Death of a fallen warrior

I feel death

I sense death

Its right around the corner for me

My life

Is coming to an end

Its so sudden

When I'm so young

Why does it have to be this way

Was there no other way I could show you

That I can't live without you

Was there no other way

To get you to hold me in your arms

Tears fall from your eyes

As you hold me in your arms

Rain washes away

The blood from my wrists

Fog covers the ground

Of the park where so many memories stand

Of the good

Of the bad

You hurt me

So now I've hurt you

You saw my face

As you stood in your place

Watching in horror

As I took the knife

And slid it across my wrist

First one

Then the other

You heard my words

As the blood flowed down

I will no longer be in the pain

That you put me through

But never forget

That I love you