" in its bead and that card destroys any magic and spell.

Danny: We've got to get Kaiba out of there. Overshadowing it is a no-go, it'll just eject me.

Yami Numbuh 4: And none of our monsters are strong enough to destroy it in battle. (Thinks for a moment) Wait, Exodia!

Yami Yugi, Danny, Joey and juniper: (Gasp, in shock) You have Exodia?

Yami Numbuh 4: Ever since I got the Kids Next Door to play Duel Monsters, All the high-ranked sectors are required to have at least one set of the Exodia cards, mine sector included. (Pulls out communicator) Guys, this is Numbuh 4, prepare to bring out the big monster guns.

Numbuh 1: (through communicator) You don't mean….

Yami Numbuh 4: I do.

Numbuh 1: Then let's get ready.


Numbuh 5: (Draws card) Right Leg of the Forbidden One!

Numbuh 2: Left Leg of the Forbidden One!

Numbuh 3: Right Arm of the Forbidden One!

Numbuh 1: Left Arm of the Forbidden One!

Yami Numbuh 4: Exodia the Forbidden One!

They all placed the cards on their Duel Disk and right in front of the dragon was a green star. The five cards are shown coming together. First, a right arm pushes out, then the left, and then the head until finally the whole monster appears.

Ron: No way! They have Exodia?

Shego: Looks like it, Stoppable.

Juniper: Whoa, that's huge. I've never seen one in person before.

Danny: There's still a chance. Exodia strength is to infinity, so it should beat that dragon good.

Yami Yugi: I doubt that. There's a reason why the God cards were hidden before; they have the power to overpass Exodia!

Yami Numbuh 4: Not if we attack first! Exodia! Take out that dragon, OBLITERATE!

Exodia creates a ball of fire in its hand and it forced it towards the dragon, which made direct contact. The force of the attack caused dust to rise, covering the entire area. Everyone looked on and froze, waiting if the attack made through. Suddenly, the smoke cleared, the cause: the dragon's wings. We see that the dragon was still there, but it is now lying on the ground, its eyes are closed and there's a very large scorch on its chest stomach.

Yami Yugi: It's still there

Yami Numbuh 4: But we made progress, the attack made its mark and weaken the dragon.

Danny: Not weak enough. Look!

We now see that the dragon opened its eyes and they glow like an intense fire; it spreads its wing and is now airborne again.

Yami Numbuh 4: We have to attack again, Exodia, attack-

Yami Yugi: Wait, look!

We now see the dragon's front talons and arms start to glow and morph, once they stopped, the dragon's arms now look more like the arms belonging to Obelisk the Tormentor. Then, on the bead of its head, the image of a videogame controller appears faintly.

Joey: That's Enemy Controller.

Juniper: What's it doing?

The dragon opens its newly formed hands and out of them come cables. The cable from the right hand heads for Yami Numbuh 4's Zera the Mant while the left cable heads for Numbuh 3's Guardian Angle Joan, both cables made connections to the monsters.

Yami Numbuh 4: Zera!

Numbuh 3: NO! JOAN!

Both cables pull the monsters right into the dragon's hands and they start to glow.

Yami Yugi: My God. It's going to use Obelisk's Fist of Fate attack!

Juniper: It's what?

Yami Numbuh 4: Obelisk has an ability that allows him to destroy all opposing monsters and deal direct damage; however it requires a two-monster sacrifice.

Joey: That explains Enemy Controller.

Danny: Wait, are you saying that that dragon is about to take out Exodia?!

Yami Numbuh 4: It looks that way. (Into communicator) Everyone, brace yourselves! This is going to hurt!

Both Zera and Joan suddenly shatter into pieces and their energy enters the dragon's bead. The dragon begins to breathe blue fire and it shoots a blast right at Exodia. The blast makes direct contact on Exodia, igniting it in blue flames, the flames cause a chain reaction which in turn affected Exodia: First it broke into the first five pieces, then those pieces shattered, thus destroying Exodia in a fiery explosion. The explosion in turn affected Yami Numbuh 4: his Duel Disk starts to spark and the electricity shocks him to the point of him landing on his knees and hands and collapsing.

Yami Yugi: (Gasp) Numbuh 4!

Yami Numbuh 4: (Groans) I didn't think I'd take such a powerful blow.

Numbuh 3: I'm the team's medic; I have to take Numbuh 4 in so I can run a diagnosis.

Yami Yugi: Joey, you help Numbuh 3 take Numbuh 4 back to the ship and look him over.

Joey: You got it.

Since Joey is much stronger then Numbuh 3, he lifted Numbuh 4 and carried him back to the S.C.A.M.P.E.R.-S.O.O.P.R.E.M.E.

Juniper: Look!

Juniper points towards the dragon and we see that it begins to fly higher in the air.

Danny: It's getting away!

Juniper: Not on my watch. Danny, you can fly, get me to that dragon, I can get him grounded.

Danny: What? Wait, I don't think that's-

Juniper: (Interrupts) JUST DO IT!

Danny: Okay, okay.

The white rings appear on his waist and he turns into Danny Phantom again.

