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Ring…ring…ring… ring… 5 more minutes momring…ring…okay! okay!

"Sheesh! yawn"…

My name is Haruno Sakura I'm 15 years old a normal high school student, well…not that normal… I have the ability to predict futures using palm reading and tarot cards…

When I was just a little girl I remember my mom telling me a story about four beast gods- seiryuu suzaku, byakko and genbu they protect the maiden who will save the world from evil, my mom said that the maiden was the most beautiful girl... in the world of GAIA

"Well that's what I think; my mom passed a way when I was 6 years old and my father disappeared without a trace…since then I've been living on my own…"

But I'm not alone nor sad! I have my two best friends Ino and naruto!

and besides, I have something that will make me remember my mom and my's a necklace (kinda like princess tutu's necklace when she transforms) it's my only treasure...

Ino and naruto have always been there for me through sadness and happiness and they've never let me down

As I went to our meeting place I heard lots of noises…

"Ino, come on please can you loan me some money? Pwetty pwease!"

This could only mean naruto

"No way! I already loaned you some money yesterday and the day before that and another day before that too!" Said this time by a blond haired girl tied up in a high pony tail

Don't tell me Ino

As I walked towards them…

"Huh…oh! SAKURA-CHAN!"

"Ohayo, forehead girl!"

I smiled and greeted them too...

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