Illicit Peccadillo

By Blessed Eternity

Just a simple, normal one shot I decided to do. The setting is in the future, also known as what we all idealize as Utopia. There's kind of mushyness in this story! Don't mind. It's kind of OOC.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto.

One Shot


It was the new millennium. That's right, year 3000. If the world didn't drastically change over the last thousand years, people would be popping champagne, partying all night, and shooting fireworks. But as time passed by, technology rose and everything altered into what we call the perfect world. Yes, it was perfect. To the people living in this current world, the January 1st, 3000 was just like any other day to them. No, there wasn't champagne. Alcohol doesn't exist any longer. There was no partying all night. Everyone would probably be asleep. And there would be no fireworks. It would threaten lives.

In this new world, of course there were emotions of sadness, sorrow, bliss and joy. But yet, just somehow, the leaders of this perfect Utopia managed to stop people from falling in love… Love… This is the emotion they believed that caused everything Chaotic in the world. That's why; the final decision was made, to banish it for good. Everyone in the world was being watched every living moment of their life by the higher authorities. The only ones who weren't watched were the assassins who protected this world, keeping it safe and balanced. They were specially trained to follow the order of this world and the most trusted of the world.

I present: Illicit Peccadillo

"It's never too late to turn back," A female stood on the ledge of a tall building. Her pink hair cascaded down her back, as the wind blew gently. She wore a perfect fit pleather outfit that consisted of a sleeveless shirt and a short skirt. She turned around to face her male comrade. He was always so handsome which his dark bluish, spiked hair. His voice calmed her heart beat and his embrace brought her to heaven. She didn't know what she would do without him.

"I'm not going turning back," His voice was monotone as always. She smiled as she walked over to him. Her soft hand began to caress his face. His arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her body close to his. Their proximity was way over the edge already, like it always has been. "I wouldn't give you up for anything, Sakura."

Her brilliant smile always seemed to make him happy. Every time he looked at her, there on her face just expressed a different kind of beauty he's always new and open to.

"I never knew love existed until you," Sakura softly whispered. She cupped her hands and held his face. He bent over downward a bit, so she could reach him. And so, their lips met. Neither of them wanted to part, but they knew they had to or they might get caught. She wrapped her arms around his neck, resting her head on his masculine shoulder. He turned his head so that his nose nuzzled around her neck. She smiled once again. A single tear slid down her cheek. "Sasuke, I love you so much."

"I love you too," He genuinely declared. Sasuke pulled her away from their long embrace and caught notice her of shimmering tear. He wiped it away with his thumb. "Don't cry. We're getting married. It's supposed to be a blessing."

Sakura smiled at his impractical words. Marriage, in the year 3000 only applied to assassins just in case any of them did fall in love. If they had the courage to speak up, and declare their love, they would be gifted a wedding, for their deeds to the community. Even so, on the day of their wedding, on the day when they finally become whole, they were destined death. It was only a blessing to man and woman one thousand years ago, as stated in the history books of present day 3000.

"Sasuke, do you believe in heaven?" Sakura abruptly surveyed.

"Of course…I believe in anything where I could be with you," Sasuke amiably romanced. Another tear fell from her eye.

"Then I'll believe too," Sakura emulated.

His body was resting on top of hers with their fingers intertwining. The two adults lay in bed naked, exchanging kisses. His lips closed over hers whilst she returned the kiss. This was their last night together and tomorrow would be their last day. Her cry of pain and pleasure was something new and inexperienced. Nevertheless, they both enjoyed each other's company. After what seemed like hours, his body fell limp over hers. She felt his heart pound against her bare chest and he felt her heavy breathing that cooled the sweat on his back.

"So that's what making love feels like," Sakura panted. Sasuke turned his head over to face hers. He smiled, gifting her with a simple kiss.

"I'm glad for tomorrow," Sasuke suddenly poised. "No one could ever separate us after that."

Sakura inwardly smiled and held him close.

The day arrived. Finally, everyone was settled in their seats. Everyone was dressed in black. Sasuke and Sakura's closest friends and family sat in the front rows. All trying to hold in their true emotions, they looked rather normal.

"I told them to stop. They didn't listen," Ino stated. All their friends turned to look her direction. They knew things were getting out of hand the day Sasuke and Sakura just stopped… being themselves. "I don't think I can bear to watch."

A voice from the intercom interrupted everyone's side conversations. They announced Sakura's arrival. She was going to walk down the aisle. She stood at the doorway, wearing a beautiful silky, flowing white dress. With Sasuke by her side, he was dressed in a new, unwrinkled white tuxedo with a small rose in his breast pocket. Their arms were curled together as they took their time, and made their way down the aisle. Tears made their way out of Sakura's welled up eyes. They were well hidden behind Sakura's veil. They stepped up to the priest and held each other's hands.

"Did you prepare vows?" The priest questioned unknowingly. Sakura and Sasuke stared at each other blankly.

"What vows?" Sasuke asked.

"Your vow of love toward one another. That's what they did in the past. Their promises," The priest added a remark. "Of course, you two won't really need them."

"If that's what makes a marriage complete, I'm just going to make it up here," Sasuke insisted. The priest smiled at him. He was a pretty old man. Maybe back when he was alive, they still held weddings. Well that's not humanly possible but it's a guess.

"Well then, if you insist. Mr. Uchiha, you may begin," The priest informed. Sasuke took in a deep breath. He thought carefully of what he was going to say.

