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Love at first sight

chapter 1

Long ago, a land was ruled by an evil king.A king was greedy, mean & cared nothing but himself. The king's name was Naraku. Even though he has a wife & daughter that does not faze Queen tried her best to make her daughters life full of love & how to treat people fair & plus not to get upset nor stressed because of her health untill the sad day she too got sick & died.

"Lady Kagome it's time to get ready for your daily studies!" said Bikutoria as she was trying to get Kagome for the day.

"Can't I have a few more minutes please?" begged Kagome.

"I'm sorry m'lady but if I let you sleep for a few more minutes you'll go back in a deep sleep.& it's hard to get you to wake up." said Bikutoria.

" Okay, okay I'm getting up." Unwillingly said Kagome.

After the princess got through dressing it was off to her lesson' Kagome love going to her lesson's a few minutes early before they started so she could mingly with the other princes & princesses.

Soon after she got there, Rin & Sango were telling how rough it was to get therebecause of the demons.

"I do believe it would be a lovely world to live in if those wicked demons weren't around." said Ayame.

"Now Ayame, we all know not all demons are take Jinenji for instance he's not he's big & scary, but he's very kind." said Kagome.

"That's only because he's half demon Kagome, besides like all demon he has to have a dark side." said Kikyo while over hearing the conversation.

Kagome rolled her eyes before she turned around to see who said that knowing who it was.

"No one asked for your opinion Kikyo." said Sango.

After being said Kikyo rolled her eyes & walked off. Getting close to school timethe headmaster came in.

"Class I have a surprise for you," announced Headmaster Russ. " I have considered to take in an appprentice."

After hearing this the students passed surprised looks at on another.

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