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This is my first "Xena – Warrior Princess"- fanfic. Please tell me what you think about it.

Do you remember the episodes (I believe it was in season 6, but I'm not sure) with "The ring" and "The return of the valkyrie"? You should know if you read this, it's right after Xena saved Gabrielle and got back her memory.

If two women who are in love bother you, don't read this. This is romance, action and maybe it will turn out to be a tragedy. But I'm not yet sure.

By the way, I do not own Xena or any other characters from "Xena – Warrior Princess".

Xena – Warrior Princess

I Believe In You

Chapter 1

In this night, Gabrielle layed in Xenas arms. She felt Xenas steady breath gently tickling her neck. A small smile crept onto her face. She remembered Xena rescuing her out of the flames. One whole year they had been separated. Gabrielle still couldn't believe it. She was so glad Xena had found her. She leaned closer to her soulmate. watching Xenas face she found herself lost in the happy expression of the woman lying next to her. She liked the content smiling playing around the woman's lips. The Gabrielle remembered those lips kissing her. She blushed slightly.

"Xena…", she whispered as softly as she could. Slowly she reached out and touched Xenas smooth cheek, careful not to wake her. Her fingers cautiously caressed Xenas face, then trailed down to her neck. A soft whisper reached her ears.

"Gabrielle…" Xena smiled faintly. Gabrielle sighed.

"Sorry… Did I wake you?"

"No matter." Xena opened her eyes and looked at Gabrielle. She tightened her grip around the smaller womans body and ran her fingers through Gabrielles hair.

"Xena,", Gabrielle said quietly,"Please don't ever leave me again…" Xena took Gabrielles face in bothe her hands and answered: "No…", before leaning forwards hesitantly. Gabrielle closed her eyes when their lips met. When they parted they looked deep into each others eyes. Gabrielle gently touched Xenas face.

"I love you, Xena, I love you with all my heart…", she whispered.

"I… love you, too…", Xena answered affectionately,"You are the most marvellous thing that has ever happened to me…", Xena pulled Gabrielle closer to herself and kissed her again.

They stayed this way the whole night, pressed up against each other.

When the sun rose, Xena carefully slid out of bed and went outside. She breathed in the fresh morning air. She sat down into the grass and watched the rising sun. Then she heard a familiar voice calling her name.


She turned her head and met Gabrielles gaze.

"Gabrielle…", she whispered. Gabrielle sat down next to her.

"Are you alright, Xena?", she asked and touched Xenas shoulder. Xena nodded and drew Gabrielle into her arms. Gabrielle leaned against the warrior princess' body and rested her head between Xenas chin and shoulder. Xena raised one hand and stroke Gabrielles face. Gabrielle closed her eyes and sighed.

"I'm so glad I found you, Gabrielle…", Xena said softly and kissed Gabrielle on top of her hair.

"So am I…", Gabrielle answered and wrapped her arms around Xenas waist. Suddenly Xena leaned over her protectively and stretched out her arm. Gabrielle yelled in surprise. Xena caught the arrow just before it hit Gabrielle. They both jumped up. Xena drew her sword.

"Who are you?", she hissed to the figure standing ahead. The man took a second arrow, ready to shoot. But Xena was faster, throwing her charkram in his direction and hitting his hand, making him scream with pain and drop his weapons. She walked up to him.

"Well? Who are you now? Tell me." He laugzed, Xena frowned, raising one eyebrow.

"So you really are Xena, warrior princess?", he cried.

"That's exactly who I am. But you still didn't answer my question.", she said with falsed friendliness.

"Name's Beorn. Nice to meet you, warrior princess." He took her hand, but she pulled away.

"Can't say that.", she snapped. "And why were you trying to kill me? What do you want?"

"I wanted to ask you whether you could help me. Recently there were some warriors attacking our village. We don't have anything left, but still they don't stop turtoring us. I was sent to get help. Please, Xena, deliver us!", he explained. She looked at him distrustful.

"Well, but please, no more attacks with your arrows, okay?", she said and smiled faintly. He complied. Xena turned around and went back to Gabrielle.

"He needs us.", she explained to her blond friend, "his village has been attacked." Gabrielle nodded understanding and followed Xena to their horse. Xena got on it and reached out to pull Gabrielle up. Gabrielle sat down behind her and wrapped her arms around Xenas waist. Beorn got on his horse, too and purred."

"Hya!", Xena cried and they galopped after him.

"Do you believe him?", Gabrielle asked.

"I'm not sure. But let's see."

"So this… used to be your village.", Xena said looking at the ruined houses. "Hm. Can you imagine a reason why you were being attacked?" Beorn shook his head in denial.

"No. I don't know." He looked over the destroyed land. "And there they come again…", he whispered. Xena turned around and followed his gaze. A surprised "Oh!", escaped her lips. Some men appeared in front of them.

"I don't believe it! Warrior princess Xena! What the hell takes you here!", the leader shouted.

"Well, Roan, I think what is more important is what YOU are doing here. I thought you'd learned your lesson.", Xena replied. She recognized one of her earlier enemies. A long time ago they had fought each other. Roan had sworn revenge on Xena.

"I just needed a few things for my men.", he said, smiling innocently.

"And for that you burn down a whole village? This doesn't fit you, you can't be serious, Roan." She drew her sword.

"Xena, dear, you defeated me once, don't I'm still that stupid guy and you'll do it a second time.", He drew his sword, too., "Get them!", he screamed and his men surrounded Xena, Gabrielle and Beorn. They all attacked at the same time. Xena threw her charkram and whirled around to hit some men with her sword. Gabrielle defeated some of them with her stab and kicks. But in one moment of inattentiveness Roan raised his weapon, ready to kill Gabrielle.

"Gabrielle! LOOK OUT!", Xena yelled, but it was already too late. Roan sword swifted down on her.

Well, pretty short, I know. Next one will be longer.