Darien and Harry Potter

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Summary: There was a prophecy of a child that would be born with the power to defeat the dark lord, but what if that prophecy came three years before that child was born? What if in that time it was believed that the older sibling was the child of prophesy? What would life be like for one Harry Potter when it is Darien Potter that is thought to be the Boy-Who-Lived? Finally, what if Darien was not some spoiled brat who hated his brother but a protector for a Savior, as he was meant to be?

Chapter 1: And so it begins

The world has been divided into muggle and magical, the magical world was threatened by a dark force, a dark lord named, Voldemort. Fate in her infinite wisdom decided to send the magical world a champion. One who could stand against the dark lord and bring freedom and peace to both the Magical and Muggle worlds. Fate is a fickle creature though a creature who likes to puzzle and confuse poor mortals and to this end she sent the prophecy of the chosen one, the savior, three years before he was to be born. Even more curious she had the savior's sibling born just before the prophecy was revealed. The sibling was to be the savior's champion, the one on who a hero could depend when even the world seemed against him. And so the sibling, the brother of the savior was born, Darien "Dare" Potter.


A mere month after the birth of Darien Henry Potter on July 31st, August 31st, the prophecy of the savior was given to Headmaster Dumbledore by a seer seeking employment at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Unfortunately, Dumbledore decided to hold this last interview for the position of Divinations instructor at a pub in Hogsmead where anyone with ears would be able to hear. Truly, the coming of the prophecy on such an occasion was not be expected, so it was hardly his fault that a death eater, happened to be a mere table away in the near empty pub.

"So Ms. Trelawney, what qualifications do you have?" asked Professor Dumbledore.

"Well, as you've seen in my resume I come from a long line of seers, seeing is in my blood as it were." Said Ms. Trelawney in her best airy-fairy voice.

"I see so what predictions of you made that have come true, so far? How many have come to past if I may ask?" Said Dumbledore as he reached for his tea.

"Well, so far… none, but that doesn't mean I don't know the subject. You aren't hiring me as a seer, you are hiring someone who can teach the subject. And I have studied it all my life, my mother as you may know was a very gifted seer as was most of my family, alas with each passing generation fewer of us are born with the sight, but still we all train in recognizing and developing it, it just doesn't work for all of us." Said Ms. Trelawney a bit downhearted, she just knew she wasn't winning him over.

"Well, the new school years does…" said Dumbledore as he was interrupted.

Ms Trelawney eyes suddenly glazed over, her facial expression went blank, and her body became completely rigid.

"One who can destroy the dark lord's reign, born as the seventh months dies, born to parents who have thrice defied the dark lord and survived."Dumbledore suddenly realized what was happening and put up his strongest silencing and privacy spell."The one with the power, a power the dark lord does not. The one marked by the dark lord as his equal will be the one to stand against him. Neither can live while, the other survives." Said Ms. Trelawney in a voice that was clearly not her own. "So do I have the job or not?" asked Ms. Trelawney as if nothing had just occurred.

A man had suddenly dashed out of the pub with as if the hounds of hell were on his very heels; Dumbledore frowned. Trelawney face was now truly down she just knew she had lost her best chance at this position.

"Yes, you are hired, you should come to the castle immediately as school starts in three days as you have to set up for classes. I hope you have a course plan laid out, I'll provide the students their books this year and next year they will be required to provide their own. Nice meeting you, just come to the school the doors should be open if not knock and I'm sure someone will open the door, I really must go now, have a good night," with that Dumbledore rose bowed smiled and all but ran to the fireplace, he got some floo powder out of a jar on the mantle, threw the powder into the fire, and yelled, "Department of Mysteries, the Ministry." He disappeared in a flash of green flame.

After making a recording a the prophecy for the Department of Mysteries, Dumbledore returned to his office in Hogwarts, fixed himself a couple of tea, and thought. He knew of only two couples that have defied Voldemort three times and lived to tell the tale: the Potters and the Longbottoms; furthermore, as far as he knew neither couple was currently expecting a child. Prophecies of this type usually were about children or people yet to be born, but it was not unheard of for such a prophecy to describe someone who already existed. The Longbottoms had no children, but the Potters had a son who was born as the seventh month died. Still, why did the prophecy come after the boy was born and not before, he had only been born the month before, why couldn't it have come in June or earlier in July? Maybe the child of the prophecy was due to be born next summer, thought Dumbledore. 'Yes, that's it. The chosen one is due next summer and will probably be born to either Longbottoms or the Potters.' Dumbledore concluded. Dumbledore decided to tell the Potters about the prophecy, just in case the prophecy child, was actually Darien. The next day he fire called the Potter's to his office for a meeting.