Danny: Hold on.

Danny grabs her by her arms and lifts her into the air.

Juniper: How's you're throwing arm?

Danny: You sure you want to do this.

Juniper: Don't worry; I do this all the time. Now throw me!

Danny looks unsure about Juniper but he begins spinning around. Using the momentum of his spinning, he lets June go, launching her towards the dragon. She manages to land right on the dragons back and held on.

Juniper: Okay, dragon-boy, it's time you made a landing.

Juniper climbs to its head and grabs its neck with both arms, in an attempt to control the dragon's head. The dragon started to bump and bob its head, moving all around trying to get juniper to let go. The bead on the dragon's head begins to show a faint image of something: a machine shooting a person in the air. Suddenly, the dragon started to glow and Juniper started to phase into it.

Juniper: Hey, what's going on? What-(Sinks in)

As soon as she was in, the dragon's bead glows again, only now it shoots a short beam of light out. The beam was actually Juniper getting shot out, screaming for her life. She then began to fall but Danny appeared in the nick of time and catches her.

Danny: You want to listen to me, or do you want to try killing yourself again?

Juniper: (Sighs) Alright, you win. So what do we do?

Danny: Let's get back to Yugi, he might have something-

Suddenly, an energy beam shoots right near Danny, almost hitting him, he turns to see the dragon following him and attacking him.

Danny: Oh boy.

Juniper: Now what?

Danny: Hold on!

Danny held Juniper closer to her, hoping it would make him fly easier, it did, but the dragon was continued to attack. Danny concentrates and turns invisible; he tries to get her to turn invisible too and succeeds. The dragon's eyes started to glow slightly and it launched another attack, this time, the blast manages to target Danny, even though he and June were invisible. He sees this and creates a Spectral-Shield, protecting him and June, but the shielded shattered and the blast hit them, caused them both to turn visible. Danny, with his body knocked out, turned back to human and began to come crashing down. June sees this and she flips behind Danny and grabs him, using her "better-then-normal" strength, she manages to land on her feet without dropping Danny or hurting himself.

Juniper: Danny? Wake up!

Juniper shakes Danny and he comes to.

Danny: Oh jeeze, this thing's tough. There's still one more trick up my sleeve, and it's gonna take all my strength.

Danny goes ghost again and flies towards the dragon.

Danny: Alright, lizard-lips, I didn't want to do this, but you left me no choice. And Kaiba, if you can hear me, I'm sorry!

Danny inhales and screams, letting outs his Ghostly Wail. The sonic waves from the wail destroyed everything in its path and made a direct contact on the dragon. The dragon tried to pull off some restraint, but was pushed back by the Ghostly Wail. Danny continued with his attack, but since he was already low on energy, it didn't take long for him to stop and fall unconscious, turning back into human. Juniper sees him fall and catches him before he hit the ground. She looks upwards and sees the dragon coming back, looking angry this time.

Juniper: Danny? Oh, great, he's out cold again, that dragon is gonna make charcoal out of us, and I have nothing that can stop it.

June looked up again and sees the dragon opening its mouth for another attack. June braced herself and Danny, waiting for it to come. As the dragon prepared to attack, a brownish claw appeared and began tapping on the dragon's shoulder, the dragon turns to where it felt the tapping and we see a Gate Guardian, holding its fist back and shooting it out in front of it, punching the dragon on its head. Surprisingly, since the dragon was attacked unexpected, the force of the impact of the punch pushed the dragon back a bit, colliding with a building, but the force of the impact wasn't enough to destroy said building. June looks up again and sees what had happen, and at the same time, the three KND Ships appeared as well. Yami Yugi and Joey looked over the opened door and they see the scene that happened. Inside the S.C.A.M.P.E.R.-S.O.O.P.R.E.M.E. also were Team Go and Kim, Ron and Will, as well as Wade's duel-Bot. Numbuh 2 managed to pick them up before following the dragon.

Joey: Gate Guardian? Where did that thing come from?

Ron: It wasn't me.

Yami Yugi searches his pockets and pulls out a small Telescope, the same one he bought the other day before entering Team World, and he looks through it. He searched the rooftops and the streets, trying to find something that would explain Gate Guardian's appearance. He sees what he is looking for; on the street that they were above, he sees Team Ed, their Duel Disks active and Ed having Gate Guardian on his, and it was indeed them who summoned Gate Guardian.

Yami Yugi: Joey, over there on street, it's the Eds.

Numbuh 2: Those guys? Don't they know it's dangerous?

Joey: (Looks through telescope) apparently not.

The Eds appearing were a bit surprising. When they ran off to hide, the spot they were in was where the whole fight practically started. They head the situation and Ed, being the impulsive and crazy one, decided to help and summoned their strongest monster: Gate Guardian.

Ed: Alright! We got it!

Eddy: WHOO! Way to go, Mono-brow!

Edd: I agree. That was pretty amazing. (Looks over) Uh-oh, it's getting up.

The dragon flaps its wings and is now airborne again, looking a bit angrier then before.

Ed: Gate Guardian, attack again!

