Everlasting Fairytale

By Blessed Eternity

This is the last story for this collection. Well considering the title, I guess you guys should know what type of story this should be.

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One Shot

Haruno Sakura. That's my name. At this very moment, I'm sleeping on one of the Konoha hospital beds. I've been in a consistent coma for the past three years. Why? I can barely remember myself. But I can hear everything around me. Well, not all the time. Only sometimes, I can actually feel the touch of someone's skin on my hand. Only I know that though. The doctors don't think I can feel anything. They think I'm not going to make it. The only reason why I'm still on life support is because of Tsunade. She's the boss of this hospital. Ever since I was left alone on this earth, she was the one that would be like a second mother to me. She wouldn't let me die. I know it.

Everything around me from day one was weeping, moping around, crying relatives, and crying best friends. I can hear them echoing through my head but my body's just too weak to react to their calls. They usually came to visit everyday, for the first month that is. After that, the only ones I can count on to see my lifeless body was my teacher, Kakashi, my best friend Naruto, and my boyfriend, Sasuke. They would still visit me everyday. I just wish I could open my eyes and say this was all a dream, but it wasn't. Months went by, and Sasuke was soon the only one who came to visit. He would tell me these tales of how everyone else was doing. He kept me in touch.

I felt him holding my hand every time he held it close to his chest. I didn't know how he could still take this, but I knew that sooner or later, like everyone else, he would disappear. I hear him saying to me all the time.

"I'm sorry Sakura. I should've been there,"

Been there for what? I can't remember. I guess something happened to me when he was supposedly supposed to be with me. I just wanted to tell him so badly, that I forgive him, and it wasn't his fault. The sound of his voice was my whole world now. It kept me alive. I didn't know how else I could've lived if I can't hear his voice. Or perhaps the touch of his hand on mine. Well, I can't say much, but it wasn't until a whole year's gone by, that Sasuke's voice was gone. I knew it. He gave up on me like everyone else had. I knew for a fact, from my knowledge of being a nurse and all, that I was getting better.

The blood flow in my body didn't feel all clogged and going all everywhere. I can't even feel the flow anymore. My limbs don't ache, the stinging had stopped, and I just don't think they're getting the hint that my brain is actually working. So now, it brings me here. I don't know what they're going to do with me, but I guess people really don't care anymore. I guess they've replaced me somehow. Or, if my wishes do come true, then everyone would still be living life normally, without a Sakura replacement. Sometimes, I can hear Sasuke crying. I wondered everyday, why he'd cry. I just don't know. He's told me so many secrets. Like how Naruto and Hinata secretly started dating. Who knew the Uchiha could be such a gossip?

His words made my day everyday. Even if it took him half a year to visit me once after all that time. I try really hard to wake up. I really do. But it's as if I'm in a shell of darkness, with one little beam of light that seemed to give me life. I was like a little being too short to reach for the light like it was in the sky. Then one day, unexpectedly, I heard everyone's voices gathering in the small hospital room. I was so happy. I guessed what occasion it should've been. Perhaps my birthday? Probably not since I can feel the cool air conditioner blowing against my skin. I listened closely, trying to hear every single word they were feeding me.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" It was a female voice. Wasn't very feminine and kind of harsh and edge. I guessed it was Tsunade. What are they talking about? Want to do what? I felt someone's hand on top of mine.

"Ah," The voice I can't forget. Sasuke replied to Tsunade, signaling her he was sure. Sure of what? I don't really know. Then, I heard a high pitched squeak, along with some sniffing. I guess it was Ino, crying. Crying for what? I felt a breathe of warm air along the side of my cheek. "It's going to be over soon."

What was Sasuke talking about? His words were confusing and yet, I just had a feeling… I knew exactly what he was talking about… They were going to let me go… Take me off life support.