"Lemon Drop?" Dumbledore offered the couple. "James, Lily, is that little Darien?" He asked of the bundle in Lily's arms.

Lily and James nodded and looked at their joy, their first-born son, Darien, who slept quietly in his mother's arms.

"Well, the reason I called you here is because there may be an end to these dark times. You see a prophecy has come to past." Dumbledore said his eyes twinkling. "According the prophecy, you or possibly the Longbottoms may be the parents of a savior who will be able to defeat Voldemort."

James was silent, he couldn't believe what he was hearing. Lily just stared at Dumbledore.

Dumbledore then recounted the prophecy to the couple, who sat dumbfounded. They parents of someone powerful enough to maybe destroy Voldemort and free the wizarding world of his evil once and for all? It boggled their minds.

"Now I'm not saying that little Darien there is the chosen one, but he was born as the prophecy says, as the seventh month dies, however most prophecies of this type usually refer to a person yet to be born, so presumably you or the Longbottoms may give birth next summer to the chosen one. If that doesn't occur then we can safely assume that young Darien here is the chosen one. And so we must take proper precautions for his and your safety. Unfortunately when the prophecy was revealed to me, I was in a public place and I'm sure it was over heard by a death eater but only the first sentence and not the entire prophecy, as soon as realized what was happening I put up silencing and privacy spells so I know he didn't get the full prophecy, unfortunately he got away and I'm sure by now Voldemort knows of the coming of the savior." Said Dumbledore.

"The safest place for you of course is Potter Manor, as you know the blood wards around pureblood homes can not be breached by any known magic. Only invite by the family will get anyone who is not family in. Your manor is already unplottable so it is really the safest place for you." Dumbledore continue.

"Our son could one day defeat He-who-must-not-be-named? That's fantastic, and very dangerous. Yes, we will keep him in Potter Manor as much as possible as of today restrict those we invite in to just you and few very close friends." Said James. Lily nodded in agreement, looking at her dear child in her arms.

Darien had Lily's auburn hair color, but they could already tell that he had James untamed mane for texture. Darien's eyes were blue but brilliantly blue; the way his mother's eyes were brilliantly green. He had his mother's complexion, and her nose, but everything else screamed James. James and Lily had decided to have just one child, so they knew that if the savior was not Darien then it must be the Longbottoms.

"Well, Albus," Said Lily, "We will stay in Potter Manor, and see if the Longbottoms have a child next summer. James and I have already decided that we only want one child. Darien is all we want or need, so unless the Longbottoms have a child at the end of the July then I'm holding the Savior as we speak."

Dumbledore nodded.

"Well, if that's it I must get to the Manor and begin strengthening the wards, and I will have to restrict floo access to the Manor as well, so much to do. Is there anything else?" Asked James and he and Lily rose from their seats.

"No, I just wanted you know, I'm not talking to the Longbottoms, I don't want to force them into anything, I wouldn't have told you, accept for the fact that little Darien will need extra protection. It is better to let prophecies unfold on their own then to try to force them. I'll be over in a few days to help you re-enforce your wards. In the meanwhile, I'll contact the Longbottoms and tell them that there may be a threat of some kind against them. I figure that way they can still lead normal lives, but have their guard up. If they are to have a child next year, it must be of their choice and not just to fulfill the prophecy." Said Dumbledore, as he swiped his hand through the air and the tea set disappeared.

"I agree completely." Said Lily. "Have a good day, Albus." And with that she took out some floo powder from a jar above Albus' fireplace and yelled, "Potter Manor." The flame flared and turned green she stepped into and disappeared in a green flash.

"See you in a few day then, Albus." said James as he repeated his wife's action, and was gone.