"Haruno Sakura, when we first met, I know I thought you were annoying. But it took me time to realize what a great person you truly were, and I didn't know what you could accomplish. I'm sorry for ever hurting you, or even doubting you. After these years of bless by being partners with you, I've truly fallen in love with you. Love that I did not know existed in the world. Maybe our love is even the first love anyone's felt in years since this generation began. To tell you the truth, when our lips first met, I didn't know what sensation this gave me, and I didn't know what this action was called.

"I really wanted to know the name of such a gift that was given to me from you. I looked it up in as many history text books as I could. I found the name of this action. It was called a kiss. I don't know why they decided to banish this emotion called love, but I really hope the world would one day return to the way it was, when love wasn't a sin, and when love wasn't forbidden, and when you could love freely. Haruno Sakura, I vow, that even after I die, my spirit will always carry your love."

Sakura looked down, smiling. She tried to hold back tears. Sasuke was right. A wedding truly was a blessing. Everyone in the audience stared at the couple strangely in confusion. But just watching this ceremony made them happy, yet sad, knowing the couple was going to perish from the face of earth. Ino's eyes were filled with tears she could no longer fight. She sobbed, feeling terrible that her best friend was going to be gone.

"Ms. Haruno, we would like to hear your vows now," The priest instructed.

"Uchiha Sasuke, when I first got partnered with you, I was actually excited. I didn't know why. Well, this world excluded a word from our dictionary that no one can deny. This word is attraction. I was falling head over heels for you by the minute without knowing it myself. When I first found out that I was dwelled in this strange emotion called love, I was a bit frightened of what would happen to me, and the consequences. But after actually thinking about it, I realized if I would dodge a bullet for you, then why can't I die with you? It's because I love you and I want to save you, and I want you to live on. Your happiness is my happiness.

"Well you gave your definition of love. I can't really do that. But, I can give you the symptoms I suffered from after falling in love with you. Every time you looked away, it disappointed me. Every time we were parted, I felt like I wasn't whole. All I did was think about you. I even fantasized about us together. Is it a bit crazy? Now I know, if you are willing to die with me, then I'll be willing to die with you. Definitely, I vow that I'll always, always, always love you. It's kind of sad that we're here expressing ourselves to each other, when we know very well, there may be hundred of others in this world, loving someone else, but is afraid to express it to their loved one, because they're being watched. No, they're not afraid for themselves. They're afraid for the person they love. Uchiha Sasuke, I love you."

"Mr. Uchiha Sasuke, do you take Ms. Haruno Sakura to be your lawful wedded wife?" The priest informed. "If so, say I do."

"I do," Sasuke stated. The priest turned to Sakura. "

"Ms. Haruno Sakura, do you take Mr. Uchiha Sasuke to be your lawful wedded husband?" The priest stated.

"I do," Sakura declared. Sasuke smiled genuinely. He truly wanted this moment to last forever. Everyone did indeed seem shocked when they found out about Sakura and Sasuke's forbidden love. It was especially because Sasuke was always cold and unsociable. How was it that this delicate pink haired woman caught him with her love? That just proved that there was really someone out there for everyone.

"You may kiss the bride," The priest announced. Sasuke pulled the veil over Sakura's head, revealing her tear shed eyes. He frowned a bit.

"Sakura, if you keep crying, you're going to break my heart. It's a blessing, remember?" Sasuke took Sakura's hand and held it at his heart. With his other hand, he wiped her tears, and bent down to let their lips meet. Yes, they met. The audience stared at their action in strangeness. This was the first time in their life they would see a kiss. Sasuke felt a smile curve on Sakura's lips suddenly. He finally parted from her and allowed the leaders of this new generation speak.

"Are you guys ready?" The blonde woman stated. She looked sad herself, for Sakura was her very own, adopted pupil.

"Yes," Sakura replied.

"Very well…You can walk down the aisle once more, and head toward the exit," Tsunade ordered. Sasuke and Sakura looked at each other. He took her hand in his, and bravely led his wife down the aisle once more. Two skilled sniper shooters aimed at Sasuke and Sakura's hearts with their back facing them. They were ordered to shoot when they were approximately 3 feet away from the door.

"Sasuke, are you scared?" Sakura questioned as they took their time.

"No," Sasuke replied. They were close to the exit now. Every step they took, time seemed to stop. Finally, the shooters both pulled the trigger. An almost soundless, massive in size bullet flew out of their guns, headed toward Sasuke and Sakura. Being assassins, right when the shooters finger tapped the trigger, they knew it was coming. The stood still, both closed their eyes. The seemed slow at arriving, but finally. Blood spilled. The two adults stood, soundless at their positions, and slowly leaned over, falling to the floor. Their white outfits were now drenched in their own blood. Both holding a bullet that penetrated their heart directly.

"Sasuke," Sakura whispered dearly. To everyone's dismay, Sasuke supported himself with one arm, and he crawled to Sakura's body. He held her in his hands, while holding his own wound at the same time. He smiled at her, and her eyes remained closed.

"Good night Sakura," Sasuke bid. He held her hand, and pulled her closer to him. The stingy feeling in his bleeding heart did not seem to stop. For the first time, in a long time, tears began to fall from his eyes. The pain was intriguing. His blood stained hand ran through her pink locks of hair that was now contaminated. He tried to focus his blurring vision, to see her face one last time. His body was always stronger than hers, and he knew for a fact, that she was gone.