"Sakura-chan!" I heard Naruto's childish voice whine. Then I felt tears fall onto my hand. It couldn't be from Sasuke. He'd stopped crying since the first month he visited me. It was Naruto. Then, I felt even more uneasy. Their words were stabbing me. They were going to kill me when I knew very well, I'm still living! It was like burying me alive...

"Naruto, stop being a baby," I heard my sensei speak. All these people were here to see me die… I could feel myself crying on the inside. It hasn't been that long, has it? Only three years, aren't I correct? I hated this as much as I believe Naruto did. I heard Tsunade's voice again. It was thunderous and loud.

"When you guys are ready," Tsunade stated. Her voice was getting louder, as her footsteps made echoing clicks in my head. They were getting louder, and louder. So, even my only hope of life, Tsunade was going to follow through. I had to stop this nonsense. I can hear my heart monitor beeping faster, then slower again. That's how it always was. I guess those things aren't as useful as they look. They don't pick up anything…They don't make a glass shattering sound when a person's heart breaks.

"Good bye, Sakura," Sasuke's husky voice bid. His voice didn't have hints of sorrow nor grief. I guess… Everyone did move on. But I still had to try. I could feel him moving around on the edge of the bed. I kept telling myself… Move a finger… Just one finger… It didn't really work though… It probably wouldn't catch much attention if I wiggled a toe. I decided against trying. What can I do? I heard Tsunade beside me, pulling on a pair of rubber gloves. I felt something moist running down my cheeks… I… I was crying… I was really crying! For some reason, I just really needed air at this moment.

I wanted to gag and gasp for air like how I usually cry. To my dislike, it wasn't working at all. I just breathed heavily, feeling my chest heave up and down. I felt Sasuke leaving the bed. I had to stop him! He was giving Tsunade space so she could put me away!

…Everything was slow motion for me. I could hear my heart beat…. Thump…

Thump Thump…Thump…

I was gaining strength… I didn't know if this was going to work. But I had to at least try… Gathering everything I could into my small hand, I reached upward, feeling at the same moment, Sasuke lifting himself off the bed. In one swift motion, I caught something in my hand! Everything went silent… Then, I felt it… I felt a smile spreading across my face… I felt it. No sooner than that, I felt as if my throat had opened its sudden walls. I took in one deep air of breath, gagging, and wheezing, struggling to breathe.





I had succeeded… I could hear cries of approval and wails of happiness. My eyes slowly fluttered open, squinting quickly, at the new sight of light.

"Sasuke…" I whispered. My throat was hoarse from the lack of water. I swallowed a few lumps in my throat, not sure if it would help me. I smiled a bit. Finally… I saw Sasuke's face hovering over mine. The breathing mask was still on my face. My weak hand slowly lifted the plastic medical object. I could finally say it… The words I've been waiting to say to him, these three years. "I… forgive you… It wasn't your fault." I felt tears drop onto my cheeks from above. Sasuke was crying once again… I can't help it any longer. My eyes slowly closed once again. It's been a long day… I had to get some sleep…

Sasuke's Perspective

It was finally going to be over… I could finally let her go. As if waiting for me to signal them, telling them it was okay, everyone gathered around Sakura's room today. All crying, maybe happy that she was finally able to move on. I was happy too. After today, I'll be a free man…I wouldn't want to say that she was burdening my life, but she was. Today was the day that I would let all of it go. Even till now, I still love her with all my heart. But I've waited too long. Just like everyone else, I've given up hope. I leaned toward Sakura's body, whispering into her ear.

"Good bye, Sakura," I bid. I stayed in that position for awhile, not sure if I wanted to get up or not. I sat at the edge of her bed, watching Tsunade inject a clear fluid into her empty needle. The needle was injected into a small plastic tube. I was ready to get off the bed when… I felt a tight grip wrap around my wrist. I stood halfway, frozen in shock.



