Dracula gently placed her on the bed, and started kissing her. "So what did you have in mind?" "Something more than this," he replied. A loud knock was pounded upon the door. "Not now! Of all times." It was Jackie again, this time pleading to see Amy. "What's wrong?'' "I need to talk to Amy," she gasped. "Yea, I'm here." "Oh Amy, I'm pregnant..." "What did you just say?" "I'm pregnant...from the hit man..." she gasped and sobbed. "Oh my God! What are you going to do about it?" "I don't know...I'm scared Amy." "It's ok." Amy comforted Jackie and they sat on teh couch. "Draccie could you get her a glass of water please?" she asked, her voice calm and quiet. Dracula was upset at the moment. Why does this always happen? Amy is so calm, and yet Jackie... Amy is truely brave, and so is Jackie. We need to get rid of Linda. Dracula gave Jackie the water. "All of this happened so quickly...Oh God!" she leaped into AMy's arms for comfort. "Are you going to..." "I am." "Have an abortion?" "I already did..." Amy's eyes bugged out of her head. "You did that?" Jackie nodded. "I will go now, it seems as if I am ruining your time together." "No we're not mad. Just be careful."

"Well that ruined the moment." "Draccie! She's in shock it isn't her fault, it's mine." Dracula stared at her. "Amy no it isn't...'' "Yes it is. My stupid step mother is in charge of this. I should never have..." "Don't say it. Please don't say it. I'm not even reading your mind, and still I know that you are about to say it." Amy was silent. "It's my fault. I should never have been born..." "I knew it. My love it is not your fault it was an accident. I'm gald you were born...otherwise I would never be as happy as I am with you. I'd be lonely and miserable. Something about you completes me." She hugged him. "How about we just sit infront of the tv, and see if anything funny is on. Maybe that will cheer us up." Dracula nodded. Great, nothing funny. Just romance movies. Maybe this will be a good time to figure out when I am going to actually do what I had in mind. "I love you." Amy buried her face into his shoulder. "I love you too." Soon both were fast asleep, smiling.


Sorry it's so short...