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Chapter 6: Meeting Suzaku

The big gate of the castle opened.

"You know something…" sasuke whispered.

"Know what?" sakura asked.

"The gate in my castle is much bigger than this" sasuke stated.

"oh come on sasuke, there's no time for you to brag" sakura said, Crossing her arms.

"Welcome to Sapphire Kingdom!" a girl with four pigtails came out behind the huge gate. She greeted them and let them in…

Sakura's eyes widen in shock. "wow…" sakura said in awe

"Its not that a big deal" sasuke said in a whisper.

"Hello there, my name is Temari, and you might who be?" temari asked. With a smile plastered in her face.

"well, my-" sakura was interrupted by sasuke.

"were here to see suzaku" sasuke said flatly. "take us to him, now." Sasuke stated.

Sakura was annoyed. "umm, can you excuse us for a minute hehehe…" sakura said innocently.

"uh…s-sure…" temari answered.

Sakura pulled sasuke in a room. "what were you thinking!" sakura shouted.

"Well, I was getting to the point while you were trying to be a goodie goodie!" sasuke replied.

"I wasn't trying to be a goodie goodie at all, I was trying to introduce myself!" sakura explained. Still screaming in sasuke's ear.

"Fine, but if it takes to long for you to introduce, I'll just get to the point okay?!" sasuke answered back.

"Fine!" sakura answered back.

"but you must not let them know you're the maiden of GAIA" sasuke exclaimed.

"Why not?" sakura asked. "what could possibly go wrong if I tell her, I mean she looks like a nice person" sakura said.

"On the outside, but when the time she finds out, your life might be in danger!" sasuke shouted. "who knows what they'll do to you!."

"Tell me sasuke, are you worried or are you angry?" sakura said in a sarcastic voice.

Sasuke rolled his eyes "lets just go". Sasuke pulled sakura outside



"T-to see m-my brother?!" temari said in shockness, her eyes widen.

"your brother?" sakura asked.

Temari looked shocked but then returned to normal "I'm sorry, but his sick right now…" temari's hand turned to a fist as it tightened.

"oh, he's sick…its okay, we'll just come back some other time, thanks anyway" sakura smiled at temari "I wish he would be okay soon, I wish I could help you guys" sakura said.

"Thank you…" temari smiled at her with a look of regret in her eyes.

Sasuke was staring at temari and felt like she was lying to them "you don't have to worry, sakura only wanted to talk to suzaku to tell him that she needs him…to save GAIA…" sasuke whispered while he walked pass her.

Temari's eyes widen again and loosened her fist. "Wait!" temari shouted.

"t-temari-san?!" sakura whispered.

"I'll take you to him if you promise you'll protect him!" temari shouted as tears flew down on her. "take him away from this place! Give him the freedom he deserves!" temari kneeled to the floor, covering her face with both of her hands.

Sakura kneeled beside temari "I don't know what you're talking about but I will help you, me and sasuke are here to protect him…for your sake" sakura stated.

"Thank you…so much" temari said between her sobs.

"but…" sakura smirked.

Temari stared at sakura "but?.." waiting for sakura to continue her condition.

Sakura had a big smile on her face. "but you must always have a beautiful smile on your face!".

Temari nodded as she had a smile on her face "gaara, they are nice people…I hope you like them, cause I've got a feeling that sakura-san can help you…"

Sasuke had a small smile oh his face, he crossed his arms. "You never seize to impress me sakura…" sasuke whispered.


"When we were little kids me and my brother, kankuro, were the next heir through the kingdom of Sapphire and one of us should have been suzaku but, my other brother, gaara, he was only a baby when he was given such a huge task in his life" temari explained.

"a huge task? What do you mean?" sakura asked

"Well…to put it simply…he was the one chosen to be one of the protectors of GAIA, in short, to be suzaku" temari explained. "Everyday, our father always trained him, never stopping, he wasn't even given a chance to play with his friends or even fall in love with someone…" temari whispered.

"That's so sad…but how about your mother?" sakura questioned.

"she died while giving birth to gaara" a person dressed in a black with violet paintings in his face and a ( how can I say this…a sort of mummy puppet) in his back. "temari who are this people?" he asked.

"oh kankuro, you're back" temari said.

"you shouldn't be talking to strangers you know, they must be here to take gaara's life again" the person called kankuro said.

"to take his life? What does that mean?" sakura asked again.

"none of your business, besides why should we tell you? You're a complete stranger to us" kankura stated. "for all we know, you might be one of them who are trying to take our little brother's life!" kankuro shouted.

"but, I-" sakura trying to tell her explanation.

"I'll ask again, who are you people?" kankuro once again asked.

"kankuro please, they are here to help gaara" temari said stopping kankuro for trying to do something stupid.

"help him? By what? They are probably saying that and after they make us believe that they will try and kill gaara again!" kankuro said trying to frank sakura.

"I-"sakura was cut off by sasuke.

"she's the maiden of GAIA" sasuke stated. "and we came here to pick up a certain beast god who's apparently lost" sasuke said in a smirk.

"sasuke, w-why?" sakura looked in his eyes.

"cause he was being annoying" sasuke just simply said.

Sakura smiled.

"M-maiden…" kankuro's eyes widen. "temari did you know about this?!"

Temari shook her head. "no, I just found out…" temari said. "but, I got the feeling she was, that's why I told them about gaara…cause…" temari's eyes was tearing up. "I thought she was the one who is able to save gaara from evil!" temari shouted.