Gate Guardian closes its fits and they begin to spark. The dragon comes charging but gate guardian punches it with its right fist, pushing it back a bit. Then it swings its left fist, hitting it again, and then right. it keeps going left, then right, pushing the dragon back.

Eddy: Yeah! (Chanting) Push him back! Push him back! Wa-ay Back!

Gate Guardian swings its right fist, but the dragon caught it with its talons, then it caught its left fist.

Edd: Oh dear…

Eddy: Ed, do something.

Ed: Right. (Draws card) Valkyrion!

He puts the card on his Duel Disk and the monster appears in the air.

Ed: Attack! Magnetic Sword Strike!

Valkyrion's sword sparks and he swings it towards the dragon, creating an energy slice, which struck the dragon, making it let go of Gate Guardian.


Suddenly, the dragon was now engulfed in golden flames, now taking the form of a Phoenix.

Joey: Oh no! Ra's Phoenix Attack! It's gonna destroy everything in sight!

The dragon lets out a high pitch screech and then the fames around it spread all around, hitting every monster that was summon, destroying them.

Numbuh 362: Oh crap…

Numbuh 2: All our monsters just got destroyed!

Shego: (Sarcastically) Thank you, captain obvious.

Numbuh 2: Hey, don't make me eject you from the ship.

The fames die down and the dragon returns to it original state.

Joey: (Breaking down) This is bad. Our monsters couldn't take it down, Exodia couldn't take it down, and Danny and June couldn't take it down. There's Nothing Else Left! That's it, Game Over, man! GAME OVER!

Ron: (Slaps him) Get a hold of yourself, man!

Joey: (sighs) Thanks, I needed that.

Yami Yugi: Guys, there's only one chance left. And even that is risky.

Kim: What do you mean?

Yami Yugi: This dragon has all the strength of all of the God Monsters, and there's only one card in my deck that can destroy them.

Yami Yugi draws from his deck and shows the card.

Joey: That's Ragnarok. The card you used in Marik's duel.

Yami Yugi: Yes, but to activate it, there has to be at lease two of the four required monsters out: Dark Magician, Dark Magician Girl, Magician of Black Chaos, and Dark Sage, and all three of my magicians have been destroyed.

Joey: Can't you just bring them back?

Yami Yugi: There's no time for me to search my entire deck for that. We need to find someone with another set of Dark Magician cards.

Ron: Yeah, well, not to mention keeping that dragon distracted. Otherwise it'll keep destroying everything in site, not to mention it might find a way to counter that card if it sees you.

Yami Yugi: Well, at lease we have the advantage it that. This card can't be countered.

Shego: Yeah, that's good and all, but there's still the problem with the plan: Who else has a set of those magician cards?

Numbuh 3: Numbuh 4 has some Dark Magicians in his deck, but he's in no condition to summon them.

Numbuh 3 turns back to the stretcher Yami Numbuh 4 is on, he's lying down, unconscious with devices attached to him.

Numbuh 3: Exodia getting destroyed really did a number on him.

Kim: With him down for the count, our options just got lower. (Thinks for a moment) Wait! Arnold!

Shego: Arnold? That Football-headed kid?

Ron: Hey, Yeah! He has a full set of those Dark Magician cards. Wade!

Wade: I'm contacting him now.

Wade types on his keyboard and he begins to contact Arnold.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, away from the battle, the vehicles carrying the rest of the heroes' team were still making there way to Team World HQ. Tea is twiddling her thumbs, feeling a bit anxious about the while situation

Tea: (groans) I hate just sitting here and doing nothing. We should have went with them.

Monique: Girl, I know how you feel. Whenever Kim and Ron go on their "Big Missions" I often wonder if there is anything I can do to help. But right now all we can do is wait.

Suddenly, the beeping noise of a Kimmunicator is heard, Monique checks hers and sees it's not hers that beeping.

Monique: Whose Kimmunicator is that?

The beeping continues and everyone of Team Possible checks their own Kimmunicators.

Arnold: It's me. (Turns it on) hello? This is Arnold.

The screen shows static and now has wade on it.

Wade: Arnold, we need your help.

Arnold: What? Why me?

Wade: Here, I'll connect you to Yugi.

The screen goes blank and now Yami Yugi's face is shown.

Yami Yugi: Arnold, I know you have a set of Dark Magician cards like me. I need you to get to our coordinates and summon them.

Arnold: But why?

Yami Yugi: The only way we can destroy this dragon is if there are at least 2 Dark Magician cards out. Mine are already destroyed and Numbuh 4 can't summon his. You're our only hope, Arnold.

Arnold: (thinks for a moment)… Alright, I'll help. How are we going to get there?

The screen changes back to Wade.

Wade: I'm already on it.

In the driver's seat of the vehicle they were in is a Cop-Bot, driving the vehicle to its destination. The Cop-Bot suddenly starts to spark and its head turns in three complete circles before its eyes glow a dark blue and the K.P. insignia appears in both eyes.

Wade: (Through the Cop-Bot) Got it. The Cop- Bot is under my complete control.

