Curse of the vampire

In the year 1380

A damsel running out of the house.

" You will never get me! " she cried to the moonlight. Her long red hair flows with the wind.

A shadow from the dark emerge and let out a screech so deafening. The damsel fell to the ground as the screech pierce her mind. The figure stood tall in front of her, " I shall kill all members of the Possible family!" it form, it grip onto the damsel's hand and drag her to the forest, leaving the damsel screaming for help.

" You still wish to hunt do you? "a mystery voice called out.

The creature turned aroundand its eyes turn red.

The damsel, still screaming at the top of her voice, stopped. A man with blond hair stood in front of the beast and pierce the beast with a silver dagger that glows within the dimmoon light. HOwling to the sky, it turn to dust. Leaving the damsel confused. The man who have saved her life dissapeared as well.

In the year 2004...

"RONALD STOPPABLE!" shouted Kim Possible, action teenhero.

"SORRY! I DIDN'T MEAN IT!" Ron cried back, teen hero sidekick.

Ron ran around Kim's house with a camera around his neck. It seems to me that Ron got a bad picture of Kim.

" I AM SO GONNA KILL YOU!" shouted Kim angrily chasing behind him with a towel.

" I didnt mean to take your picture while you were in the bathroom taking a shower!" said Ron meekly.

Oh...Boy, Ron Stoppable did it again. Oh, sorry, I'm the narrator. So don't mind with my words. Look! Kim is taking a chair and is about to hit Ron! COOOLLL! Whoops, sorry, back to the story.


Hmm, Kim is walking towards Ronald. Clenching her fist, you should see her veins coming out of her fists!

"Ron STOPPABLE!" said Kim angrily, lifting her fist high up in the air until...


Ron was relief. Kim took out her Kimmunicator and answered it.

" What's the sitch, Wade?" she asked.

Er hmm, I'm gonna guess that its going to be another mission at someplace top-secret as usual.

"Kim, there's somebody need your help!" said Wade. Ah...yes, , pure genius indeed, the mastermind of Kim's website. How, pleasant I presume...

"Where? There's always somebody out there who needs my help." replied Kim still glaring at Ron Stoppable. Ron just look so frightened of Kim's eyes.

"In... ever heard of Malaysia?" asked Wade.

"Wha?" said Kim.

"Gee, do I have to spell it for you? M-A-L-A-Y-S-I-A. Right, this dude, seriously need your help. His name is...okay, how's this. Mr. . General of the Malaysian army both NAVY and Air Force. He need you to be there ASAP." said Wade taking a sip from his diet coke.

Looking back at Ron Stoppable, she stomp off to get ready her next mission. With a sigh of relief, Ron scream the next second...


Oh my, Kim threw a chair at Ron's head. Now he is all beat up as they say, hahaha...ahem, excuse me.

"OUCH, that really really hurts..." said Ron rubbing his head. Getting up, a shadow lurks up behind him quietly but swiftly. Hey, there are two creepy eyes on that shadow! Cool! Okay, back to the story.

Up in Kim's room, Kim took out her usual mission suit. Suitable for her with Ron, two both different people, one of a kind. Fascinating isn't it? Like a piece of puzzle with two different personalities and bizzare attitude can actually fit unto one another. Back to the story. Now, Kim and Ron are on a plane heading towards South-east Asia which is Malaysia.

" Reporting for duty sir." said Ron saluting to the soldier that was in charge to accompany them on their way to the General. The soldier did not smile nor grin but just stand tall and showed their way. Kim nudge at Ron. " Ron, you don't have to do that..." said Kim walking into the General office. " SKUAD! BERSEDIA!" ordered the General hitting the table with huge fist.

"SIR, YES, SIR!" replied Kim quickly. It wasn't for long before Ron began laughing at her.

Kim blushed started to cool off. Maybe she was just too stressed thats all she thought.

Haha, guess she was a wee bit too much stress eh? Ah, now I will explain what does 'Skuad Bersedia', it was used in many Malaysian marching units like the Red Crescent(Red Cross) and Skuad means squad and Bersedia means prepare. Now, thats all from me so I guess lets go back to the story.

The General stood up and grunted seeing both Kim and Ron. " This is the first time I have to hire a foreign squad to deal with business around here." he said. Ron and Rufus juststammered at the size of the body of the General. Kim, being the all-positive one just smiled and offer a hand shake to the General. The General just turn and refuse to shake and began explaining the mission.

" Malaysia's best squad was sent on a mission to retrieve a stolengold keris or rather known as the Gold Dagger of Allah. It has a unique power ofdestruction and therefore needs to be kept in a secret place." the General said in a deep voice. Ron raised an eyebrow and walk towards the General and tap the Generals back. " Hey, you got the Possible Squad so theres no need of HOLY SWEET MOTHER OF PEARL!" shouted Ron dodging a dagger that target his chest.

Turning his back, he grunted. " Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, the two of you must never get any close to me or my personal bodyguard will take care of you." Out from the shadow, a guy in a black Malay suit appeared and stood before Kim. The General smiled," He is a member of the special squad and therefore you have a reputation. He wishes you to accept his challenge in a fight"

Kim smiled. " That would be an honour." she said ready to attack the guy.

"Terima Kasih." was all the guy said. Hi! Its me, the narrator and I'm going to explain terima kasih means. It means Thank you, how nice of the guy to say that.

The guy stood there with an arm folded at his back and the other with the posture of provoking the fight.

"Kim, that guy is bad news written all over it" says Ron pointing at the guy.


The door behind Ron and Kim shut close with a steel door.

" What choice do we have?" asked Kim shrugging.

In an instant, the man leaped for a direct attack at Kim's leg. " Whoa, that was swift! COOL!" said Ron cheering on. Kim dodge the attack and was shock that it was not her leg that hurt ( though she dodge the attack) but her eardrums were in an excruciating pain. Holding her ears, she saw the man stoodin front of herlike before, with a provoking posture.

" Guess, there's more to this attack than I thought." said Kim glaring at the man.

Hello, its me the narrator, so sorry for the inconvenience but I have to say that this is the end of the chapter. Be sure to check out the upcoming chapter! Who will win the fight? What attack Kim's ear? How did it happen? Check out the next chapter - A leading death!