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A/N: If you're thinking this looks a lot like my fic 'The Beginning of the End', well, duh, cause it is. I decided to rewrite/edit it cause I didn't like where things were heading and I needed more information on the mutants. Thankfully, I've seen X3 now so I can continue with this fic. I hope it turns out better! (p.s. I hate MarySues so if my OC starts turning like one, please tell me so I can try to change it, or explain) Also, this story will start right before X2 and continue through to X3.

It was a late Friday afternoon, when two members of the X men and some of the older students traveled home after a 'fun' but excitement filled day at the planetarium.

Dr Jean Grey and Ororo Munroe, Storm, sat in the front seats; Jean driving, and Storm reading a booklet on the planets. Scott was in another car ahead, taking back some other students seeing as they couldn't all fit in the same vehicle.

In the next row of seats, behind Jean and Storm, Bobby and Rogue sat flirting quietly. In the back were two sets of double seats, facing each other. One side was occupied by Kitty Pryde and Jubilee who were looking at a fashion catalogue, making fun of the models, then by himself as usual, was John Allerdyce, or Pyro, flicking his lighter like there was no tomorrow. And for him, he felt there wasn't. He'd gotten in trouble at the planetarium for messing with a fiery display of the sun. Mysteriously the flames had flickered down then exploded. He dreaded returning to the mansion where Xavier would undoubtedly give him a lecture, on self-control.

Out of the blue, Storm's cell rang. She answered it. "Hello? Yes. Professor? Oh. Okay…we can do that." She ended the call then announced to all, but mainly Jean. "The professor wants us to pick up another mutant. He says she's at the airport."

Jean raised her eyebrows. The rest of the company sighed loudly. The airport was in the total opposite direction. So after Jean did a very illegal, 'quite shocking for her' U-turn, the mutants were off to the airport.

Kitty and Jubilee shifted their conversation from underweight models with strange hair to what the new mutant would be like.

Right out side of the terminal doors, a teenage girl, with shoulder length light blue hair, sat on a bench. Her only baggage seemed to be a black Adidas backpack.

The girl was of medium height, and had a slim figure. She wore a pair of jeans, a black tee with the Union Jack on the front, a pair of black converse, a long black coat and big dark shades. She kept fiddling with her hair, and finally decided to throw on a beanie.

Mary Connelly had been sitting outside on the bench for a long while, slowly getting hungry and more anxious. She was new to the city, new to the country. She'd come over from the UK, on her parents' wishes to seek out a special school run by a man named Xavier. The only problem was, she had not a clue where to go. And so far, no one had been able to give her directions. Or perhaps her hair had led people to believe she was some sort of rebellious teen, and not to be trusted.

Mary was just to the point of giving up and looking into buying a return ticket, when a stunning lady with light brown skin and pure white hair, stepped up to her.

"I wonder what's going on!" said Jubilee, who kept looking out of the window for Storm and the new mutant to arrive. She always got a bit excited in these situations for she liked meeting new mutants.

"Maybe he's putting up a fight!" said Kitty, who was determined the new mutant was a boy, since the last was a girl- Rogue. Rogue tried to point out to her that Storm had said it was a girl, but to no avail.

John rolled his eyes, and began flicking the lid of his lighter, but a thoughtful look formed on his face. Jubilee and Kitty's talk had got him thinking about the newcomer. He hoped it'd be someone he could hang with. He was tired of his endless third wheeling to Bobby and Rogue. He could tell they were only trying to be polite. John was so caught up with his speculations of what the new student would be like, that he almost jumped at the sound of the backdoor opening.

Everyone in the car turned around to get a good look at the new mutant. John raised an eyebrow. It was a girl! But he couldn't see her face clearly for she wore big shades. John moved over so she could sit down next to him. He surveyed her carefully.

Mary smiled nervously at the faces, as she climbed into the car. Obviously they'd all be staring at her. She was new, after all. She sat down in the only spare seat, next to a boy with dark brown hair. She slowly took off her shades, and put them in her bag. Mary felt the eyes watching her so she didn't look up.

