"I'm so excited!" "Darling, so am I, but what about the church? You know that vampires...can't go in there." "Yes, I know, but how about we do it outside? Have a..." "No priest. It can't be anything with God. I'm a vampire..." "Yes, I know for the hundreth time. Draccie, please...for me..." "Alright...But under one condition..." "Oh and what's that?" Dracula evily grinned at his love. "What is it?" "What I had in mind...remember?" "Draccie we are going to do that anyway." "Yea, I know... but..." Now she glared at him. "Alright, I'll stop with that, but I love you too much." "I love you too Draccie. When do you want to have the wedding?" "How about Wednesday?" "That's two days from now..." "I know, but I want you really badly. Really badly, and we also have to get rid of Linda." "Good point. Alright Wednesday it is. So who are we inviting?" "I have no family, friends...dead..." "Oh poor Draccie. No one?" "No...But I'm alright with it. So what about you?" "Well there's Jack, Jenna, Roy, and Jackie." "Short list. Seems your friend's names most start with J. So it's going to be a very small party." Amy laughed, "Yea I guess. After being stuck with Linda and Nicole, I really didn't have that many friends." "I feel your pain. Ams, how about we come back here and have teh party?" "Alright, I'm fine with that. You called me Ams..." "Yea and...?" "Well, you usually call me darling, or my love...I'm so used to it." Dracula hugged her. "But anything you call me is fine," she said.

Linda was determened to get even, but of course, she was always drunk. She couldn't believe Amy was engaged and getting married. Something had to be done, and fast. Her blonde hair was matted and frizzed, while her make up was smudged and black. If she was going to do something, so would do it herself. (Not like it's going to work since she's drunk)


Sorry, wedding is in next chapter...