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Pairing: Tsuzuki/Hisoka

Timeline: about 1 year after the Kyoto arc

Notes: I don't know anything about giving massages so don't take anything I'm writing here at face value.

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Hisoka stretched at his desk, attempting to smooth out the sore muscles of his back.

"Ow, ow, ow," Hisoka groaned. He spent the night tossing and turning and it resulted in him getting back pains.

"What's wrong Hisoka-chan?" his partner, Tsuzuki asked.

"Nothing is wrong. Why do you ask?"

"Well, looks to me that you're in pain," Tsuzuki informed him. "Did you have trouble sleeping without me?"

Hisoka instantly felt himself blush. "Are you really that much of an idiot! I don't need you to help me with sleeping or with my back pain!" No, no, no. Just because they have gotten into the habit of sleeping in the same room over the past several months doesn't mean Hisoka wouldn't have been able to sleep the one night Tsuzuki wasn't there. No way.

"So you admit your back is hurting," Tsuzuki stated.

"Huh? N-no, it doesn't-," Hisoka stammered.

"But you just admitted it did."

"Uh, umm. Fine, it does bother me. Just leave me alone," Hisoka grumbled at being caught.

"Well then, let's do something about that pain," Tsuzuki grabbed Hisoka's arm and pulled out the door.

"Ow! That hurts," Hisoka yelled.

"It wouldn't hurt if you stop struggling," Tsuzuki scolded his younger partner.

Hisoka sighed. "Okay, let's go."

"First I need to stop by the store," Tsuzuki smiled warmly.

Hisoka looked up at the place they arrived at.

"This is my place," Hisoka said.

"Yeah, I thought you would be more comfortable here," Tsuzuki said, shifting the bag he held in his left hand over to his right.

"For what?"

"For your massage," Tsuzuki replied brightly.

"Massage?" Hisoka blushed at the very thought of Tsuzuki putting his hands on his body. "Uh, you don't have to."

"Hisoka, a massage will help get rid of the back pain," Tsuzuki explained. "If the pain in your back is that bothersome then how do you except to get any sleep tonight."

Hisoka simply nodded, the images of Tsuzuki's hands left his mouth feeling dry so he opened the door to let himself and Tsuzuki in.

"Alrighty then! Soka, here," Tsuzuki handed him a towel and a sheet that he took from Hisoka's closet. "Take these to your room."

Hisoka stared at the items Tsuzuki shoved into his hands then stared back at Tsuzuki.

"And these are for?" Hisoka looked at Tsuzuki questioningly.

"We need the sheet so that," Tsuzuki dug into the bag he had and produce a bottle of massage oil, "this doesn't get all over your comforter."

"So what is this for?" Hisoka held up the towel.

"Oh, uh, that's more for your sake. I thought you like to have some coverage." Tsuzuki said a little nervously.

"I-I have to take off my clothes?" Hisoka squeaked out.

"Well, yeah. I can't give you a proper massage with your clothes on. And besides, you don't want to get the oil over your clothes, right?"

Tsuzuki does have a point about that. Besides that, the more Hisoka thought about the massage, the more inviting it sounds. But, this means he has to be nude in front of Tsuzuki. Even more so, he's going to have Tsuzuki's beautiful hands roaming all over his bare skin. Wait, did he just think that Tsuzuki has beautiful hands? Hisoka glanced over at them. Yes, they certainly are gorgeous. The thought of them massaging him was rather appealing and what did he have to fear? He trusted Tsuzuki with all of his heart and this is one of the rare moments where he's willing to admit that he loves that sweet addict idiot.

"Tsuzuki, please give me 10 minutes to get ready," Hisoka said, making his decision.


Hisoka undressed himself in front of his mirror. He took a deep breath and looked back at his reflection. There's nothing to be ashamed of, he thought as he gazed at his translucent, baby soft skin. The times Tsuzuki had caught glimpses of his flesh, he never felt revolted. Hisoka lied down on his bed and placed the towel over his butt. He shifted a bit to make sure he was in a comfortable position. He began to feel a bit anxious; he just wanted Tsuzuki to get in the room before he chicken out. Hisoka heard footsteps and felt Tsuzuki's comforting presence. He sighed, relaxing considerably.

"Hey there, ready?" Tsuzuki asked softly as he shut the door.

Hisoka nodded into his pillow and muffled, "yes."

Tsuzuki took the bottle of oil and poured it onto Hisoka's back. The scent of honeysuckle draped the air like perfume. The lush aroma attacked Hisoka's senses causing him to relax even more. Tsuzuki began to massage Hisoka's shoulders, pressing into them gently but firmly. Hisoka tried not to moan out loud but he couldn't help it. Tsuzuki was right, this felt so good. Tsuzuki pressed further down toward his back, continuing to massage the aches away. Hisoka soon forgot about the back pain. He enjoyed the sensations that Tsuzuki's hands were giving him. The eroticism of the situation would normally made him uncomfortable but he was too at ease to care. Hisoka all of the sudden jolted when he felt Tsuzuki's hands wandering dangerously close to his backside.

"Wh-what are you doing?" Hisoka whispered, his face flushed.

"Its part of the massage. Don't worry, I won't do anything that'll make you uncomfortable," Tsuzuki said.

"Okay," Hisoka nodded for him to go on.

Tsuzuki caressed Hisoka's hips in near circular shapes, causing the boy to gasp and raising his hips up a bit.

"Its alright Tsuzuki, go on," Hisoka felt Tsuzuki's sudden hesitation after his display of arousal.

Hisoka clutched his pillow as his breathing became heavier. "Uh, Tsuzuki, please."

Tsuzuki's violet eyes darkened as he massaged Hisoka's hips and gently moved his hands closer to his groin. He became bolder as Hisoka encouraged him with his cries and moans.

"All done!" Tsuzuki suddenly announced.

Hisoka blinked. They were finished? Tsuzuki worked him up in a state of arousal and now he's saying he done? That bastard!

Hisoka gave Tsuzuki his best glare. "Are you serious? You plan on leaving me like this?" Yes, he was certainly outraged.

"Are you really ready for the next step, Sweetheart?"

"What the hell do you think? I didn't start wanting you just tonight, Tsuzuki. I wanted you for such a long time now," Hisoka said. He was shocked at himself for being so honest but then again he has never been in such a state of arousal before. Tsuzuki looked surprised as well but pleased.

"Hmm," Tsuzuki took Hisoka's soft hand and kissed the elegantly long fingers. "Maybe we should wait another day. I just got done with ridding you of your back pain. I don't want you to get sore muscles again." Tsuzuki leaned over and pressed his soft lips to Hisoka. "Good night, Soka."

"Wait! You're not going to at least stay the night with me?" Hisoka really did miss Tsuzuki the one night he wasn't there.

Tsuzuki shook his head. "Its not a good idea. I know I won't be able to control myself if I stay."

Hisoka sat there in shock as Tsuzuki walked out of his room. Yep, Tsuzuki was definitely a bastard. He'll have to get revenge. But Tsuzuki was right about one thing: his back pain was finally gone.

The end

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