Then reality hit me… She was coughing and gagging. She was gasping. I quickly turned around to face the pink haired girl I loved for so long. She'd waken up. My eyes darted toward the frozen Tsunade. She wasn't moving, afraid, if she did, more injected liquid would leak into her tubes. Then, in one quick motion, she pulled the halfway injected needle out of the tube, quickly running to Sakura's side. I couldn't hear anything right now. I could hear a few screams of Sakura's name, but that was it... I was completely focused on the girl in front of me. Her eyes, softly fluttering open, and then squinting. I was crying… I felt wet tears stream down my face, and a smile appearing.

"Sasuke…." She whispered softly. Her eyes looked deep into mine… "I forgive you… It wasn't your fault."

What? I'm sorry Sakura. I should've been there…

We all sat outside the emergency room, walking around, and waiting for the news Tsunade was going to bring to us. I didn't know what to think. Should I be happy that she's awake? What the hell is wrong with me? Of course I should be happy! But then again…. I'm engaged now…

Sakura's Perspective

I was quite happy. I finally woke up. I was surrounded by friends and those who I considered family. With Naruto and Hinata sitting at my side, and Kakashi hovering over me, while reading his book, I smiled as I saw Sasuke walk in. Ino was sitting on a chair by the end of my bed, peeling some oranges for me.

"Sakura-chan! I knew you were going to make it!" Naruto screamed happily.

"I know…" I whispered softly. "You told me to hang in there… And…believe it."

Naruto stared at me with a bit of confusion. Then, as if someone suddenly knocked the memory into his head, he beamed up, pointing a finger at me.

"Y-You heard everything I told you?" Naruto stated. I nodded, showing my sign of weariness. Sasuke pushed Naruto aside, taking his seat. I smiled as Ino handed me some oranges. Smiling… It was basically all I could really do. My body was weak and I could barely move.

"Sakura, I'm really glad you're okay," Ino stated, as she handed me more oranges. I gladly took them, nodding my head, thanking her for the vitamin C.

"Hey," Sasuke greeted, as his hand stroked my cheek. I could still remember his voice echoing in my head. Those days weren't the best. But his voice made them better than best.

"Hey," I choked out. And so, we spent the rest of the day reacquainting with each other. I was rather happy that he was by my side, but his expression didn't show any hint of happiness… I could already guess why. Ino's told me everything… Neither of us was going to be happy.

"Sakura, you look pale," Sasuke pointed out. Of course I looked pale… The fluids Tsunade injected into me were slowly eating my life away… I don't know how much longer I could last without showing any symptoms of pain. Tsunade knew I wouldn't be able to make it… I knew… Sasuke didn't know…

"Just tired. From the surgery and all," I reassured. The silence wasn't doing us very good… I can't imagine how we're going to start the conversation. "Sasuke… Ino told me you're…. engaged?"

It was like I hit him in a vital spot. He solemnly stared into my eyes, making sure I wasn't joking in anyway. He probably wondered how I found out but the truth was obvious. It's as if he was ashamed or something. He looked away, avoiding my eyes that unintentionally glistened with unshed tears.

"Yes…" He softly stated. I smiled, once again, that smile of weariness. At least he was being honest. Everyone had to move on… Especially when they had a girlfriend in a coma for three years. Everyone had needs… Right?

"Is she pretty?" I sobbed a bit, choking from the attempt to hide back my quivering voice. He still didn't look directly into my eyes, and did nothing but nod his head. "That's good to hear."

"Sakura I'm so sorry," Sasuke apologetically stated. Why was he sorry? If he was the one in the coma, then I'd probably move on as well… Wouldn't I? No… I wouldn't…

I forgave him the first time, but I know, I can't forgive him a second. I wanted to… But I just couldn't… Neither of us spoke. Once again, I had to spark the conversation. Like I always use to…

"What happened to me?" I questioned, changing the subject. He looked up, surprised for the second time this day… He didn't look like he wanted to tell me. I sat up with my back straightened, taking his hand into my weak grasp. "Tell me…"

"We were going to the picnic, like everyone else," Sasuke stated. Then I remembered Ino's voice echoing in my head. You have to be there Sakura! It's my engagement party! At least I remembered that much. "We were driving, but you told me to stop by the market to buy some things for the party."