The Cop-Bot, who is being controlled by Wade, makes a sharp-right turn; detaching itself from the group of other vehicles. Brian, who was driving in the front car sees this and grabs the car radio.

Brian: (into radio) # 44, why are you changing course? Your orders are to follow me to Headquarters, respond, over.

Wade: (through Radio) Sorry Brian, We kind of need their help after all, I took over the Cop-Bot driving and I'm now taking them to us.

Brian: You did what?!

Wade: Don't worry, they'll be completely safe.

The scene changes back to Wade's Duel-Bot in the S.C.A.M.P.E.R.-S.O.O.P.R.E.M.E.

Wade: Just keep your destination and we'll be there shortly. (Turns attention to the others) okay, they're on their way.

Yami Yugi: Good, now all we have to do is keep the dragon busy when they get here.

Kim: any suggestion, people?

Shego: We can feed the dragon my brothers, that'll keep it busy.

Mego: (Sarcastically) Ha-ha, Shego, that wit of your never gets old.

Will: Can we be serious for a moment?

Numbuh 2: Guys! INCOMING ATTACK!

Everyone turns to Numbuh 2 and they see the dragon right in front of them, breathing a blue flame and shooting it towards them.

Yami Yugi: (Draws card) Mirror Force, Activate!

Suddenly, a piece of rainbow clear glass appeared in front of them and the attack shatters it. then the shards glow and they each shot a blast of energy towards the dragon, making a direct hit.

Joey: YES!

The dragon shook itself and returned its composure as if nothing happened.

Joey: NO!

The dragon's mouth charges with blue flames again.

Numbuh 2: It's attacking again!

Numbuh 3: Oh-no it's not! (Draws card) Spellbinding Circle, activate!

As the dragon was about to attack a magical circle appeared around its waist; trapping its arms and wings. With its body trapped, the dragon stopped the attack and began fighting it to break free.

Shego: Tch. Yeah, that'll last for about, like, a minute.

Numbuh 2: Then let's make it 3. (Draws card) Swords of Revealing Light!

Suddenly the dragon froze in place as glowing swords appeared all around.

Kim: Now what do we do?

Numbuh 1: (Through communicator) Everyone, I'm getting a vehicle on the radar?

Yami Yugi: Is it the one with Arnold in it?

Numbuh 1: No, it's another Vehicle. That Fenton RV, off the port side.

Yami Yugi takes his telescope and looks towards the left side of the ship. The vehicle coming was indeed the Fenton Family Ghost Assault Vehicle, AKA the Fenton RV. The RV stops right where Juniper and the comatose Danny were standing. Sam, Tucker, and Jack and Maddie exit the RV and ran towards June and Danny.

Sam: Danny! What happen to him?

Juniper: He passed out, trying to use that Ghostly Wail of his.

Maddie: June, can you take him into Ghost Assault Vehicle?

Juniper: Sure thing, Mrs. Fenton.

June makes her way in the RV. Suddenly wind started to move fast, like a hurricane is coming, everyone turns to see that the sudden winds shatter the swords around the dragon, and the circle around it breaks as well, freeing the dragon instantly.

Mokuba: That must have been Heavy Storm.

Numbuh 1: Oh great, now it's free.

Jack: Hmm… Let's see how it likes the Fenton Bazooka!

He pulls out said weapon and begins to target the dragon. Before he fired a shot, a blur device fell from above and hits him on the head. Jack goes "ow!" as the device lands on the ground; it was a kimmunicator and Yami Yugi's face appears on it.

Yami Yugi: Mr. Fenton, don't fire your weapon on the dragon. It won't have any affect and the dragon will just attack you.

Maddie: (picks up Kimmunicator) Well what can we do?

Yami Yugi: We already have a plan to stop it, but to do it; we need a set Dark Magicians. Until Arnold comes with his Dark Magicians we have to keep the dragon distracted.

Jack: That won't be necessary, Yugi. Both Maddie and I have Dark Magicians, you can use ours.

Yami Yugi: You do?

Jack: Yeah, and let me tell you, they weren't cheep to get.

The scene changes to where Yami Yugi is.

Yami Yugi: Okay, Mr. and Mrs. Fenton stay where you are, I'll be right there. Right now, have Sam and Tucker summon their monsters to distract the dragon. (To Numbuh 2) Numbuh 2, take us to where the Fentons are. I'm going to try something.

Numbuh 2: Aye-Aye, Yugi!

Numbuh 2 pilots the S.C.A.M.P.E.R.-S.O.O.P.R.E.M.E. to where the Fenton RV was. Meanwhile, the dragon began attack the monsters Tucker and Sam summoned: VWXYZ Dragon Catapult Cannon and Invader of Darkness. The S.C.A.M.P.E.R.-S.O.O.P.R.E.M.E. lands right next to the Fenton RV and Yami Yugi jumps right off.

Yami Yugi: I'm here; do you have your Dark Magicians?

Both Jack and Maddie pull out their Duel Disks, activate them and they each draw a card.

Jack: Ready.

Maddie: All set.

Yami Yugi: Good. Those monsters are keeping it busy. Summon them now.

