Title: Peace, Love, and Serenity
Author: Mei Mei (Formerly known as Sailor Peace)
Rating: R (I don't think it will ever be NC-17, but just warning you... I'm not sure...)
Author's Notes: This is the re-written prologue to Part One. I'm dividing this story into probably six parts. It's going to be a Problem/Resolution kind of thing. I.e. The Beginning of Hate's Resolution part will be The Beginning of Peace of something like that. This prologue will be Serenity's introduction in a way. Later on there will be a more in depth side story for Endymion, sorta like the counterpart to this prologue, but it will be closer to the end.

Serenity Angelique d'Eliese was the seventeen-year-old heir to the French throne. The fairy-like girl seemed like the ideal Queen and wife for any nobleman or prince. Of course as the heir to the French monarchy, she was sought after by many men.

She lived in the Ch√Ęteau des lilas en fleur with her uncle, Henri, and aunt Madeline, her late father's brother and sister-in-law. Henri d'Eliese was the current Prince and regeant of France, as per his brother's request in his will. Serenity's parents were King Etienne d'Eliese and Princess Marie de Boire, daughter of Lord Francois de Boire of Marseilles. Serenity's parents died
in a carriage accident when Serenity was only seven years old. She did not remember much of her childhood, her Aunt Madeline said it was because she had suffered the fever soon after her parents death, and it caused her a great deal of memory loss. Henri promised to rule in his brother's place until Serenity reached her eighteenth birthday, now only two months away. It had been Etienne's wish for his young daughter to someday rule their great country. With everyday that passed, her aunt and uncle urged her more and more to find a suitable husband.

But, alas, Serenity loved her life of freedom, without the hassles and responsibilities of a kingdom to rule or a husband to rule it with.

Serenity was not alone in this feeling either, for in the Spanish Monarchy, the future king was faced with the same situation.

Prince Endymion Phillipe Fuerte III was the youngest son of Princess Elena Le Diablo and King Phillipe Fuerte II. He was tall, handsome and at the age of twenty-eight he knew as much as any man his age should, if not more. He was well educated in mathematics and science, as well as the worldly ways of men.

Luckily for Endymion, none of the women he had been with had ever conceived a child, for this he was grateful because he wished for his children to be brought into the world legitimately, not by some random act of lust with a woman he didn't love. But love didn't exist for Endymion, so he remained in his world of of sins and deceit.