I remembered that too… It was flooding my mind like a waterfall. Then I began to remember the rest as well…

"Then, you said you'll go instead," I stated, staring blankly at the wall. He continued to stare at me, with concern written on his face. "I remember… When you left, and went into the market…

"I was in the car and… These guys came into the car, just telling me to drive… They had guns…I was scared out of my mind… So I drove… Then they told me to pull over, and I did… Then I- I got thrown into the backseat… I blacked out…"

I began to uncover his hand from mine, but he pulled it back, holding it gently in his hold. Tears fell from my eyes, recalling all the sudden memories. So I was raped… I felt a pair of arms wrap securely around me… My tears continued to stain his shirt. I sobbed hard into his shoulder, with him still clutching me tightly.

"I'm so sorry," He whispered. I felt tears fall onto my bare shoulder, from his eyes. "They found you half alive, three bullets in your chest…"

"So they tried to kill me too!" I screamed, unable to hold in my emotions. I held the side of his shirt tightly, crying harshly against his shoulder. They broke my bones, beating me like I was a puppet… I felt Sasuke's hand rubbing my back soothingly, trying to calm me. What was the point? He would just remind me of the old times, and make me even more upset. I quickly retrieved myself from his hold, and leaned against the head board of the hospital bed.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have broken down like that," I stated, wiping my tears dry with a tissue. He didn't seem to react. I regained my posture, with my eyes still watery, and tears still falling. He didn't catch my tears like he use to. My tissue did. "Do you love her?"

I guess I shouldn't ask such a silly question… Why would he marry the girl if he didn't love her? He nodded silently. I guess it would be rationally unfair for him to talk to me about the subject. I decided to stay away from the subject and tell him to go home.

"You should go…" I stated. He held my hand again, tightening his grip on it.

"I still love you Sakura," He quietly stated, not wanting to leave my side. This just made me want to cry even more…

"But you love her more," I confirmed. He stood, slowly releasing my hand from his.

"That's not true," He argued. I knew it was… He didn't have to lie about it.

"Don't say that… You're getting married soon and all I want is an invitation," I smiled. He didn't say anything, but he turned around to leave. I abruptly sat up, pulling his hand just before he left. "I love you."

"I'll… bring you an invitation tomorrow," He softly whispered. I cried again… Instead of embracing me, I felt something warm brush against my lips. I smiled as his lips began to kiss mine ever so tenderly, and pulled away. "I knew you would understand…"

Sasuke's Perspective

The next morning, just as planned, we all met up in front of the hospital, ready to surprise Sakura with gifts and flowers. I brought her a bouquet of lilies, while Naruto brought her a fruit basket. Ino and Shikamaru walked up to the hospital a moment later, both holding large bouquets of flowers, along with some chocolates.

"We should go in," Naruto stated. We followed his lead as we walked into Sakura's designated hospital room… "Sakura-chan! I brought you some fruit!"

We all froze as we entered the room. I couldn't believe my eyes. Sakura… She looked terrible… Her face was much paler than yesterday, her eyes held visibly large eye bags, and she looked like she could faint any minute.

"Sakura-chan, are you alright?" Naruto quickly plopped down the fruit basket onto the table nearby, as everyone did the same. Sakura, as if we've suddenly alarmed her, she meekly stared up at us, with a look that said I'm fine. We all knew she wasn't. Ino rushed to her side, feeling her forehead.

"We have to get Tsunade," She whispered softly.

"Tsunade's busy… She already checked on me this morning… It's just a side effect of the medicine she prescribed. I'm lacking sleep anyways," Sakura stated. She was always a good liar. I wouldn't know if she was lying if she told me Naruto married Kakashi.

"Let's get her some fresh air," Shikamaru suggested.