The car had suddenly grown very quiet. No one seemed to know what to say, but they were all curious about Mary and Mary about the rest of them. Bobby wondered where the girl was from, and Rogue wondered why she had so little luggage. Jean considered reading her mind. Jubes had noticed Mary's coloured hair and wondered if it was just the light tricking her. Kitty was still kind of surprised that the new student was a girl. John however was wondering if he could be friends with this girl, but not make it seem that he was desperate for one.

Despite being the center of attention, Mary reached into her bag and pulled out her cellphone. She tried turning it on, but after awhile she realized it wouldn't work. No service.

No one spoke, as Storm closed the backdoor and headed back to her own seat. As soon as the car began pulling out of the airport, she spoke up.

"Guys…this is Marina Connelly. Mary is from the UK. And I suppose you all can introduce yourselves."

At the word 'UK' everyone looked around at each other. Rogue was really interested in hearing Mary's accent, oddly enough.

"I'm Jean Grey," said the driver, turning around slightly and smiling. Mary thought that Jean was quite pretty but she sensed something slightly fierce under the friendly exterior. Mary nodded, and smiled back politely.

It was obvious that Jubilee wanted to say something, as she kept whispering and nudging Kitty. But Bobby spoke next, and supposedly for everyone else. "I'm Bobby. This is Rogue, Kitty, Jubilee and John." John wondered why Bobby always had to take command of everything, but John did nothing except nod at Mary, when she smiled at him. He figured he might blurt out something stupid since everything he said or did seemed to piss someone off.

Mary looked around at all the faces, whilst Bobby, a boy with bright blue eyes, in the second row to the front, introduced them all. Unfortunately Mary wasn't good at remembering stuff, that fast. She gave the boy sitting next to her a smile. He stared back, and nodded. Mary frowned slightly, then looked across at the two girls in front of her.

"So…what made you come to our school?" asked Kitty, after awhile. Jubilee nodded.

"Well…it's a long story…" Mary sounded a bit Scottish. She didn't know where to begin, or what she'd tell them. She couldn't trust them with the real story yet. Mary began wondering what the rest of the students' powers were. If they attended the school she would be going to, that meant they were obviously mutants too.

Mary glanced over at the boy next to her. She wondered if he was fighting a smoking addiction for he'd been playing with a lighter every time she'd looked at him.

"That's okay. So, what are your powers?" asked Jubilee, excitedly. "I can make sparks in my hand," she said with no hesitation. "And Bobby can make ice, and-"

Kitty interjected. "I can phase through things." It looked like she was going to continue, but was interrupted by Storm who'd decided to jump in on the conversation.

"So what's your gift, Mary?" she asked, looking back. There was that silence again, when everyone waited for Mary's response.

"Well…it's sort of hard to explain, but…part of it is being able to sense life energy, you know, like a person's aura; sort of like a low-grade psychic." She paused, thinking about it. Sure, not only could she could sense people's auras, but also could she manipulate their thoughts. She rarely told people that though, or else they probably wouldn't trust her. "I can also do this…" She held out her hand and a small silvery orb appeared. To John it reminded him of a silver ball of flame; to Bobby, perhaps, dry ice.

"That's so pretty!" noted Kitty.

Mary smiled weakly. Sure, it was pretty, but its power had to come from somewhere and at the moment she was too exhausted. Mary began feeling slightly dizzy and the silver orb disappeared. Before anyone could ask her another question, her eyes had closed and she'd fallen over, leaning on John's shoulder- not that he really objected.

"Mary…?" asked Jubilee, she'd wanted to ask about Mary's hair.

"She's probably just tired guys, she's flown all the way here from Europe, after all," said Storm.

The rest of the group agreed and slowly went back to doing whatever they were before. Except for John who was staring at the sleeping Mary with a hint of a smile on his face.