By October, Albus was starting to look for some sign that the Longbottoms or the Potters were pregnant. True the child would have to be conceived in October to be born in July but still, there were ways to tell if a witch or wizard was with child. He watched both couple as much as he could will running the school for any sign that a child was on the way. It was true that the Potters had not planned on having another child, but Albus knew that as a witch and wizard, it was possible for them to have another child no matter what they're personal decision was, it just happened sometimes in the magical world. Sometimes, no matter how many precautions a wizarding couple makes, they can still wind up with a little one on the way. Some people thought it was from a subconscious need that the magic made these children possible, others that it was just dumb luck, but the fact remains it can just happen. November 1st came and Albus was more inclined to think that young Darien Potter was the child of prophecy. Still there was a such thing as premature births, so maybe the savior would be conceived later. He told the Potters this, an they decided to wait an additional four months.

When Darien was seven months old it was decided by his parents and Dumbledore that he was indeed the child of prophecy. This both delighted and worried his parents. For they knew that wherever the Dark Lord was, he was coming to the same conclusion. Still, it mattered little, inside the Potter Manor, no outside force could touch them. James still went to work as an auror, he was very powerful in his own right and could more than take care of few death eaters. Lily was a researcher, and author, she wrote books on spells and the origin of magic, she too was very powerful in her own right, even though she was muggle born.


It was decided that Sirius Black would be Darien's godfather. Unbeknownst to any, this infuriated one Peter Pettigrew. Peter had been a friend of James as long as Black, had been and he considered James to be his best friend. In fact, Pettigrew was in love with James. He knew there was no chance for him to get with James, so he contented himself with the role of friend, and he thought best friend. He may not have been as powerful a wizard as Black but he was still a better friend, he thought. He thought that being Darien's godfather would tell the world that he was special to James, and that would have meant the world to Pettigrew. Even if he couldn't be with his love, he would be satisfy just to be thought of as special to him. However, that was not the case. Black was the godfather, and their second choice was Lupin, the bloody werewolf. Pettigrew couldn't understand why his love would choose those two fools over him to take care of his most precious child? He was fuming but he hid his anger, and that was an opening for the Dark Lord.

Pettigrew, like Black and Lupin didn't know the full contents of the prophecy. They simply knew that there was a prophecy and that it may involve young Darien and the He-who-must-not-be-named. They knew the protections for the Potter Manor were re-enforced, and that the child was to be protected, at all times and not to leave the manor. It was a month since Black was named godfather that Pettigrew got drunk in a bar in Hogsmeade.

"Hey, aren't you Peter Pettigrew," said a voice unfamiliar to Peter.

"I am what's it to ya?" sniped Pettigrew, who was drinking and angry over the godfather issue.

"I heard the Potters' chose Black to be their son's godfather. How strange, I thought for sure it would have been you." Said the stranger. He wore black robes with green piping along the front seams. He was a tall man, dark with black hair, and blue-black eyes that seemed to flash red sometimes, he looked a little like James, but there was something… almost… sinister about him. Still in Peter's drunken state, he couldn't feel the sinisterness, almost dripping from the stranger.

"Yea, I thought I should have been the godfather, I'm his best friend, why can't see that. I'm not as powerful a wizard as they are but I'm more crafty, I could protect their son in ways sheer power like Black and Potter have couldn't. Why couldn't he see that I'm the better choice, the smarter choice." Said Peter as he took a long swig from the bottle of Fire Whisky.

"I agree, and I know just how to make them see their mistake. I know a spell that would make it so that they can't live in Potter Manor for a short time. Once, that happens they will realize that it should have been you to be the boy's godfather, after all Black didn't stop that from happening, and as a godfather it's his duty to look after the boy, right." Said the stranger in a low voice.

Drunk as he was, and getting drunker as the stranger started to pour more fire whiskey into him, Peter began to think that it would be a good plan. Surely the boy would be safe outside of Potter man for a short time, and he would be there to protect him, far better than Black would and so it would prove that he should be Darien's godfather. James would appreciate him, and so he would be a little closer to the one he loved.

The stranger and Pettigrew talked for the rest of the night as the stranger taught Pettigrew the spell. Peter decided to cast the spell on Darien's first birthday, as it would be more dramatic and help his case of proving Black unworthy of being the boy's godfather.


Four months past and there was a small birthday party for Darien. Darien was only a year old but he was highly aware of his surroundings and would talk, a lot to everyone at the party. For some reason though, he didn't like to talk to Peter too much, and this sort of hurt Peter's feelings. He wanted to be close to the child as it would make his closer to James. But Darien seemed to avoid Peter whenever possible, though he was very discrete about it, which was amazing for a one year old.