Narrator's Perspective

Sakura sat in the wheelchair, as if she was suddenly purified by the nature surrounding her outside the hospital grounds. They decided to have the picnic Sakura wasn't able to attend three years ago. Ino happily seated besides Sakura as she helped her peel oranges once again.

"Really, Ino its fine," Sakura stated. Ino handed her a slice of orange, urging Sakura to eat it. She sighed, finally giving in, eating the orange. "So, how did the wedding go?"

Ino smiled sadly.

"The wedding was delayed for five months. I really wanted to wait for you to wake up. Sorry," Ino stated.

"There's nothing to be sorry about," Sakura assured.

"I brought pictures," She smiled. She handed Sakura the photos of her with Shikamaru standing in their wedding attire. She was really happy for them. Suddenly, an image of Sasuke and this mystery girl popped in her mind. Ino soon joined everyone else on the picnic blanket as Naruto took the seat beside Sakura.

"Sakura-chan, Hinata and I want you to be the maid of honor," Naruto offered.

"Really, it's not necessary," Sakura stated.

"Of course it is! You missed Ino's wedding! Now you're going to be the best in ours," Naruto happily pushed. Sakura just sighed once again, and nodded. She watched Naruto join the others just as Ino did. They were all having so much fun… So fond of each other… Unlike her, she just felt like she suddenly appeared in their life, making everything harder for them… Tenten probably had a hard time digesting the fact that she wouldn't be Hinata's maid of honor. Ino probably hates peeling oranges. And Sasuke? Well at least she resolved his issue. To her surprise, he was the next person to join her by the seat.

"I brought you an invitation," He stated, handing her a pink envelope. Sakura stared at him strangely.

"Pink?" Sakura questioned. Sasuke sighed.

"Everyone asked me that…Courtesy of my wife to be," Sasuke stated. Was he rubbing it in? Or did Sakura just hurt more with every word he said.

"I see," Sakura replied, opening the nicely decorated envelope. She slowly pulled out the invitation, opening it to read the insides. "So her name's Setsuna."

"Ah," Sasuke replied.

"Sasuke-kun!" A shrieking high pitched voice shouted from afar. Everyone's attention averted to a young girl with long brown tied neatly into a braid behind her back. She was a nurse… "I didn't know you were coming today, Sasuke-kun!"

"S-Setsuna-san," Ino whispered.

"Ohayo, Ino-chan!" This designated Setsuna female greeted. So this was Setsuna... Her hazel eyes turned their attention to the pink haired female beside her fiancé. "Eh? Haruno Sakura?"

"Ano, how do you know me?" Sakura questioned, still dazed. Sasuke blushed from embarrassment of his fiancé's eager approach.

"I work in the hospital! I've seen you there since the first day you arrived," Setsuna joyfully stated. Sasuke let out a sigh.

"Sakura, this is Setsuna…" Sasuke introduced.

"I see," Sakura replied. Setsuna eagerly wrapped her arms around Sasuke's neck.

"If it wasn't for you, Sasuke-kun and I would've never met!" Setsuna blurted. Sakura's eyes widened a bit. Has she no manners? Did she even know Sakura was Sasuke's girlfriend? What kind of position does she think she's in? SHE was the third wheel! Everyone on the picnic blanket turned to the conversation. Naruto and Ino staring intently at Setsuna for her foul mouth. She was basically saying it was a good thing Sakura got into that coma, so she and Sasuke could bond. Silence prevailed the crowd, including the nothingness coming out of Sasuke's surprised mouth.

"Ano, H-Hinata, could you bring me inside?" Sakura unsurely stated, glaring at the girl hugging Sasuke so intensely.

"Going so soon? You should enjoy the fresh air while you can! I read your information board and it said you're gonna d-"

"Kuresai!" A monstrous voice shouted out of nowhere. Sakura looked down at her toes, with bangs shadowing her eyes. Tsunade walked toward the group, with Hinata's hands still on Sakura's wheelchair. "Setsuna-chan, you aren't allowed to just spill information about your patients unless you have permission! Haven't you learned anything!"

