I Think I'm In Love

by:ZombieZapper 101

Disclamer:I do not own Ed,Edd,and Eddy or anything of it.

Author's Note: This Is sorta sad,but very fluffy in romance, and will be short.

(I'm Changing this from a oneshot to a regular story.)

Couples: Marie KankerXO.C, slight EddXMarie Kanker

Chapter 1:You Love Me and I Love You

(Brian's P.O.V.)

I sat at my hang-out tree crying my eyes out."Why dosen't she like me?", I thought in my mind.


After I saw Marie kiss "Double D", my heart just shattered eyes just filled wth tears and I turned around and ran off toward the creek.

(End Flashback)

After going over the day's events in my mind, someone came out. "Marie?", I asked."what do you want?"."I just wanted to say I was sorry and I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.",she said."I..lo..I love you Brian".

"I love you too Marie",I said. Then we started to get closer and closer until our lips finally met, I put my arms around her waist and the back of her head, and she deepened the kiss by trying to pry open my mouth for entrance, and I gladly gave her entrance. We later broke away for lack of air and she cuddled right under my chest. "Marie, I love you and I would give my life to protect you.",I said to her. "Same here",she said then falling asleep, and holding my hand, and we never felt lonely again.(Or so we thought)