Author's note.

of the characters are either 18 or turning 18.

's parents died in a car crash and left him everything. The house, the second car, and the rest of their money. They died between the movie and this story.

3.I'm am a huge romantic. My mom was married when she was 17, my sister was married at 16, and I'm 18 and engaged to be married, so you're never too young to marry. Several of the character couples will get married. If you disagree, you don't have to read.

chapters will often focus on one or more characters.

browsing through the High School Musical category, I've decided to mainly focus my story on Jason and Kelsi. They are my favorite couple. I have the DVD and I watch it all the time. I think the scene where he helps her throw the game ball is so cute, and at the end, where the credits roll up. They divide into couples, except Ryan and Sharpay. Sharpay didn't fall for Zeke until after the credits. Anyway, first is Troy and Gabriella. Then it's Ryan and Sharpay. Then Chad and Taylor and finally, Jason and Kelsi. There are not many I really couldn't find any stories that were mainly about Kelsi and Jason, so after thinking long and hard, I've decided to focus my book on them.

I really am sorry for all of those who are mad at me. This is something I had to do. Hopefully, we'll see more Jason/Kelsi romance in High School Musical 2, which is due out sometime Summer 2007.

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