"So what was your dream about you said you would tell me on our first date but I forgot and its been nine months and we just got married so what was it"

Theresa smiled at Alex "Us on a beach with Jane and LE being happy and another bundle of joy named Carmon"

Alex smiled "I love the sound that dream so is that why you decided to go on another date with me"


"I love that dream lets make it come true right now"

Theresa laughs "Okay my husband of mine"

"So wife of mine lets get started"

"How about dance to our song" Theresa asks smiling"

"How about a dance on the bed"

Theresa smiles and he picks her up kissing her and puts her on the bed and they make love and Theresa thinks this is so different from Ethan beautiful. They made love all night long into the wee hours of the morning and the next day they had lunch at a restaurant and then went snarkling on the beach and relaxed then went on a boat that night where they made love once again. Alex was so patient Theresa thought and smiled at thought. This is where she belonged he was where she belonged. He looked into her eyes as she did his and she could feel the love they shared. She smiled and kissed him.

Nine Months later…

"Baby you can do it"

"Oh shut up Alex AHAHHAHA I WANT DRUGS" Theresa yelled "This baby hurts like a bitch" She says

"But your going to bring our little girl into this world"

"IT has to be boy it just has to be" Theresa says tiredly

"Its time to push" The doctor says and Theresa pushes

"You can do it baby you can make me a father right now right here" Alex says and Theresa pushes with all her might

"It's a boy" The doctor says and they both smile

"Alexander Luis Hotchkiss" Theresa says "And I knew it was going to be a boy"

"Yes you did" Alex says kissing the top of her head. "Ah you owe me a thousand dollars"

"I owe you more" Alex says as the doctor puts their son in Theresa's arms but she feels suddenly wet again and pain shooting in her

"Take our son Alex"


"I feel like pushing again" Theresa says as another contraction comes

The doctor sees whats wrong"

"What is it doc why is my wife having pains

Theresa breathes in and out.

"Ah it looks like your guys are going to have a baby again" the doctor says and the new parents were shocked

"Your going to have to push again" The doctor says and Theresa pushed as hard as she could almost breaking Alex's hand again

"Oh my god this hurts really bad" Theresa says

"Okay stop pushing the baby is out it's a girl"

"I knew it you owe me two thousand" Alex says smiling

"I'll give you something even more" Theresa says tiredly

"what shall we name her"

"Carmon Elizabeth Hotchkiss" Theresa says kissing Alex

Nine months later…The family with Jane and LE were at Their beach house on the beach and Theresa sat on the blanket while Alex took her older children into the water. She sat there with the twins holding Carmon while Alexander tried to crawl. She laughed and someone took a picture of her. She looked at Whitney and smiled

"How are you doing" Theresa asks

"I should ask you that"

"How is Jason"

"Good he's with Augusta"

"How is she"

"Almost ready to walk" Whitney smiles

"They grow up so fast don't they" Theresa says

"Yeah that's why we have to treasure every moment with them" Whitney says

"When did you get so wise Whit"

"When we were teens and you were going after Jane's father"

"Oh right why couldn't I met Alex then"

Whitney shrugs her shoulders as she saw Jason with Miles walking towards Alex and the children.

"So thinking of having more children"

"No way my family is complete" Theresa says

"Me to but"

"But what"

"I think Jason wants a son"

Theresa nods her head

"Did I forget to mention I'm pregnant again" Whitney says smiling

"No wonder your glowing congrads does Jase know"

"Not yet I was thinking could you take the children for the night while I tell him"

"Sure" Theresa says nodding her head "What are friends for" She says

Whitney laughs as they watch their spouses with their children and Whitney holding her daughter Augusta while her husband was with Miles.

"I had a dream about this once" Theresa says


"When I was in the hospital after my surgery with Alex"

"A premonition wow"

"It was fate Whit how is Chad"

"I don't know I don't talk to him"

"Does Mile say anything"


"Same with my children"

"Well enough talking about our past to the future" Whitney says drinking some water

"To the future" Theresa says as she drinks her water Alex and Jason come and kiss their wives and the boys spray them with water guns and Theresa and Whitney scream and the babies look up at them. Theresa picks up her son and Alex picks up their daughter and they start chasing after LE and Miles as Whitney and Jason do the same.

Theresa finally got her Happily ever after….with a man who makes her happy and no drama well maybe a little