"t-temari…" kankuro whispered.

"temari-san" sakura called her name. "everything will be fine…cause, I will always be with him, ne sasuke-kun?" sakura looked at sasuke.

"whatever" sasuke whispered.

"sakura-san…thank you…" temari whispered.

"I apologize for my rudeness my lady…I didn't know…I never knew that the new maiden has arrived…" kankura kneeled in font of sakura.

"no, please stand up, besides it was my fault too" sakura lend out a hand to pick kankuro up.

"my lady…" kankura's eyes widen. Then he took sakura's hand and smiled at her. "pure kindness…beautiful and exquisite, she is the real maiden…" kankuro thought.


"well, this is his room…"temari said to sasuke and sakura.

"lets go then" sasuke held sakura's hand and pulled her in front of the door.

"wait, gaara…he's different, he always lock himself and refuses to see anybody…" temari warned both sasuke and sakura.

"what does that mean temari-san?" sakura asked.

"well…ever since he was a little kid, even after he was appointed as suzaku, he was always being bullied by the other kids…"


A little boy was walking in the street carrying a bag of candies.

"boy, I hope they all like these candies I bought for them…I hope I become friends with them…" a look of sadness appeared in his eyes but he was still smiling.

He was then in front of a playground full of kids playing, then, they all stopped of what they were doing and all looked at gaara.

"ummm…well, I bought these candies for all of you…"trying to give them the plastics of candies he was holding. "please accept them…" gaara whispered while smiling at them.

Suddenly they took the candies that gaara was holding and started throwing it at gaara.

"no way! We don't want them!" a kid started shouting

"yeah! For all we know these candies are made from poison" another kid shouted.

"we don't need them! We can buy our own candies!" another kid shouted

And they all kept throwing those candies at gaara.

Then gaara kneeled to the ground trying to protect his head from the candies they were throwing. Then, he started crying…

"please…s-stop it..." gaara said between his sobs.


"that was so sad…" sakura whispered.

"and that's not all…" kankura started. "different people from our castle always try to assassinate gaara…"

"ever since then he never smiled again…" temari whispered.

"now I understand why he locks himself from everyone" sakura whispered. Then a look of confidence appeared at sakura's face. "I'm going in" sakura stated.

"sakura-san" temari said.

"I'm going to talk to gaara and I'm going to make him smile again, you'll see" sakura stated. Sakura walked in front of the door and held the doorknob gently.

"I'll be here waiting" sasuke said to sakura

"Thanks sasuke" sakura smiled at sasuke. Then opened the huge door, then the door was shut locked. "g-gaara-san" sakura whispered. It was total darkness everywhere.

She was a bit nervous but regained her confidence "I have to do this if I want to go home…and besides, I promised temari-san I will save gaara…"

"Temari is that you?" a voice asked. It was moaning a bit.

"n-no, I'm Haruno Sakura and I'm here because I need your help- I need suzaku" sakura stated.

Gaara appeared out of the darkness and approached sakura. His eyes were faint emeralds with pure loneliness, his skin was pale as if he was dead or something, and his hair was red as blood. Then sakura noticed that there was something written at gaara's forehead, love…in a Japanese character.

"Ummm…hello there" sakura whispered.

Gaara only stared at sakura. "Tell me, are you afraid of me?..." gaara asked.

Sakura was speechless at first but answered "no, I understand what you've been through and I'm here to help" sakura stated.

Gaara was too close to sakura and looked at sakura's eyes. "help me…who are you?" gaara asked.

Sakura looked directly at gaara's as if telling him to trust her. "I am the Maiden of GAIA, and I am here to pick you up" sakura confidently stated.

"Maiden of GAIA…you don't know how long I waited for you…" gaara whispered. Then pulled sakura to a hug.

Sakura was absolutely speechless, she was stunned for a minute and hugged him back, she closed her eyes. "gaara-san, don't worry, your waiting is finally over…" she whispered.

Gaara gently let go of sakura and stared at her eyes for a minute. "is it really?..."

Sakura nodded. "as I said before, I need suzaku's help- I need your help" sakura stated. "will you come with us?" sakura asked.

"I will…" gaara whispered. "but, will temariand kankuro be with us?" gaara asked.

Sakura shooked her head. "sorry, gaara…but I'm afraid they wont…" sakura replied. She smiled at him. "but no worries, I promised temari-san that me and sasuke will be by your side…" sakura said to gaara.

"always?" gaara a bit unsure about what she just said.

"yup! Always" sakura repeated. She smiled once more at gaara. "Can I start the ritual now? To call out suzaku".

Her smile…her smile reached him. "you may start now" gaara whispered. He backed away from her. "call out my REAL soul…".

Sakura nodded, she closed her eyes and opened he arms.

"Beyond the fire, across the red light…

I call thy name, surround me now…

Great beast god Suzaku, Phoenix of light…I, Maiden of GAIA summons you on my behalf…"

Sakura opened her eyes and her pupils were gone and went blank, as her necklace glowed once again."Phanel de Rushelle ni origon ka youkai ni amethesita!" sakura ended.

Gaara flew and some weird wind was surrounding his body…

An image of a phoenix appeared in his mind…

"GAARA!" sakura shouted.

Suddenly a necklace appeared in gaara's neck. It had a gem in it (like what happened to sasuke).

Then…gaara fell to the ground and so did sakura.

Gaara stood up and looked for sakura. "My lady…so I have returned…" gaara whispered. Staring at the unconscious sakura.


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