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Chapter 2

Hisoka switched back and forth in writing his reports and glaring at Tsuzuki from across the desk. He still hasn't forgiven Tsuzuki for leaving him in that...sort of state the other night. Dammit, he never was that comfortable in sexual situations before and when he was finally ready to go the next step Tsuzuki bailed out on him! Grrr, the nerve of that guy! He shot Tsuzuki another icy glare but much to his chagrin the violet eyed man decided to take a nap. Hisoka sighed in annoyance as the snoring and drooling over half written reports began. He got up and put his finished reports in the out basket and headed out to the library.

"Hisoka," Tsuzuki whispered after finding his partner hiding out in the back of the library. He nearly panicked when he woke from his nap and didn't see his flaxen haired partner glaring at him.

Hisoka looked up at Tsuzuki when he heard him whisper his name.

"Did you finish your report?" Hisoka asked.

"Uh, well, no. I was trying to find you and-," Tsuzuki was interrupted by Hisoka suddenly kissing him. Tsuzuki's eyes first widened at this sudden display of affection then they slowly closed.

Hisoka pulled his lips away and looked at Tsuzuki. "Finish your report and come by my place after you're done."

Tsuzuki was once again shocked by Hisoka's forwardness that he hadn't notice Hisoka leaving the building.

Water drenched flaxen hair as Hisoka relaxed under the shower facet. He was pleased by the emotions he read from Tsuzuki. The pleasure he felt from Tsuzuki proved that the older man was as much attracted to him as he was to Tsuzuki. The attraction wasn't one sided. It was reassuring for Hisoka to know this since he was plagued with doubts about how Tsuzuki felt about him. He wasn't sure if Tsuzuki bailed out on him because he didn't want to rush him or because he didn't want him in that way. Hisoka sighed and turned off the shower head. Its nice to have the weight lifted from his shoulders; finally, he knows how Tsuzuki feels but it would be nice to hear it from his own mouth.

Hisoka grabbed a large fluffy towel and wrapped it around his waist. He stepped out of the shower, not bothering to cover his head, letting the droplets fall to the ground.

"Hey, you need a towel," a voice said.

Hisoka looked up in surprise. Tsuzuki was grinning at him with that usual idiotic smile of his. He was so wrapped up with his own thoughts that his empathy didn't alert him to Tsuzuki's presence.

"How did you get in here?" Hisoka squeaked, not knowing what else to say.

"You showed me where you keep your spare key. Remember?" Tsuzuki still bore that idiotic (but beautiful) smile.

"Oh, yeah," Hisoka suddenly felt shy. God, why am I feeling this way now? Especially after the way I behaved earlier, Hisoka thought. He averted his eyes to the ground as soon as he felt his cheeks turning pink.

"I came over as soon as I was finished with the reports," Tsuzuki said.

Hearing this, Hisoka slowly turned his eyes back up to Tsuzuki. He first fastened his eyes on Tsuzuki's shirt. As usual the white shirt had a few buttons that remained unbutton but the loosen tie he always wore was missing. In fact, the jacket and trench coat were missing as well. Only a piece of silky material stood in the way of Tsuzuki's bare skin. His empathy told him that Tsuzuki had the same thoughts regarding the towel. Hisoka boldly walked to Tsuzuki and kissed him. He was still pretty new to the kissing game so he gladly let Tsuzuki slip his tongue into his mouth. Hisoka moaned as Tsuzuki's tongue caressed his. He managed to unbutton Tsuzuki's shirt and pushed the material off his shoulders. Tsuzuki must have great restraint, considering he hasn't attempted to unwrap the towel that's around Hisoka's waist. Hisoka guided Tsuzuki to his room, the very same room where the massage took place days earlier.

"You took off your tie before coming in here but not your belt?" Hisoka grumbled as he tugged at the offensive thing. He never was one for belts but tonight he hated them even more.

Tsuzuki laughed. "Here," he pulled the belt off with ease. "Now, may I take your towel off?"

Hisoka swallowed hard before answering, "Yes."

Tsuzuki gave the towel a small tug and it fell to the ground soundlessly. Tsuzuki's purple eyes raked over Hisoka's body appreciatively. He then caressed Hisoka's face with both his hands before pulling him into another kiss. They continued to kiss as Hisoka unbuttoned Tsuzuki's pants and pushed them past his hips and then to the ground. Tsuzuki pushed Hisoka onto the bed and hovered over him. Hisoka's eyes narrowed at this and he pushed Tsuzuki off, forcing him onto his back. Hisoka straddled Tsuzuki's waist.

"We're doing this my way. I still want to get back at you for the last time," Hisoka informed Tsuzuki.

Tsuzuki looked thoughtful. "Whatever you say, sweetheart."

Hisoka leaned over and kissed those alluring lips and dugged his fingers through the strands of chocolate silk.

"Mmm, Tsuzuki?" Hisoka whispered between kisses. "I want another massage."

Tsuzuki looked bewildered. "What?"

"Come on. If you want to get any further with me tonight then you better start cracking. The oil you used before is on top of my dresser." Hisoka got off of Tsuzuki and picked up the towel off the floor. He placed the towel over his butt and wiggled a bit to show Tsuzuki he was ready.

Tsuzuki sighed at the sight. Couldn't Hisoka at least keep the towel off? He was rather fond of seeing Hisoka in the buff.

"Maybe next time, Tsuzuki!" Hisoka called out, knowing what his partner was thinking.

Yes, pay back was sweet. Of course, he's going to give Tsuzuki what they both want but it doesn't hurt to make him work for it a little. This was going to be quite a night.

The end

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