"Peter." Said James as he caught Peter near the punch bowl. "I've been meaning to talk to you for a while, it's about the godfather thing."

Peter didn't' know what to think, was James going to really amaze him and admit that naming Black as his son's godfather was a mistake, and that he now wanted Peter, or was it that he found out about the plan and he was going to throw him out. Pettigrew's heart raced.

"Peter I wanted to tell you why I chose Sirius to be Darien's Godfather instead of you. See, it's Lily, we agreed that we must both agree on who the godfather would be in order to choose one. I chose you. I love Sirius to death, you know that, but he's a little immature, I love a prank as much as the next guy, maybe even more, but Sirius sometimes doesn't know when to stop. Just like that time when he sent Snivellus to Lupin when he knew Lupin was in the change. I mean sure I said it would be funny, but I never thought Sirius would actually go through with it. I was lucky to get there in time to save Snivellus. I wanted someone who could really care for my son, I know Sirius would die for him, but I knew that you would do whatever it took to insure that he was safe and happy. Still, after I told little about our experimenting when we were in school, she just didn't feel comfortable with you being our son's godfather. I mean really, we only experimented once and even then it was just some kissing and heavy petting, but still she doesn't feel comfortable with you as godfather, so I went with my number two choice, Sirius. I just hope that if anything happens to Lil, and me that he'll grow up and take proper care of Darien. Well, I just wanted you know is all, still I want you to stay apart of his life, be back up for Sirius when he let's his fun side get the better of him. Lil is calling me, we'll talk later, okay Wormtail?"

"That'll be great, later than." Said a flabbergasted Peter.

James had wanted him as godfather; he was James first choice. Peter wanted to run and sing and dance, he wished he had a broom with him right now, he felt he could soar higher than ever before, his love did trust him and he was the first choice to take care of his son. It meant more to Peter than all the galleons in Gringotts. Peter, of course, didn't implement the plan. He still remember the spell but he wouldn't have to use it now. As far as he as concerned he was co-godfather to little Darien. Amazingly, now that he wasn't going to go through with the plan, Darien seemed to warm up to him a bit. He was still happier with Sirius and Remus, but he wasn't as cold to Peter anymore.


Elsewhere, the stranger from the bar, waited, and waited. Where was the signal that Peter had implemented the plan, why weren't the Potter's out of Potter Manor? The stranger growled, he summoned a follower from the circle of men around him.

"Crucio!" The stranger said his voice deep and dripping of malice and anger.

"Master!" shrieked the follower on the ground.

The stranger said nothing but took some small satisfaction from the suffering of the man on the ground. After a couple of minutes he lifted the curse.

"Master, what have I done?" Cried the follower.

"Knott, you fool, you have done nothing but be here to suffer for the one that has made me angry. Thank you, I feel better now. There will come another opportunity to get to the Potters' and I know that Pettigrew is still the key." Said the stranger.


A year passed, and again Darien birthday had come, he was now two and he was already doing bits of accidental magic, this pleased his parents and Dumbledore immensely. He would be a powerful wizard to do magic as such a young age.

Darien was closer to Sirius and Remus than he was to Peter, and this made Peter a bit jealous. He love James and to be close to James' son was to be close to James. Though Darien appeared to like Peter it was nothing compared to how he felt about Uncle Sirius and Uncle Remus. Still, Peter loved the boy, and doted on him all of the time. Darien was still the child of the love of his life, after all. Peter liked to pretend sometimes that Darien was his and James' son.

The party was going well, and came time for the cake, this time Darien had a clear understanding of what a birthday wish was, and how to do it. Still, he didn't believe that he would get what he wanted so he went to his mother.

"Mum, if I ask you for something special for my birthday will you get it for me?" Asked Darien.

"Sure son, anything in the world for my special little boy." She picked him up and carried him into the Dining room where the cake was.

"I will give you anything within my power to give you, precious." Lily said cuddling him on her hip.

"You mean it, really, anything in your power to give me?" Said the precocious lad.

"Yes, anything in my power." Said Lily smiling at the guests as they stood near the table waiting for Darien to blow out the candles on his cake.


"Yes, son, I promise." Said Lily.

"Super duper promise?" Said Darien.

"Super duper promise." Said Lily. As she stood Darien up in a chair so that he blow out the candles on his cake.