"Gomen, Tsunade-sama," Setsuna apologized in a state of depression.

"Hinata-chan, carry on," Tsunade ordered. Hinata nodded, continuing to push Sakura's wheelchair into the hospital. Naruto stood, following Hinata.

"I'll go with them too," Ino stated, as she began to follow Naruto. That, followed by Shikamaru, Neji, Tenten and Lee.

"Why did they all leave?" Setsuna disappointedly questioned. Tsunade turned around, leaving as well.

"Setsuna, why were you so rude?" Sasuke angrily demanded.

"Why didn't you tell me Sakura woke up?" Setsuna's joyous attitude changed to her serious expression.

"I didn't feel I had a need to," Sasuke explained.

"What if she tried to steal you back?" Setsuna stated.

"I was giving her a wedding invitation," Sasuke bluntly told. Setsuna's face seemed to have calmed a bit, but that didn't explain much to the troubled woman.

"Sakura, don't take Setsuna's words to heart. She's usually not like that," Ino comfortingly stated. Sakura was back on her hospital bed, resting like she has been for the past two days.

"She was strange," Sakura stated.

"She resembles you," Hinata whispered softly. With those words said, Sakura's ears perked up. So she does…

"Was I really like that?" Sakura questioned.

"Well not in that rude and obnoxious way, but in attitude, you two are really similar," Tenten reassured. "I still don't get why Sasuke proposed to that girl."

"What's wrong with her?" Sakura confusedly interrogated.

"She's clingy…" Hinata informed.

"TOO clingy. She wouldn't let any of us near Sasuke unless we were supervised!" Ino informed.

"Not only that… She had the nerve to call me gay when I was simply brushed pass Sasuke once," Shikamaru mumbled. Ino let out a small giggle.

"That was when she didn't know Ino and Shikamaru were married," Tenten laughed. "You should've seen Shikamaru's face!"

Shikamaru let out a small grunt. Hinata herself giggled, and even the Hyuuga male chuckled a bit… But Naruto? He hasn't said a word.

"Sakura-chan," Naruto called out in a serious tone. He was leaned against the wall beside Sakura's bed with his arms crossed. Everyone stopped laughing. They turned to Naruto.

"What is it?" Sakura questioned.

"I can't get Setsuna's words out of my head," Naruto stated.

"Don't be silly! I bet those words just unintentionally came out of her mouth," Sakura replied.

"No Sakura. The other thing she said," Naruto stared hard at Sakura. She knew what he was talking about.

"What else did she say?" Ino questioned.

"Yeah, what?" Tenten added eagerly. Neji and Shikamaru shifted uncomfortably. Who said guys never listen? Naruto stared at the other males that occupied the room. They shook their heads, indicating to Naruto he shouldn't say it.

"…Nothing," Naruto softly responded. Sakura's eyes softened and she gave Naruto a gentle smile. Hinata looked down, daydreaming for a bit, suddenly recalling what Setsuna's stated. I read your information board and it said you're gonna d—

Die… Hinata silently finished the sentence in her mind.

"Sakura-chan, if you need anything, you can always buzz the nurse's bell. I'm going to be here overnight," Hinata gently confirmed.

"I will," Sakura smiled. A soft look graced Sakura's features as she began to stare into nowhere, not even noticing Sasuke's sudden appearance.

"Sasuke, you really should teach that Setsuna some manners," Ino affirmed, not taking her eyes off the orange she was peeling. Sakura gladly took a piece of the thin baby slice of orange as Sasuke took a seat beside Sakura.

"I'm sorry about earlier," Sasuke apologized.

"It's fine. I've gotten over it," Sakura truthfully stated.

"Promise you'll come to the wedding?" He questioned. His eyes came into contact with her fading green ones. He looked concerned and actually worried that she would reject.

