Broke, Not Broken

No clue where this came from… I was listening to You'll See.

No, we don't see our families much

No, we don't have food most of the time

No, we don't live in a house. Or even an apartment.

No, we have not lost our minds

Yes, we love our family of friends

Yes, we are hungry most of the time

Yes, we live in the shittiest place possible

Yes, we are sane for choosing this

No, we don't have 'real' jobs

No, we don't have a steady income

No, we don't have money

Yes, we are devoted to what work we have

Yes, we love our art and causes

Yes, we have riches that don't cost a thing.

No, we don't live like you

No, we don't even have a car

Yes, we like our lives

Yes, we can walk or bike

Yes, we are broke

No, we are not broken.

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