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Chapter 3

"Uh, oh, yes," Hisoka mumbled out in pleasure as Tsuzuki rubbed his back and hips with those generous hands. The scent of the honeysuckle oil perfumed the air. Hisoka felt like he could fall asleep forever with those hands caressing him, it felt so good.

Tsuzuki felt his body reacting due to his close proximity to Hisoka and he tried to will it away. The last thing he wanted was to scare off his little Hisoka-chan before they got hot and heavy. Well, actually, they were already hot and heavy but still one got the point. Tsuzuki decided it was time to get flirtatious.

"That feels pretty good, doesn't Hisoka?" Tsuzuki teased. He continued to give a rubdown and purposely kept going further and further down. Hisoka has yet to make any complaints so he must be on the right track. Yes, he knew that this was all Hisoka's idea since he was the one to invite Tsuzuki to his place but he can't help but have a little fear that Hisoka would back out before anything happened. He knew for a fact that Hisoka wanted this as badly as he does but Hisoka does have the habit of letting too many thoughts overcrowd his pretty head. He may get scared and kick him out. I guess I'll have to make sure that doesn't happen.

Hisoka kept feeling glimpses of Tsuzuki's desires and couldn't help but recognize them because they were so similar to his own. He felt so aroused that he was tempted to ask Tsuzuki to take him then and there. He had to remind himself of his agenda, of getting back at Tsuzuki for the stunt he pulled a few nights before. Then again, Tsuzuki has already suffered enough and he was beginning to suffer from his want of Tsuzuki.

Tsuzuki had his eyes closed as he massaged his partner, letting his hands get to know those intimate svelte curves. It took him a moment to realize that his hands were no longer massaging, for they were encased in the lily white of Hisoka's. Soft, lush lips caressed his. Tsuzuki opened his eyes to see Hisoka up close and personal. He closed them again, enjoying the pleasure of being kissed by the one he loved.

Hisoka leaned back down to the mattress, taking Tsuzuki with him. His soon to be lover did the favor of pulling the towel off of him and tossing it to the ground. They continued with kissing as Hisoka gripped Tsuzuki's head, feeling the softness of his beautiful hair. The air became steamy as they pushed their nude bodies together in perfect rhythm. Hisoka let out a gasp as Tsuzuki's erection brushed against his. He became very aware that they both were naked and in an embrace; more than that, he realized that the intimacy didn't scare him. No, rather he was enjoying it. Hisoka moved his hands to Tsuzuki's hips and grasped them. With even more energy, he pushed up his hips to Tsuzuki, showing that he had no doubts about this.

Tsuzuki felt Hisoka's hands gripping his hips and the firmness of their kiss, knew that he didn't have to fear about pushing the empath to far. Not breaking their kissing, Tsuzuki reached over to the dresser and grabbed the honeysuckle oil. Honeysuckle. That means "bonds of love" doesn't it? he mused. Tsuzuki broke away from the kiss, hearing Hisoka mewling in distress. He smiled down at the boy, continuing to thrust his hips against Hisoka's, eliciting more breathy mews. Letting the bottle of oil fall onto the mattress, Tsuzuki sat up, taking Hisoka with him and had the boy straddle him. He picked the bottle up and poured the oil into his hands. Then Tsuzuki resumed kissing his golden haired boy while placing his fingers to Hisoka's entrance. He pushed one finger in and felt Hisoka tense up a bit.

"Its okay, Hisoka," Tsuzuki breathed into the boy's ear.

"I know."

Tsuzuki probed his finger to loosen up the muscles before inserting another one. Hisoka groaned but he let up on the tension. He laid Hisoka back down on the bed after he was done preparing him and put a generous amount of oil onto his own length. Tsuzuki wanted to make sure that Hisoka suffered as little pain as possible. He lifted up Hisoka's hips and placed his length at the budding entrance.

"Ready Hisoka?"

Hisoka nodded, his green eyes widening as Tsuzuki pushed into him. Tsuzuki held still for a moment, letting Hisoka adjust to having him inside of him. Their lips meshed together as they explored their passion for the rest of the night.

Hisoka woke up, feeling drowsy and safe in a pair of strong arms. He turned his head to see violet eyes looking down at him warmly. Instead of saying anything Hisoka pushed himself up to kiss those perfect lips, conveying what he felt into that kiss. Tsuzuki returned the kiss full force, letting his emotions seep into the boy. Their similar emotions mingled with one another and became one. Their souls bonded during their love making, nothing could have been more perfect.

Without a doubt, Tsuzuki and Hisoka were where they belonged.

The end

Sorry about the cutting off of the love scene. As I was writing this I realized I was close to NC17 standards and so I stopped at that point to be on the safe side. I do have this story published over at Mediaminer so in the next couple of days I'll revise this chapter to include the whole love scene and put it over there.

I enjoyed writing this chapter as well as finding it easier to write. This was my first m/m love scene and I had a blast in writing it. Thanks to all who reviewed. I'm working on my next one called In My Master's Harem featuring Hisoka as a harem boy! I don't know why but I have such a fascination for Hisoka to be in a harem.