Jack: You got it. Come on out, Dark Magician!

Maddie: You too Dark Magician Girl!

They both placed their cards on their Duel Disks and the two Dark Magicians appear before them.

Maddie: Okay, we got them out, now what?

Yami Yugi: Now the condition has been set, once I play Ragnarok, it'll topple that beast. I now play-

Sam: NO! Invader of Darkness!

Tucker: Dragon Catapult Cannon!

Yami Yugi looks up and sees that the dragon has taken a hold of both Sam and Tucker's monsters, they start glowing and their energy enters the dragon.

Yami Yugi: Oh no! It's going to Use Obelisk's effect again. Mr. and Mrs. Fenton, call back your monsters!

But before they could do anything, the dragon started to breathe the blue flames from before.

Yugi: (in Yami Yugi's thoughts) if Mr. and Mrs. Fenton's monsters get destroyed because of this effect, they'll end up hurt like Numbuh 4, I've got to do something to protect them.

Suddenly, he heard a small cooing noise, coming from the top card in his deck. Yami Yugi draws it and sees it was his Winged Kuriboh.

Yami Yugi: Winged Kuriboh?

From the card, an astral projection of the Winged Kuriboh appeared in front of him. It began cooing again, speaking to him, and somehow Yami Yugi understood him.

Yami Yugi: (thinking) I see. Very well, Winged Kuriboh, I shall do it. (Aloud) I summon Winged Kuriboh!

He puts the card on his Duel Disk and the monster appeared, right in front of Jack and Maddie's Dark Magicians. The dragon shoots its flame and it strikes Winged Kuriboh first, it glows before being destroyed, then the flames strike down on the two Dark Magicians, destroying them as well. Yami Yugi, Jack and Maddie had to shield themselves from the dust that rose when the attack it.

Jack: Whoa. What just happened?

Yami Yugi: That dragon used both Sam and Tucker's monsters to activate Obelisk's furry attack, which destroys all monsters and deals damage to a player. Luckily, I summoned Winged Kuriboh to the field to protect us. On the turn it's destroyed, we take zero damage, so we didn't end up like Numbuh 4 when his Exodia was destroyed by it. The dragon is now targeting us and we now have no Dark Magician until Arnold comes. Not to mention that none of our monsters can so much as scratch it.

Sam: Maybe there is a monster that can stop it. (to Yami Yugi) you said that one of you guys had an Exodia?

Yami Yugi: Yes, Numbuh 4, he summoned his but it was destroyed by that dragon.

Sam: Then I can keep that overgrown lizard busy.

Tucker: How?

Sam: You forget, Tucker, I have Exodia too. But I have something else that can work with Exodia when it's destroyed. (Draws card) I play Contract with Exodia!

The magic card glows and the ground below them start to shake.

Yami Yugi: What's going on?

Sam: Since all 5 pieces of Exodia are destroyed and sent to the graveyard, I can play this card and summon a new beast that's even stronger then Exodia. Rise, Exodia Necross!

The ground suddenly develops cracks, and from them came spiritual energy. The energy comes together and forms into a monster, namely, Exodia Necross.

Yami Yugi: It looks like Exodia.

Sam: Well, no duh. And this guy is a lot stronger then its predecessor. As long as the 5 pieces stay destroyed, this guy is practically indestructible. Exodia Necross! Obliterate!

Exodia Necross closes its fist and it glows a dark red. It jumps in front of the dragon and punched it straight on its head, causing it to flip and fall to the ground.

Sam: Yeah! Score one for the Goth.

Jack: Careful, it's getting back up.

The dragon spread its wings and is airborne again.

Sam: Necross! Take him down!

Exodia Necross charges at the dragon again, but this time, the dragon charged back. When they came together, they began to grapple: Exodia Necross's hands glow a dark red, while the dragon breaths electricity on its face. Somehow the attacks on Necross began to affect Sam; she started to groan in pain and started to hold onto her left arm, doubling over in pain.

Maddie: Sam, what's going on? What's wrong?

Yami Yugi: The attacks are hurting her.

Jack: Why is it doing that, it's her monster that's taking the blows.

Yami Yugi: Exodia Necross may be indestructible, but she isn't. It's just like a duel: even if the monster isn't destroyed, Sam is still receiving the damage.

Sam: (Groans) Not for long. I just have to get this… combo… (Draws card) Out! I play a trap card: Life Force!

The card in Sam's hand starts to glow.

Sam: Then … (Draws two card) I play two traps… (Groans) both of them being "Life Abortion Machine"…. Now I don't take damage.

As the dragon continued to attack, Sam began to feel short bits of pain, but that changed due to her two trap cards. Now she stated to get back up.

Sam: Now we're making progress. Every minute pass, Necross will get stronger and be powerful enough to take that dragon down.

Yami Yugi: (Thinking) amazing. She managed to pull of a strategy to make her monster an invincible force and keep her health up without risking any lost. She is indeed a formidable duelist.

An astral projection of Yugi appears near Yami Yugi.

Yugi: (Through though) She's gonna be tough to be when we get a chance to duel her, huh.

