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Victor EaVian

Chapter One: Victor

Eric Finch stood draped in a surgical gown, grinning like a maniac. 'Oh Evey, he's beautiful.' The Police Inspector looked down at the newborn baby in his arms, 'Yes you are, you're beautiful, but so much trouble. Here your mummy was making a very important speech, and you insisted on interrupting. Yes, you did.' Slowly he moved to side of the delivery table and lowered the baby in to Evey's arm.

Tears poured from her eyes as she looked at him, smiling. She couldn't speak, but only stare at the little figure in her arms. Finch smiled and bent to kiss her forehead. 'You look beautiful too; in fact I've never seen you look so ravishing.'

Evey laughed and rolled her eyes at him. Her hair was a mess and her body sweat covered. It had been a hard delivery and there had been complications. The doctors had wanted to perform an emergency caesarean, but at last, Evey had managed to deliver her son. Now, exhausted but elated, she felt a swift fatigue rushing through her body.

'Doctor' cried a nurse, lifting the baby from Evey's arms and shoving Finch out of the way. 'She's bleeding.'

The room erupted in a flurry of movement as Finch was ushered into the hallway. From the window he could see the nurse, who had collected the child, deliver a shot into the tube in the back of Evey's hand. As the doctors worked, Evey's newborn son was wheeled from the room.

'Do you want to help weigh him?' asked one of the nurses kindly, trying to take the man's mind from the child's mother.

'Sure,' said Finch hesitantly, glancing at the window again.


When Evey awoke, she found Finch sitting in a chair next to her bed, a bottle in hand feeding her son. 'I know you were planning on breast feeding, but the little tyke was hungry and couldn't wait.' Carefully adjusting the baby in his arms, he reached for the bed control, pressing the automatic button to raise her slightly into a sitting position. 'We have to be careful, they don't want you sitting up and moving around too much.'

She was about to speak, but Finch cut her off, 'I've already told them they were going to have to tie you to the bed to keep you still.' Slowly, he stood and placed the baby in her arms. 'There you go fellow, say hallo to your mummy.' He handed her the bottle. 'Careful Eve, he'll take your hand off.'

So overcome with emotion, Evey found she was unable to speak as she stared at her son.

'What did you finally decide on?' asked Finch pushing aside pieces of sweat plastered hair from her forehead. 'There are all sorts of news reporters out there waiting to hear what his name is going to be. If I don't bring them something, they're going to crucify me.'

'Victor,' whispered Evey, emotion and fatigue draining her. 'Victor EaVian.'

Finch smiled. 'Victor. It's appropriate, in fact it's a wonderful name, but I have never heard of EaVian.'

'Eric,' chastised Evey gently, glancing up at the Irishman. 'Its two names and they're Celtic. Ea means fire and Vian means life or water; together EaVian becomes stronger than the two. He is both destroyer and creator. He is the fair one who controls the air in the heavens.'

Finch could not stop himself from smiling as he shook his head in confusion. 'It's a bit strange, but I like it.' Leaning close, he looked at Victor. 'I think he is going to have your eyes.'

It did not escape him Evey's were beginning to flutter closed as she fought to stay awake. Gently, he touched her arm and sighed, his sad face looking sadder than normal. 'Evey we need to discuss something.'

Since the time Evey had sent V on his death train to Parliament, Finch had been with her, helping her to reach the people, organize parties, and destroy the last vestiges of the Norsefire party. With his help, Evey had become a representative of the voice of the people and the voice of V. Together, they were on the verge of developing a new beginning and a better life for England. Through this time, Evey had learned many things about Eric Finch, one of which was when he needed to discuss a life or death situation.

'What's wrong Eric?' Evey asked without looking at him, her entire attention taken up by Victor. She was marveling at the smallness of his feet and hands, the roundness of his large, brown eyes, the little tuffs of brown fuzz spreading across his head, and his high forehead and long limps. He was everything she had dreamed of, he was perfect.

It took a moment for Evey to realize Finch had not answered her. With force, she drew her eyes away from her son and looked at him. His face was dead serious. 'Eric?'

He was frightening her a little.

Finch took a deep breath, arranging his words carefully. 'There are two things really and each is important.'

'Go on.'

