Summary: Sequal to 'The Girl Who Slept for 2 Weeks'. Cindy is enjoying the last month of school, and is adjusting well to her new guardian. The only bad news is that 2 months ago, Sasha and Jason escaped from prison…but she hasn't seen anything of them..and cops are guarding Retroville pretty well. But soon she starts having dreams about her dead twin, Sadie. But these dreams don't seem like something to ignore, dispite her first impression. She knows that there is something behind it all, and she is going to find out.

Well, I know most of you said you liked the dream sequence idea, but I realized that I didn't really have any ideas for that one, so I decided to kind of mix it in with the Twin thing. I am also going to try a little bit of first person in this, One more question for all of you though…

SHOULD SADIE BE EVIL? It will probably make the story work out better, but it is your choice. Thanks!

-This is a dream from the pool party that Sadie 'Drowned' at.-

'Hehe' Came a small 1 year old giggle as she threw a block, hitting her twin sister, Cindy on the head.

"Sadie, Play nice" Someone said, but it seemed distant, like from another room.

Cindy scowled at her sister. She then stood up and used the couch to inch her way over into the back yard door. Sadie looked at her with questioning eyes and debated on weather she should follow or not.

"Ma" Was heard from Cindy as she tried to open the sliding door. It didn't budge

"Ma ma waaaaa!" Cindy was pounding on the door and crying. No one paid any attention. Sadie crawled over to Cindy, looked at her, and slowly crawled through the doggie door, landing with an "Eh" on the other side. Cindy got the hint and followed. Soon they were out in the back yard playing behind the bushes.

"AHHH!" Sasha screamed while holding something wrapped in a towel. "Sadie, what happened?" She yelled at the towel, knowing full well that it wouldn't talk back. Tons of relatives were running to the backyard and murmurs of 'What happened' and 'Whats all the fuss about?' were heard throughout the panic.

"I found Sadie at the bottom of the pool, she's dead! Too much water must have gotten into her brain!" Sasha cried while snuggling her head into whatever was wrapped in the towel. Relatives didn't take any notice in how stupid that sounded, and starting whispering words of shock. Unnoticed from behind the bushes, young Cindy and Sadie were looking at their mother like SHE was the one who's brains had been filled with pool water. All of a suddon, a dark haired man roughly grabbed Sadie and slipped into the house. Cindy started wailing for her sister, who was never seen again…

A couple of hours later (still dream)

" We should have been watching her!" Harold Flower cried, beliving that his daughter was ACTUALLY dead.

"So let me get this straight, she was found dead at the bottom of the pool, and her twin sister, Cindy started crying and that's when you noticed Sadie was dead?"

"That's right sniff OFFICCCCER" Sasha wailed. Harold had gone to his room to grieve over the loss of his daughter, so it was just her and the cop.

"And let me get one more thing straight, YOU BURIED HER YOURSELF?" The cop asked with an incredulous look on his face.

"I felt it would be easier to handle sniff the pain if I just did it all at once" Sasha replied nervously

"Ma'am that was not a smart thing to do. Now we won't disturb her resting place, but next time, let the professionals handle it" He told her with a 'DUH!' look on his face.

"Yes sir" She finished and walked over to the dark-haired kidnapper.

"Did you get rid of her Jason?" she whispered

"Yep, drove her over to the airport where her new family is flying over to Las Vegas with her. Step one of our plan is put into place."

"What? You were supposed to send her to Alaska!" Sasha raged

"But it was so expensive" Jason complained

"Why you little BEEP BEEP BEEP"


I am really getting to hate the sound of that alarm clock. Plus, that dreamwas getting quite was Friday…and that was really the only other motivation for getting up. The March sun peeked over the horizon as the rays created a wonderful painting like sky.

Great. I am thinking like Jimmy now.

"Cindy, hunni, come get your breakfast" My aunt yelled

"mmkay Aunt Linda" I sleepily replied as I pulled on my fuzzy slippers and trudged down the stairs.

As I ate my pancakes, I began thinking about that dream. I hadn't given much thought to Sadie's death, much less assumed she was never dead…why was I dreaming about it?

After putting my plate in the dishwasher, I went upstairs and got dressed. A pair of faded Mossimo® jeans, and a sparkly tank top with a white Cardigan. Gotta look cute for… know who.

As I brushed my teeth, combed my hair and put on a little makeup (just some mascara and lipgloss) I couldn't stop thinking about the dream. I knew I probably wasn't going to pay any attention in class today because of it…

Well, here it is :) I'm sorry if I'm not the best at writing in 1st person point of view :) Please review! I hope you guys are ok with the idea I chose to go with! Sorry the dream part was SOOO long!