Yami Yugi: (Through though, laughs a bit) That she will, Yugi.

Suddenly, Yami Yugi notices that the dragon's bead starts glowing again. This time, the image is of a magic card he knows about.

Yami Yugi: "Soul Release"? (Thinks for a moment) wait a minute! Sam!

Sam: What?

Yami Yugi: What would happen if the pieces of Exodia are removed from the grave?

Sam: Then Necross is destroyed. Why?

Yami Yugi: Look on the bead on the dragon's head!

Sam: (looks at bead) "Soul Release"? (Thinks for a moment, gasp) OH-NO!

The dragon opened its mouth again, but this time, a beam of white light shoots out from it, hitting Exodia Necross. The beam causes Necross to glow a bright white, and when that was happening, the Duel Disks belonging to Numbuhs 1 through 5 released from their graveyards the five pieces of Exodia. With the pieces removed, Necross stated to turn grey and stiff, the dragon pull its arms, ripping them off of their sockets, and then it blasts the rest of it away with another electric breath blast.


Jack: Great. Now we're gonna die. (Exited) Which means that we'll be ghost! Sweet! Now our research will increase ten fold!

Sam, Tucker and Maddie look away embarrassed.

Yami Yugi: A bit touched in the head, is he?

Maddie: Yeah…

Everyone looked up and sees the dragon looking at them, its eyes lower in annoyance.

Tucker: Oh boy. It's giving us that "You!" look.

Yami Yugi: Only a miracle can save us now.

As if on cue to what Yami Yugi said, a strange turn filled the air. The tune sounded like a melody coming from the flute. The dragon started to hear the tune well and it turned its head to where it was coming from. In the air, playing a gold flute with a dragon's head is what looks like the Lord of Dragons with a dragon's body attached to it. Everyone looks up and sees this dragon thing as well.

Yami Yugi: What is that?

Yugi appeared in astral form and looked to where everyone else was looking at.

Yugi: (Gasp, through thought) I recognize that guy.

The scene now changes to when Yugi, Kaiba, and Joey were trapped in the memory world yesterday when Dr. Drakken invaded Team World and Yami Bakura had them cornered. But suddenly, his body gets coiled in what looks like a dragon's tail and we see the same dragon thing from before.

Yugi: (voiceover) He's the same guy who saved us from Bakura when we were in that memory world. We never did find out who that was.

Flashback ends
Yugi: (through though) Looks like he came back to help us. But what's he doing.

Sam: Hey, that's a King Dragun.

Yami Yugi: Sam, you know what that is?

Sam: Oh yeah, King Dragun is a very powerful monster. And the rarest: one King Dragun is worth up to, and including, $1000. Only a handful of people I know are lucky enough to afford one, and even then it's hard to find.

Yami Yugi: Then the question is: Who on Team World found one?

We get a closer look at the dragon, now known as King Dragun, and see it's still playing it flute, the rest of its face is hidden in shadows caused by the dragon head mask. The dragon just stares at the King Dragun, not noting anything else, and it looks as if its head is slowly swaying back and forth.

Tucker: What's with that thing playing the flute?

Sam: Well, King Dragun has the power to summon and protect dragons, so I guess it can be safely assumed that he's able to control them as well.

Maddie: Well, it looks like its working. It keeps playing that flute and the dragon looks hypnotized by it.

Yami Yugi: A "Pied-Piper" effect.

King Dragun continued playing his flute; the tune was slow and had a majestic tone to it. The dragon continued slowly swaying its head to the tune, being under its complete control. Suddenly, on the streets where Yami Yugi and the others are, a long black vehicle comes rushing their way. It's the same vehicle that has the rest of the teams in it, the car stops right behind them and out came Arnold and Helga first, then the rest of the teams.

Arnold: Yugi! We're here!

Yami Yugi: Arnold! About time you got here.

Arnold: Helga and I have our Dark Magicians, what do we do with them?

Yami Yugi: Summon them right now. The dragon is hypnotized by King Dragun, so it's best we act fast before it regains awareness.

Arnold: Right. I summon Dark Magician!

Helga: And I summon Dark Magician Girl!

Both placed the cards on their Duel Disks and the two Dark Magicians appear in front of them.

Yami Yugi: It's now or never, so let's go with now! I now activate the magic of Ragnarok!

The magic card begins to glow and so do Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl. The two magicians put their scepters together and they start to glow a golden light.

Arnold: What's happening now?

Yami Yugi: By using Ragnarok, All monsters in the decks and graveyards of those who participate in this battle are removed from play. But not before taking that dragon and all is power along with them.

Soon Yami Yugi's deck begins to glow a bright white, then Arnold and Helga's deck glow as well. Then Sam's deck glows, followed by Tucker's, then Jack and Maddie. Danny, Joey, Mai, Mokuba, Serenity, all of Team KND, all of Team Go, Kim, Ron, Will and Wade, and the Eds, all of those decks glowed as well. King Dragun sees this and stops his flute playing. He flies away and lands on the ground next to Yami Yugi, suddenly he glows white and his whole body shatters, surprisingly leaving a person behind, IE John. He looked at Yami Yugi and looked a bit nervous.

