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After the battle was over and before the celebrations began Harry's army surveyed the damage that had been done. The area that they had fought in was completely decimated and there were bodies lying all over the place, most of them belonging to Voldemort's army. But they had suffered some devastating loses. Susan Bones had been killed facing a bunch of Death Eaters during the fighting. She was so enraged about her aunt's death and had the wish to take as many down as possible that she did take out a massive amount of Death Eaters before finally being killed when a lot of them ganged up on her. Professor Sprout had been badly wounded during the fighting but would be all right. Professor Slughorn was dead. Voldemort himself killed him after discovering that he revealed the secret of the Horcruxes to Harry. Besides that a lot of other people had been injured or killed, but most of the ones killed were from the Ministry.

"Well, it's over," said Harry surveying the carnage.

"Yeah, but the cost was great," said Lupin.

"I know, but at least Voldemort is dead and can't ever come back this time," said Harry.

Following the defeat of Voldemort celebrations were held and so were funerals for the fallen. Many people that participated in the battle were given Order of Merlin First Classes including Harry, Ron and Hermione. As time went on wounds healed and people moved on from the devastating war. Life went on. After graduating from Hogwarts Harry went on to become an Auror and married Ginny. He continued to track down and capture Dark Wizards and became well known and feared and not just because of the whole Voldemort thing either. After doing that for years he retired and was offered the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher at Hogwarts. He took the job and was a well liked and admired Professor. Eventually he got the job of Headmaster and held that job until he died of old age. During this time no major threats surfaced and there was a lot of peace in the wizarding world. As for Ginny she married Harry after they both graduated and she went on to become an Auror as well. She retired from that job at the same time as Harry and became Charms professor at Hogwarts until she too died of old age. Ron and Hermione started dating soon after the battle and married once they left Hogwarts. This surprised no one; in fact people had been putting out bets on when it would happen. Ron also went on to become an Auror and was Harry's partner. Together they rid the wizarding world of threats and were a great team. Ron had become a much better wizard once he'd started to apply himself and although he wasn't as good as Harry or Hermione, he was much better than he used to be. As for Hermione she helped Harry and Ron if they needed her help fighting an evil wizard but she basically retired from that life after the final battle with Voldemort. She'd helped with that threat because of her friendship with Ron and Harry but she didn't like fighting unless it was necessary. If Harry and Ron came upon a Dark Wizard that they needed help with defeating she'd come and help them but she didn't do it as actively as she did against Voldemort. She, unlike them did not go on to become an Auror. She became an Unspeakable in the Department of Mysteries. That department offered her a job because of her skills and she took it. She really wasn't allowed to say anything about it but for Ron and Harry she'd make a couple of exceptions. For example once when they'd needed her help she used a spell that the Department of Mysteries had made to help them. She taught them how to use the spell and it was a great asset to their work even though they technically weren't supposed to know about it. As for Neville he went on to become a famous Herbologist. He wasn't much of a fighter although he did kill Belatrix Lestrange, but he was great with plants and he used his skills in that area to become a Herbologist. Eventually he became the Herbology teacher at Hogwarts as well. Remus Lupin ended up marrying Tonks and was given back his old job as Defense Against the Dark Arts professor and he was the first one in a long time to hold that job for more than a year. He had the job for several years before eventually retiring and settling down.

The aftermath of the battle had been horrific but for everyone who survived the future was bright. And they didn't waste this new future they embraced it.

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