"I'll try," Sakura assured. A smile crawled onto Sasuke's face. Hinata stood up from her seat, walking to the end of Sakura's bed. Naruto, Neji and Shikamaru's eyes all glued on the female Hyuuga as she stood by the item they've all been eagerly wanting to read. Sakura looked up, noticing Hinata's presence as she slowly picked up the informational clip-board that hung at the end of her metal bed frame. "Hinata…"

Hinata's white eyes lids grew half-way closed from the sudden information she engulfed herself in. She held onto the clip-board tightly, but soon gently placed it back onto its original spot.

"Remember Sakura-chan. If you need anything, I'll be here tonight," Hinata once again confirmed. From Sakura's point of view, you can see the trembling tears in Hinata's eyes as she took a seat beside Ino.

Once again, it was getting late. The sun was almost setting and everyone was about ready to leave. Sakura took one last piece of orange into her mouth as Ino finally stopped peeling those oranges. Ino smiled at her best friend, knowing she's made her hate oranges for life.

"Thanks Ino. For everything," Sakura stated, showing gratitude.

"Really, Sakura it's just oranges," Ino smiled, clueless as she waved goodbye to her best friend.

"We'll be back tomorrow Sakura! Good night!" Tenten bid. Sakura nodded as Tenten followed Ino out the door.

"Good bye Sakura," Shikamaru stated in a serious tone. He stopped and stared at her for a moment, glancing at her one last time before exiting the room.

"Bye Shikamaru," She bid quietly. Sasuke had gone to the bathroom, leaving only Neji, Naruto and Hinata in the room. Neji waved, giving Sakura the same look Shikamaru gave her moments earlier.

"Sakura-chan, I love you," Naruto stated, catching Sakura in a friendly embrace by surprise. This was it. Hinata couldn't bare it any longer. Her tears flowed down her cheeks as she joined them.

"Sakura-chan, why didn't you tell us!" Hinata whispered loudly. Sakura's dull eyes grew dim once more as they let go of the pink haired female.

"I didn't want any special treatment," Sakura simply smiled.

"Does Kakashi sensei know?" Naruto questioned.

"Ah," Sakura replied. "He's helping me take care of some things that would be needed in a few days."

"I didn't believe what Setsuna said was true… But when we came into the room, I saw your medicine… They're pain killers Sakura-chan," Hinata avowed. Sakura smiled.

"You guys should get going," Sakura shooed. They reluctantly began to stand from their seats.

"You have to at least make it to our wedding," Naruto urged. Sakura shook her head lightly.

"Let Tenten be that maid of honor," Sakura stated.

Sasuke entered the room just as Naruto and Hinata left. Sakura silently sat on her bed, watching the sunset from her uncovered blinds.

"Everyone left?" He spoke as he sat beside Sakura.

"Yeah," She replied. "One question."

"What is it?" Sasuke signaled for her to continue.

"What did you buy in the market that day? For Ino's party…" Sakura questioned. There was a moment of silence.

"Oranges…" Sasuke stated. Sakura let out a soft giggle.

"She's so silly. I guess she thinks it's her fault too huh," Sakura stated. "The next time you see her; can you please tell her it was never her fault?"

"Ah," Sasuke replied. Sakura nodded in satisfaction.

"You should get going too," Sakura insisted. "I'm… getting tired…"

"I could stay a little while longer if you like," Sasuke squabbled.

"I'm just going to take a little nap," Sakura whispered. Sasuke willingly agreed to let her lay down on the soft mattress. He sighed, sitting back as he watched the, unknowingly his cherry blossom slowly began to wither before him. "Good bye Sasuke."

Her words were mumbled softly just before she fell into a deep slumber.

Again, my name is Haruno Sakura. This is the story of my life. I have no regrets. I had great friends, but unlike how sleeping beauty woke up when her prince charming came to the rescue, my fairytale will be everlasting… There will be no miracle… No kiss from my prince charming that may bring me back to life…Unlike Cinderella's prince; there will be no prince to find me. Mine's given up on me long ago... No more twists and turns. No more turning back… I'm gone and that's when my tale becomes everlasting…