John: (to himself) That wasn't suppose to happen (Sees Yugi) Oh, hi Yugi.

Yami Yugi: John? You were the King Dragun up there?

John: um… yeah. I'll explain later, right now there's still this.

Everyone turns to see that the dragon started to regain awareness and a Dark Magician appeared in front of it, then a Dark Magician girl, then two more copies of the same monsters. Then Flame Swordsman, Gilford the Lightning, Blue-Eyes White Dragon, Diamond Head Dragon, Cosmo Queen, Exodia and Exodia Necross, Perfect Machine king, Zera the Mant, VWXYZ Dragon Catapult Cannon, St. Joan, Cyber Angel Dakini, Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon, Yamata Dragon, King Dragun, basically every monster that the duelists summoned or had in their decks appeared and swarmed the dragon. Then Slifer appeared and coiled around the dragon's body, Obelisk appeared and grabbed its forearms, and the Winged Dragon of Ra grabbed onto its stomach and chest. Every monster started to glow and the dragon began to glow too.

Tucker: It's working. IT'S WORKING!

Yami Yugi: Yes. Now that dragon will be destroyed and we can get Kaiba back.

John: Uh, Yugi, I'm not liking how that dragon looks.

Yami Yugi turns to see the dragon and it sees that the red and blue runic bands on its body start to glow.

Yami Yugi: What is it doing now?

John: I don't know, but we can't risk the dragon being destroyed here, the recoil might cause more damage. We have to move it.

Yami Yugi: How do you plain on doing that?

John: Leave that to me.

John grabs his belt buckle and removes it with ease.

Yami Yugi: John?

John: Don't worry, Yugi. I know what I'm doing.

John lets go of the Millennium Shield, it grows into a normal sized shield and begins floating on its own.

John: Millennium Shield, encase this dragon in a protective barrier!

The Millennium Shield glows and it flies off towards the dragon incased by monsters.

Yami Yugi: Was that a Millennium Item?

The shield circles around the dragon and then above and below it, leaving a trail of gold. The trails grow wider, tuning it into a golden glass-like orb, containing the dragon. The Millennium Shield makes its way back to John, he puts it on his chest and it sticks to him.

John: Now all I have to do it move it.

Numbuh 362: Numbuh 1, we need to land our ships ASAP!

Numbuh 1: Roger that, commander.

The remaining two KND ships make their way to the ground and lands. John begins to raise his arms and he shakes them a bit, as he does that, the orb begins to move upward into the sky. As it moves, John begins to struggle while moving it.

John: (With difficulty) Come…On…Almost…There….

Yami Yugi: Come on, John. Keep it up.

The orb continues to rise and it almost reaches the clouds, but just as it reached up to the clouds, the dragon finally explodes within the orb. But unfortunately, the orb wasn't powerful enough and a small crack developed…

John: Uh-oh.

…Which turned into more cracks, which then caused the whole thing to shatter. The force of the orb shattering pushed John back in recoil and he fell onto his back.

Yami Yugi: John!

John: I'm okay. But that can't be said for the rest of us.

Everyone turns to the sky and we see bolts of electricity crackling everywhere and wind moving in a fast rate, as if a storm just appeared. Everyone looks up in the air and they see a small figure, where the lightning is coming from, coming down and floating. Yami Yugi takes his small telescope and looks through it. Through the telescope, he can see the figure somewhat clearly, it was Kaiba. He still has the red and blue bands on his body and his eyes now glow into two solid separated colors of the same color they were before: Brown and green.

Yami Yugi: It's Kaiba. He's out of the dragon.

Juniper: Not for long. Look!

Yami Yugi takes down his telescope and sees a white silhouette of the dragon. As that appeared, shattered remains of the orb and the monsters start going into the silhouette, forming back into the dragon.

Joey: Pardon my language, but… YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FUCKING KIDDING ME!

Yami Yugi: (in shock) It's not going to be stopped, it'll just keep coming.

John: Not on my watch! It's time we contained this beast once and for all, and I know just the way to do it.

John searches through his coat and pulls out a Duel Monsters card, but this card has no image or text on it, a complete blank.

Yami Yugi: What are you planning? How are you going to stop that creature?

John: The same way they did it 5000 years ago.

He places the card over the Millennium Shield and the shield shoots a beam of energy from the Anubis eye symbol.

John: Shadow creature, I hereby contain your spiritual energy into this card. (Moves card between fingers) GLORY OF THE KING'S OPPOSITE HAND!

He charges his arm and throws the card towards the now forming dragon, making it spin. The spin gives the card a "boomerang" effect, spinning and making a turn around the dragon spirit (the silhouette). The moment the card made its way near the dragon spirit, it began to work: The card glows brightly and air is getting suck into it like a vortex. The dragon spirit starts to get sucked into the card as well, along with all the energy it's producing, the spirit roars as it tries to fight back and tries to break free, but the card manages to keep taking it in. The spirit then starts to swirl into the card, like water swirling into a drain; it lets out one final roar before entering the card completely. And with the spirit inside, the card took an image and became an effect monster card. The card, continuing spinning and its boomerang effect still in it, makes a u-turn and returns to John, who manages to catch it in the same hand he threw it with.

