Love at First Sight

Chapter 6

After Kagome went to sleep, a few miles away from her home was Inuyasha.

"Where are you, half-breed?!" yelled the stranger. ", I've got more work for you."

Coming around the corner was an annoyed & tired Inuyasha.

"What do you want now Onigumo?" asked Inuyasha.

"How many times do I have to tell you it's Master Onigumo!" shouted Onigumo ",I've been meaning to tell you that I'm having my brother & his family coming to stay I want you to clean out the quest chamber rooms that we hardly Qustions?"

"Yeah, when are they coming?" asked Inuyasha.

Then all of a sudden Onigumo was smiling. "Tomorrow."

"TOMORROW?! When did you find out he was coming?" asked Inuyasha, seeing Onigumo was still smiling

"Oh I don't know about five says ago." said Onigumo who was starting to laugh.

"FIVE DAYS AGO?!" yelled Inuyasha "& your just telling me now?!"

" you better get on it right away." after saying what he said Onigumo walked off laughing.

Inuyasha felt like running after him & beating the crap out of he didn't so he went to get started on his new chore.

When he got to the doors of the chamber rooms he was dreading he opened the doors he saw there were sheets covering first went to the windows to let some fresh air into the he uncovered them dust flew everywhere & with that poor Inuyasha was sneezing & coughing so he knew this was gonna be a long he continued pulling off sheets & choked on more dust without looking where he was going & tripped over a chest.

"Where on earth did this come from?" he asked himself.

When he got up he went to look at the chest & opened it. In itwas some baby stuff, cloths, jewlery, & picked up a baby blanket & on the corner of it was a monagram with "I C". He didn't know what to say so he put it back & looked at the other looked through the cloths & was surprised that they were in this dusty chest because they were so fancy looking, he figured they belonged to the royal family. He was gonna skip the jewlery but something caught his eye. It was a crescent moon necklace, he thought it was he gazed at it he imagined a woman smiling, she was beautiful too just like the necklace. When the image of the woman faded there was another one, it was thought she might like the necklace he would have put it in his pocket but he didn't want to get caught stealing or anything so he put it back to his that he went to look at the pictures when he heard footsteps coming his he moved as fast to put the stuff back in the chest & put it away & tried to make it look like he was listened carefully to the footsteps trying to figure out if they're coming or the doors started to open & a little red headed fox demon child poped his head in to see who was in the room.

"Hi there Inuyasha." said the little boy.

"Shippo?! What are you doing here?" asked Inuyasha ",I thought you were suppose to be in bed?"

"To see what you up too. & I was in bed but I wasn't sleepy." said shippo while was trying to climb up onto the bed.

"Well as you can see I'm rather busy right now," said Inuyasha pulling the climbing Shippo off the bed. ", So if you don't mind don't bother me."

Shippo just stuck his tongue when Inuyasha wasn't looking.

"Why are you cleaning out this place?" asked Shippo.

Inuyasha let out a low growl before turning towards the little pest.

"Didn't your dad tell you that ur family was coming tomorrow?" asked Inuyasha

"He's not my real dad, but yeah I forgot." said Shippo, " My cousin is two might get along real good. So how was your first day as an apprentice?"

Inuyasha decided he might as well take a break till Shippo went back to sleep & god only knows when that would he picked Shippo up & put him back on the bed.

" was Headmaster gave my alot of work of coarse." said Inuyasha.

"Thats did you meet any people?" asked Shippo. " Like a girl?"

Inuyasha was surprised at Shippo's question.

"Yeah there was a people including girls but there was one girl." Inuyasha said. " Her names 's real nice."

Then all of a sudden Shippo had a big grin on his face like he knew something.

"What does she look like?" asked Shippo still smiling.

"Well she has long raven black hair, brown eyes, & a cute smile." said Inuyasha. ",Mainly she's pretty & cool too. She's fun to be around with."

"Awww...Inuyasha, you are so crushing on this girl." Shippo said while laughing.

"Am not."

"Are too & if you not why are blushing?"

"Am not crushing nor blushing & if my face is red its because its hot in here or its because you're annoying."

"Are not."

"AM TOO!" yelled Inuyasha.

"Geesh okay Inuyasha...What are you trying to do wake everybody up?" asked Shippo who rolled his eyes at his sorry excuse.

Shippo was about to leave until he saw the chest under the bed. So he got off the bed & drug the chest out or the best he could any ways.

"Hey Inuyasha why don't you help me drag this out?" asked Shippo who was have a little trouble getting the chest out.

"Hey, don't drag that out. I'm trying to get this place looking good while you're trying to mess it up." said Inuyasha but he was to slow because by the time Inuyasha finished his sentence Shippo already had it out & opened.

"Oooo...theres some cool stuff in here...come on Inuyasha you gotta check this out." pleaded Shippo.

"Listen I ain't got time to look at stuff ok?" Inuyasha said while he pushed Shippo out the way, gathered all the stuff the he pulled out the chest back into it & pushed it back under the bed.

"Hey! That wasn't nice." whined Shippo.

"Well I hate to tell ya Shippo, but not everything is nice." Inuyasha said. But while he wasn't looking Shippo once again stuck out his tongue.

"Well I guess I'll go since you're SO busy...see you later Inuyasha." Shippo said as he went out the door rather sad he didn't have

better conversation with Inuyasha was relieved that the little brat had left so now he could go back to work. & he too was wondering about tomorrow & a curtain little princess.

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