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It was around 10pm when I got home, so I slowly crept in the door, and upstairs, as not to disturb Aunt Linda, who goes to bed quite early. Psh, old people.

I was pretty tired, so I took a quick shower. The hot water felt good on my body, making me even more tired. I put on my green tank top, and some shorts, brushed my teeth, combed my hair, and let sleep take over.

You guys should know by now that this is a dream :)

Young Cindy, and her father were busy watching cartoons. It was a Saturday morning, and they had made it an unofficial tradition that they watch cartoons every Saturday. The coyote still couldn't get the roadrunner, and every foiled attempt delighted little Cindy even more.

Sasha went to a Yoga class…or so Harold thought. She was really out at a popular coffee shop, Moondollars. What they were discussing, only they knew.

"Alright, where is this 'oh so mighty criminal' of yours?" Jason asked, obviously not willing to wait long for the arrival of the person who would later help them oh-so much.

"He'll be here, just chill!" Sasha snapped

They sipped coffee for a little while, and then their conversation was broken when a sound came from the door.

Ding! The coffee shop door swung open, and a short man came in.

"Here he is, the man that's going to make everything work!" Sasha exclaimed, and Jason had a look on his face.

"What are you talking about? I was the one who originally made all of the plans to take Sandy…" he was cut off

"Sydney" Sasha corrected

"Oh, so sorry, Sydney to Las Vegas!" Jason finished

"Yes, but she wasn't even supposed to go to Vegas! She was supposed to go to Al…" She was also cut off

"Will you two SHUT UP?" The short man yelled, a donut in his hands.

"Anywho" Sasha started again, putting a hand on the shoulder of the 'criminal'. "My friend here is going to be the one to make sure Sydney grows up...well...the way we want her to." She put an 'evil accent' on the last part

"And how exactly do we want her to grow up?" Jason asked

"So that she'll be of service to us later" The midget..i mean 'growth impared' man replied in a sinister tone.

"And how exactly is she going to grow up like that?" Jason asked again, not entirely sure weather to believe this man, whom he just met.

"Oh, my daughter will make sure of that, her and my wife. Yeah, they were the people to pick her up and take her to Vegas, incase your puny brain can't figure that out on it's own." The man answered, almost earning a punch from Jason.

"I need to get back, Harold will be suspicious, seeing as how my 'yoga' class ended 15 minutes ago." Sasha got up and left, followed by Jason, and the Criminal, throwing a half-eaten donut in the garbage on his way out.

As he walked out the door, the familiar sound ensured that he had left.


I sat up in bed. Another dream. I think I'm starting to get an idea of who this criminal is.

A question suddenly popped up in my head "How does this lead up to Har...i mean Dad's murder?"

I looked at the clock "4:30" it read. The sun isn't supposed to even rise for about an hour, so I may as well get some sleep. I snuggled into the sheets, and fell into a deep, dreamless sleep. Thank God.

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