John: Heh. That was easy.

Yami Yugi: KAIBA!

Everyone looks up and sees Kaiba's form falling down to the ground.

Mokuba: SETO! NOO!

Everyone rushed to where they believed is Kaiba's landing spot. As everyone prepared for his fall, they were surprised to see him slow down. The closer he got to the ground, the closer they saw him, and it looked like he was controlling his fall and started to float down. Everyone made space to where Kaiba was going to land and they see he still has the red and blue bands on his body, and his eyes are still glowing the two different colors.

Kim: You were right, Yugi. That pattern is the same as my suit.

Juniper: Whoa. And I though I'd seen everything both worlds could offer.

Kaiba finally lands on the ground and looks over everyone there, at first, no one knew how to react, even Mokuba was speechless. Kaiba look over and sees Yami Yugi and begins walking towards him, everyone was too scared to move or react in any way. Kaiba stops and stares at Yami Yugi with his glowing eyes standing only a few feet away from him. He then spoke, his voice still sounding distorted.

Kaiba: (distorted) Did we… beat her? Did we win?

Yami Yugi wondered what he meant, but then he remembered the duel that started all this, the duel with the Shadow Rider who was revealed as bonnie Rockwaller.

Yami Yugi: Yes Kaiba… we did.

Kaiba: (sighs distorted) Good. (Pauses) I sorry... I should have listened to you.

Suddenly, the bands on his body start to disappear, and his eyes stop glowing and they return back to his normal blue eyes. His eyes roll in the back of his head and he collapses; first he lands on his knees, then his arms and they slowly sink down and he falls unconscious.

Mokuba: SETO!

John rushes over and checks his pulses.

Mokuba: Is he…?

John: No, just unconscious. (Takes out cell phone) Tobias, it's John. I need an ambulance to my coordinates ASAP. It's Kaiba, he's injured. (Listens) okay, prepare the doctors to be ready when we come. (Cell phone beeps) Damn it. Hold on, Tobias, I'm getting another call. (Pushes button) Hello?

Brian: (through phone) John, Good news, bad news time. Good news: we made it to the police department and have the Shadow Riders behind bars.

John: And the bad news?

The scene cuts to Brian in the police department.

Brian: We're missing one.

We now see that in the same room as Brian, four of the five Shadow Riders were in jail cells: Josh, Tara, Connie and Lonnie.

John: (through phone) What?! Tell me you're joking!

Brian: John, you know I never joke. Apparently, the one called Bonnie Rockwaller is gone. The little bitch must have jumped off when I wasn't looking.

John: (sighs) This is perfect. Half my town's been destroyed, we have over ten duelists in need of medical attention and now we lost one of the suspects. They're no telling what else could happen!

Meanwhile, in a dark, secluded area, we see Bonnie Rockwaller being thrown into a wall, hitting her back. Yami Bakura rushes right at her, holding the sharp end of the Millennium Rod near her neck.

Yami Bakura: You disappoint me, Rockwaller.

Bonnie: (struggling) How many times do I have to say I'm sorry?

Yami Bakura: No amount of apologies will reverse the damage you've done. Apparently, you've done something that awoke a force in Kaiba that not even I have seen. This will put my plans into danger now that this has happened.

Bonnie: Hey, you're the one who ordered me to attack that little shutterbug, so it's mainly your fault.

Yami Bakura trashes the edge closer to her neck and we see a small amount of blood.

Yami Bakura: I have a good mind to send your soul to the Shadow Realm and feed your lifeless carcass to my fiends, but as luck would have it, I still need you. So if I were you, I'd be grateful that I saved you from the clutches of that police officer and his friends.

Yami Bakura lets Bonnie go and walks away from her.

Yami Bakura: Maybe just getting your friend to deal with the pharaoh was a mistake. In order to deal with him, I first must deal with his newly acquired friends: Kim Possible, the Kids Next Door, Danny Phantom, and this Juniper Lee, I must take them out first. And I think I know where to find one of my solutions.

He raises the Millennium Rod and an image appeared in front of him. The image is of Vlad Masters, hiding in an ally way, looking all around him.

Yami Bakura: As the old saying goes: "The enemy of my enemy… is my friend."

Yami Bakura begins to laugh manically, thinking about his plans, and how they'll soon come to fruition and how he'll finally have enough power to rule the world… and even… destroy it.

Ooh lord, it's finished, after over 6 months, this Fic comes to a close. I want to thank all of you guys who've been supportive with me and kept me going. Cyber Commander deserves thanks for his beta-reading and his help on the Anime cards and decks for each of the characters. So…. What's Bakura up too? Will whatever's happening to Kaiba resurface? And what's the truth behind John and his Millennium Shield? You must keep reading to find out. So until then, read and review. PS: If anyone felt offended when Joey said "fuck" please forgive me, I felt that he'd react like that (Who wouldn't?)