The lights were off, and the stage was ready. The dancers were ready to dance their hearts off on stage.

Dracula took his seat near the front near the cassette player, and the live band they used for ballet. The piano was shiny glossy black, like Dracula's. His blue eyes were glued to the stage, watching the little girls tap dance to old Ray Charles's songs. The curtains closed at intermission. It was crowded, but Dracula eligantly walked, almost flying, on the teal and white tile floor. Families and friends gathered to the snack bar like a flock of birds on a crab on the beach. Pathetic, not one soul here could ever change the dancing scene. It's always so competitive. His black leather gloves touched a random woman, taking her into the shadows, and killing her. The dances were so long, and overtirring. Dracula had gone through jazz, hip hop, and tap. He couldn't take it anymore. At least ballet was last, the most peaceful dances and music.

Amy stood in the shadows trying not to be seen by her stepmom,Linda, and stepsister, Nicole. They usually made her stay at home and work all day. Her friend, Jack, was in the band that was going to play for ballet. He was going to play the violin, while she played the piano and sang. "Jack, I'm not ready for this. What happens if she sees me?" "Don't worry. Amy you have the most beautiful voice in the whole school, and you're great at playing the piano, the teacher even said so. It's a good thing that Nicole and her friend Lisa weren't there to hear you. This is your chance to show that you have as much talent as they do at dancing. You just major in art and music. They're stupid and your stepmom's a botox-cholic." Amy laughed, but soon caught herself, and tried not to be heard. The director came and told them to get ready. "Here goes nothing." "Break a leg Amy. I know you can do it. PLease don't mess up on the singing." "I hope I don't. I just hope."

The lights dimed once, then again. It was time for everyone to take their seats. Group five was going up first. Dracula sat in the same seat as before, and quietly waited for it to begin. The little girls twirled and spun around, looking to the left where the teachers were instructing them on what to do. They were cute adorable at the most, but that did not move the Count. The dance was soon over, and an older girl came on the stage for her dance.

Nicole was ready. She was in her position on the stage, ready to start when the music started. Amy was nervous. If she did one thing wrong, Nicole would do anything to figure out who ruined it for her, and she knew that if they caught her, Amy would be in trouble. 'Alright Amy get ready," Jack whispered. The piano's notes slowly climbed in the air, and Amy started to sing.

"I'm so tired of being here. Repreased by all of my childish fears. And if you have to leave my life won't go on. Your presence still lingers here and it won't leave me alone, these wounds don't seem to heal, this pain is just to real. If you cried I'd wip away all of your tears, if you screamed I'd fight away all of your fears, and I held your hand through all of these years and you still left, from me."

The violins and anyother instrument chimed in after those first two words. Amy's voice rang through the halls, and everyone loved it. So peaceful it was.

That voice. Dracula perked up. That voice was so beautiful. There infront of him was a girl of 17 playing the piano and singing. Her white dress went down to her knees, and a small white jacket was over her bare shoulders. Her brown hair was curled and in a ponytail. She was beautiful. Dracula wanted to get closer, but he closed his eyes and listened to her voice. Slowly drifting away into a wonderful dream, but he suddenly shook his head. Her voice was so spell-casting, and beautiful.

Nicole was done with her performance and left the stage. She had noticed a handsome man in the audiance, but was to busy to care. "Honey you did great," her mother Linda slurred. "Thanks mama."

Jack gave Amy a waterbottle. "You did great! Everyone loved it, I could tell." There was one last song. It was one of Amy's favorites. A small 8 year old came onto the stage. She began to sing "I Surrender" by. Celine Doin. The little girl pleayed, and all that ballet junk, in her small pink dress.

Dracula sat in his chair staring at the young beauty. She never missed a note or a key, and her voice was more beautiful than ever. Soon the awards were being handed out, and the girl left in a hurry. Dracula followed.

Amy was briskly running down the halls. She stopped suddenly. "These damn shoes." Her feet were sore from running.(Long halls. and a big place) She took off one white high hell, and sat on a bench. She drank from the water bottle, and put on her shoe. Amy had to hurry home before they came back. She started to walk, but a man stood infront of her. His black hair was pulled behind his head and a few strands were in his face. His piercing blue eyes captivated her. He was handsome, and from hat she could tell, charming. "Hello my dear. You have a very beautiful voice." "Hi, thank you." She was very shy, and had to get somewhere in a hurry. "What's the hurry? Shouldn't you be in there right now?" "No, the band doesn't get any awards, sorry but I have to go." She rushed past him, but he grabbed her by the waiste. He pulled her closer to him, and they kissed. Her hand was on his chest ,as he kissed her harder, and she accidently squeezed him. She could have sworn he moaned or something, but she had to go. Amy pulled away, and ran out the door, as Dracula watched. It was midnight now, and Dracula was depressed. "Good-bye my Cinderella, I will see you again."