Disclaimer: I Do Not Own Star Wars Or Naruto. Got that? Good.

A short parody from the Empire strikes back plus some other random things.

There is a fight and Itachi cuts off Sasuke's hand.

Itachi: Join me.

Sasuke: No! You…you killed my father!

Itachi: No, Sasuke I AM your father!

S: What! No your not! You're my brother!

I: Oh, well actually I killed your brother; it was I pretending to be your brother when in reality I was not. Your brother was the one that looked like me but in reality was not.

This whole thing just confused Sasuke so much that he kept annoying; who he thought was still Itachi, with stupid questions.

I: Quit asking me stupid questions. (He whips out a light saber and cuts off his other hand).

S: No! I'm useless without my hands!

Itachi uses his saber to cut him up and he wakes up in a cold sweat.

S: Just a dream, just a dream.

He repeated this until he fell back asleep.

Now a short thing from episode III

More like my star wars reaction to Naruto and Sasuke's second battle.

You were supposed to destroy the sound, not join them.

Now random lists of everything I can think of that Sasuke and Anakin have in common.

Both have a strange lust for power, but I think both are denied it by their friends and given it by an evil enemy.

Both want revenge on someone for some reason.

Both try to kill their best friend, but fail.

Both leave someone who loves them (but in different ways, obviously).

Both turn into some form of dark thing/human. (Anakin becomes darth Vader after burning/ Sasuke becomes the bat thing)

Both turn to the dark side.

Now for Orochimaru and Sidious

Hmm...Well, both are ugly and turn rather popular characters to the dark side.

Obi-Wan and Naruto

Both are considered the best friends of the people who turn to the dark side.

Both attempt to help their friend from turning to the dark side.

Both fight their friend

I can't think of much else right now.

X wing pilots and Naruto both wear orange.

That's about it for now.