He nodded, taking a deep breath. 'I talked to the doctors and as you know there was bleeding.' He shook his head sadly, 'They tell me you shouldn't try to have any more children.'

For several moments Evey stared at him, her expression unreadable as her eyes shifted slowly back to her son. 'I'm not certain I understand. I can't have anymore?'

'You could, maybe. There were so many complications. There is question whether you could carry another one, or if you would even live through another pregnancy. Evey, you almost died with Victor.'

'Is Victor…,' she hesitated, 'Is Victor all right?'

'Yes, yes he's fine. Right as rain. He's a perfect picture of health and all that's right.'

Evey sighed in relief, looking again at her son.


Finch looked at the floor and then up to Evey, 'There are already kidnapping and death threats against you both. In fact, while you were sleeping, we caught someone trying to break into the nursery. I have guards all around, but I need to take you home, I need to take the both of you someplace safe.'

'Eric you worry too much,' chided Evey mildly, she was finding it harder and harder to stay away; obviously a result of the blood loss, 'and we have discussed this before. When do I not get death threats?' She smiled at him. 'I will not run away. The people need to see me be strong, even if it means lying in hospital for several days.'

'What about Victor?'

'He will be fine; I know you will protect him until I am able to.' Finch nodded, watching her.

'You know I will Evey, with my life.'

'When do they think I can leave?'

He shrugged, 'Day after tomorrow maybe. They want to make certain you don't start bleeding again.'

Evey sighed. She was really incredibly tired, but she did not want to sleep. She wanted to just sit and stare at the miracle sleeping quietly in her arms. 'When they release me, I'm taking him to the Shadow Gallery for a few days.'

Finch sat bolt upright in his chair, his face showing his obvious shock. 'You're what?'

'I am taking him to the Shadow Gallery. I'm safe there, Victor will be safe there. I can have a few days to spend with my son and recover a bit before I have to go back to trying to help run a country.' Her tone was matter-of-fact and one he had heard many times before. There would be no arguing; Evey's mind was made up.

'I'm coming with you then.'

'NO!' She said it so quickly it started him, waking the baby who gave a little cry before going back to sleep. Evey took a deep breath, looking at Finch. She had to say this carefully. 'Eric, I need a day or two to myself, just me and my son. I need to take him to the Shadow Gallery. It is my home, my refuge, and where I feel the safest in the world. I want my son to start his life, knowing and understanding what it means to me, to us.'

Finch said nothing, he only looked at her.

Four days later, when the hospital released Evey, she did as she said she would. She went to the Shadow Gallery with Victor in her arms. She slowly walked from room to room, showing him his heritage, telling him about the art and other items which could be found within its wall. She told him what the Gallery meant to her and of the man she called V.

After starting the jukebox, Evey felt fatigue begin to take her. Victor's birth had taken more from her than she was willing to admit, and she needed to rest. Making her way to V's room, Evey gently laid her son in the middle of the four-poster bed in which he had been conceived. 'This was your father's home Victor. He created it,' she said quietly, smiling asher sonwrapped his small hand around her finger, 'and now it is ours.'

Quotations and References

Celtic Mythology in regards to Victor's name as well as a little Greek and Egyptian in regards to his birth.

According to Empedocles and Aristotle the marriage between Hades (Fire) and Persephone (Water) made them King and Queen of the Underworld. Their off-springs: Zeus (Air) and Hera (Earth) became the rulers of the heavens and the land. Hades and Persephone were Destroyers, but they brought about Rebirth. In Egyptian mythology it is the union of Typhon (who represents the sun, fire, destruction, and Chaos) and his bride Nephthys (representing water, love and rebirth; the tears of joy and tears of grief) which produces Osiris (Air…Ruler of the Heavens) and Isis (Earth…Ruler of the Land). Here Osiris is the Creator/Re-newer, Isis becomes the Preserver, Typhon the Destroyer and Nephthys sways between Death and Rebirth (Destruction and Recreation). The same stories/representations are found in the Celtic Myths, but with different names (Ea and Vian being two of them.).

And yes, V is our Fire and Evey is Water, leaving Victor EaVian as Air (or as Evey is combining it Air/Earth, and yes our little one's initials happen to be VEV.) We shall just have to pretend the Shadow Gallery was the underworld kingdom.

Where is this going…no idea, but we shall see, shall we?

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