Chapter 9 : The Rise of the bad moon.

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"Step away from Ron-san!" ordered Yori.

Ron's mouth was gaping wide open as the ninjas confronted each other (with Maito Gai and Rock Lee against Yori and the senior ninjas of Yamanouchi). "We will take Ron-san to be brought back to the temple!" said another ninja drawing his kunai out.

Narrator : Erhrm, a kunai is a short dagger. Just so you know, back to the story!

"Ron Stoppable, what have you got to say for yourself?" asked Yori.

"Er...Ron?" Kim asked.

Indeed the hero and bearer of the The Lotus Blade is gone...actually, he's hiding under the table in the kitchen.

" We will show you the power of the school of the Yamanouchi! " cried the ninjas. Leaping into action, Maito Guy said this to himself, " I hate you Hokage... Lee! 5th Gate of Hachimon Tonko! Gate 'TO' Release! ". "Yes Master! 5th Gate...RELEASE!" replied Lee. Both Maito Gai and Rock lee powered up and both their bodies turn into red and a great amount of chakra is released.

"SHOAAAAAAAAaaaaaaa! Forward! Blue flowers of the village of Konoha!" cried Rock Lee. Both ninjas of Konoha and Yamanouchi engaged in a devastating fight, powerful and invisible to the naked eye, Ron and Kim could only stare at the impact that's causing Ron's living room to be destroyed. " Are you believing at what I'm seeing?" asked Kim. " Not at all..." replied Ron's meek voice.


As the dust cleared, Rock Lee and Maito Gai had already punched a few ninjas and a whole budle of K.O ninjas were piled up behind them. It was the Hokage, after checking the perimeters,she sighed and said to Maito, " Maito Gai, your mission was to bring Ronald Adrian Stoppable back to Konoha so as to give proper training for him on the Eight Gates...Not to stir up trouble with the other schools!"

"Forgive me, but I guess it was our fault too." answered Master Sensei of Yamanouchi school.

The Hokage smiled and kowtowed with the Master Sensei, likewise Master Sensei did too. " We would like to seek permission to take Ron Stoppable so as to give him the proper training of the Eight Gates. It would be unsafe if he continues to practice in this way." explained the Hokage.

"Hmm... He is the bearer of The Lotus Blade...but I cant let this off without a fight. Anyway, I dont want fight you cause I have a very important matter to attend to. Do as you wish. Let's go Yori-san." muttered Master Sensei. Turning away, he dissapeared and so did the rest of the Yamanouchi ninjas.

Turning away, the Hokage sighed. "Take Ron Stoppable away, we shall leave immediately." ordered the Hokage. "Yes, Maam!" replied Maito and Rock in a chorus. "Lets go buddy!" said Rock, pulling Ron out of the table. " Ron!" Kim cried.


"Hohoho, I guess its time for the showdown..." said Alucard. He is now in the city's graveyard, hunting and searching for clues of the risen dark aura that threatens the very existen of the world.


"It's about time you show up." said Alucard. He was on top of the tree. The werewolf crawled out of the ground, standing on its hind legs as it rises from the grave. Turning to Alucard, its saliva dripped to the ground and snared at him. The wolf growled,"We meet again, Knight of the Hellsing Family!"

" It certainly took you long enough to crawl out of your puny little cave. What happen? Dont you like the beautiful wives I gave you when i put you in there?" asked Alucard.

"What WIVES!? They're all dead! You killed them all on my last reign of glory on this smelly earth!" he growled back again at Alucard.

"Oh yes, those certainly are the days..." replied Alucard smiling.

" But now, I hatched a new plan that would certainly put you Vampires in your misery! and the world will be mine once again!" cried the giant 17-foot tall werewolf with a scar on its left eye. " Ye-ah, just like what Legnachra said when he was on this earth." replied a cool Alucard.

"What do you mean, bat-face?" he asked. Stepping out of the grave, many more werewolves began to rise as the bad moon has fulfilled the first of the myth. " Oh, he was destroyed right after you stop snoring. " Alucard giggled.

Enraged, the werewolf howled and his eyes turned red. " Then, where is my brother!? " he roared, now his claws extended like daggers. Alucard was silenced, if knew that if he revealed that his brother had begun the attack then more damage will come to the Yamanouchi school. " No idea. Oh well. Ta-taa! I'm...Oh dear,..." Alucard was stopped by another werewolf.

Teeth flared among the new tribe of werewolves, their eyes only know of destruction and blood. " Do you think we're going to let you go that easily!? Alucard!?" shouted the Werewolf. " I am the Werewolf King! No one shall escape my presence unless I let them! "

" In the name of God, impure souls of the living dead shall be banish into eternal damnation. Go to hell, werewolf king. " chanted Alucard. Taking out a gun, he fired one bullet in each werewolf head and the werewolves that were shot, rotted and dissapitated. " Rise my warriors of night! Kill Alucard!" he commanded. Wolf after wolf they leaped to the sky and tried to pounce on Alucard but each died miserably as the silver spread through each of their blood vessels.

Back at the Possible's residence...

"Wade, I need you to recheck where is Ron Stoppable!" Kim pleaded. Wade, the computer genius, did his best to locate the village of Konoha but in vain he failed. " Sorry, Kim. Even my satellites cannot pinpoint the hidden location of the village of Konoha. " Wade sighed. Still typing on his keyboard, Kim slumped into her bed and held onto her pillow. "Ron, where are you? " Kim asked, recalling of what had happened earlier at the Stoppable's residence.

" Huh? Kim! You got a video clip! I'll streamed it now. " said Wade, his fingers typed as fast as they could and it streamed. It was Yori on the video. " Kim Possible! We need your help now! The Yamanouchi school is under attack! I'm using my laptop but I will show you whats going on now!" said Yori on the video, her uniform was ragged and slashed. Kim rushed to her computer and saw the condition of the Yamanouchi school. " No...Wade! Get me a trip to the Yamanouchi school immediately! " Kim ordered. Wade nodded. " Gotcha Kim! Be at the airport in 15 minutes." Wade replied.

" Its show time..." Kim muttered. She open her closet and put on her suit. " Game time! " she said as she dashed out of the room and headed for the airport. But the sword of the Vendetta glowed dimly at the corner of Kim's room. " Mesu...erh...ha...nok...ganish...shiii...sha...jaooo..." the sword chanted.

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