All Fall Down

Ring-a-ring o' roses
A pocket full of Posies
ath-tishoo, ah-tishoo
We all fall down!

It seems that we are always going around and around in circles, waiting, anticipating, to catch the person who will fall next. Watching, almost to the brink of insanity with nervous excitement, never to join the frontline, only to welcome the next person in need of healing, physical or spiritual. You look like you are sick of only being able to heal. I know I am sick of only being able to think of new plans, new strategies.

This has become a never-ending cycle. Fight, rest, plan and repeat. It keeps going and going. When will it ever end? Will it ever end?

Exhaustion is beginning to seep through me. I can almost keep from being sick as a Shinigami is slaughtered in front of me. I am getting used to war. To death.

There you are. Moving towards me, your shield flickering on and off constantly, your lips moving with words I cannot hear over the noise. Your appearance stirs something within me. It's fortunate that I am more used to life with you than anything else.

The King has sent his daughter
To fetch a pail of water
ah-tishoo, ah-tishoo
We all fall down

They send us to one place, then to another. When will this end, what will be lost, who will be hurt? So many questions you give me, hardly any I can answer. My mind spins, the world wobbles, your questions turn into my questions. But we can only keep running, keep moving, as if stopping would bring another injury, another wound.

As we run, I never can stop myself from unconsciously watching you, never failing to have you in front of me. But I can only hope that someone else has his eye on you too, to do what I cannot do. Protect you.

I want to protect you. To hold you behind me and fight for your safety, so that I can turn around and see you smile at me again. Maybe I am selfish, but for you, selfishness is a virtue. But I cannot fight all of them, that is not my job. That is the difference between us and those we fight. They fight to be king, we fight to protect our own.

The bird upon the steeple
Sits high above the people
ah-tishoo, ah-tishoo
We all fall down.

They are watching, waiting, high above us. Mocking, laughing, ridiculing. They underestimate us. They do not know us. We can do so much, though it might not be enough. We get tired, but we will fight. I fight, for righteousness, for the people, for the souls, for our friends. For you.

And I fight to protect. I cannot fight the most powerful of them, but I fight them, bit by bit. Yet I always end up back beside you, under your glowing orange light. I see your tired, determined smile, and my emotional strength heals instantly. I know what I am fighting for.

Since when have my words stopped making sense? Time is a blur, where are we going, who's next? Are you safe, where are you now? Have you always been there, beside me? You grip my hand and whisper, "Stand strong, Ishida-kun."

The cows are in the meadow
Lying fast asleep
ah-tishoo, ah-tishoo
We all get up again.

They all fall down; but we must remain standing. And we will remain standing, together.