Finally Loving Someone Else It starts with Gwen trying to get Theresa out of her life once and for all but it didn't go as planned. SHe wanted THeresa dead but Theresa didn't turn up dead she just lost her memory. She didn't even know anyone and Gwen thought this was perfect.

Gwen set Theresa up with one of her good friends Micheal Santiago. He met Gwen through boarding school and they've been friends for a long time. He had a crush on Gwen for so long. He wanted to be with her so he did anything for her including dating Theresa to help her keep Ethan.

Yes Theresa and Ethan had Jane and Julian is really LE's father (Sorry but I like Julian the nicer one and right now I really do hate Ethan) anyways Micheal falls in love with Theresa and vise versa but she doesn't remember who her children were. All she remember was she was after Ethan Crane and wanted to be with him but things changed...

Gwen: mother I want Theresa dead Rebecca: and she will be Gwen: how can she she's Mrs. Alistair Crane Rebecca; don't worry Gwen rolled her eyes mother this better work

Theresa went to the docks to talk to a reporter who can help her expose Gwen and Rebecca but that didn't happen Theresa walks to the wharf she saw someone and he shoots her head she falls to the floor and he goes back inside his hiding place. He leaves and soon the police come and rush Theresa to the hospital

Ethan got the devastating news that Theresa was in the hospital and might not make it he rushed with Jane leaving a whining Gwen who ran right behind him.
Everyone went to see her everyday for three months until she woke up It was three months later when Theresa woke up with no memory of who Ethan WInthrop Little EThan Crane and Jane WInthrop was. Ethan was heart broken and Gwen was happy

Gwen: mother maybe our plan did work Rebecca: WHAT Gwen: think about it she doesn't know who Ethan is she probably he's a Crane Rebecca: and she'll want him Gwen: not if I set her up with someone and makes her forget him for good including Jane Rebecca: and how are you goind to do just that Gwen smiles Micheal...

Ethan: THeresa its me Theresa: Ethan Crane your your here in my room Ethan: No not Ethan Crane anymore Ethan Winthrop Theresa: what she says shocked Ethan: we have two children Little Ethan and Jane Theresa was confused she looked up at her mother but I'm a virgin I'm going to wait until my wedding night Ethan: you did but it was the morning before our failed wedding THeresa laughed Ethan: what THeresa: I actually marry you Ethan: No Dr. Russell Ethan she needs her rest Ethan nodded well THeresa I hope you remember because our kids sure miss you Theresa nodded her head After Ethan left a stranger comes into her room Theresa: who are you Gwen: remember Theresa me Theresa; oh yes Gwen how are you Gwen: good and you Theresa: okay I guess who is this Gwen smiles Theresa don't you remember he's your boyfriend Theresa: boyfriend I don't have time to have one Micheal: yes you do oh come on Ra you love Cinderella I took you rememmber Theresa shook her head no Gwen: well I'm going to leave now to let you two catch up she mouthed a thank you to Micheal and Micheal mouthed she owed him big time she nodded and left smiling but she wasn't smiling for long and neither was Ethan or the town of Harmony