"Super, duper, double promise?" Said Darien.

Lily was now getting tire of promising, "Yes, I promise, super, duper, double promise."

"Super, duper, triple promise and cross your heart?" Said Darien.

"Lily make him a Witch's Oath that's as strong a promise as you can make, maybe that will satisfy him." Said James with a smile.

"Yea, mum make me a witch's oath, 'kay? Please." He smiled his sweetest with big puppy dog eyes.

"Fine. I, Lily Potter, do hereby swear on my magic and my life to give one Darien Henry Potter anything for his birthday that is within my power to give, so mote it be." Said Lily, and a silver light glowed all about her. "Believe me now, dear Dare?"

"Yes." Said Darien, who then turned and blew out all the candles on his birthday cake in one breath.

"So what did you wish for, son?" asked James.

"Well, the wish was so that Mum would keep her promise and give me what I want for my birthday." Said Darien.

"And what do you want, Dare?" Said Lily.

"A baby brother!" said a smiling Darien.

It was a good thing that Darien was still standing in the chair because Lily fainted straight away, as did James. Darien looked down at his parents, "What wrong with them?" he asked innocently. The guests started laughing hysterically.

Sirius picked up Darien while Remus and Peter revived Lily and James.

"You do realize that it will take some time before you get your present, right? At least (chuckle) nine months, maybe longer." Said Sirius. He knew just like everyone else in the room knew that Darien would get his wish. If James or Lily didn't produce a baby brother for Darien, then Lily would indeed lose her magic and possibly her life, so a baby brother was what Darien wanted and baby brother was what he was going to get.

"That long? Well, I'll wait, I really want a little brother." Said Darien. And it was true. He was loved, by his parents and by his godfather and Remus and Peter but he longed for someone his age or younger to play with, someone he could have as a friend, someone he could protect. He wanted a baby brother, more than anything in the world. He wouldn't care if he never got another gift for the rest of his life what he wanted was a brother.

After Lily and James were revived they smiled and joked about the baby they would be having as they now must have it. The party guests were beginning to leave, and some were even beginning to plan the baby shower. When the last guest had left, James and Lily put their little Dare to bed.


"Quite the little surprise, you gave us there, Dare." Said James as he put Darien in his bed. He took the seat next to Darien's bed, while Lily sat on the side of the bed, and tucked Darien in.

"You never mentioned wanting a little brother before Dare, why not?" Asked Lily, as she tried to hide her unhappiness.

"I saw that Minny and Kenny (house-elves) had two children, I would watch them play together, and I thought it would be nice if I had someone like that a little brother to play with, so I've been wanting a little brother for a few months now. I never said anything because you both looked so busy, and well, I just wanted really wanted one so I thought I would ask for one as a birthday present. Did I do something wrong?" Said Darien, he face sad because his parents didn't look happy about his choice of gifts.

"No, dear Dare, you didn't do anything wrong, right Lil?" Said James as he held his son's hand.

"No, you didn't do anything wrong, I should have just asked what you wanted before making that promise. So do you mind if we adopt a brother for you?" Said Lil hoping desperately, that he would be satisfied with that.

"No, I want a baby brother from the same place I came from." Said Darien, with a bit of pout.

"Okay, but it takes much longer to get a baby from where you came from, we could have an adopted brother here in a month." Said Lily, still holding on to hope.

"No, same place I came from." Said Darien.

"Fine, I said you could have anything within my power to give, so be it. It could take a while though, okay?" Said Lily.

"Yea, Sirius said it could take up to nine months, maybe even longer. Why? Where do babies come from?" Asked Darien. Lilly and James paled they were really hoping not to have this talk for a few years yet.

"You'll find out when your little brother is on the way, okay?" Said James.

"Okay, (yawn) thanks Mum, Dad, this was the best birthday ever." Said Darien as he closed his eyes and quickly went to sleep.

After they were sure that Darien was asleep, they went to their room and put up silencing charms. They knew that Darien liked to wake up in the middle of the night to go after water and what not.


"James, I don't want to do this again. We said one. One child, that's it. Having Darien nearly killed me. I love my son, with all my heart, the two of you are all I want or need, now this? James, there must be some way out?" Begged Lily on the edge of tears.

"I'm sorry Lil, I wish I would have never suggested the wizard's oath, I thought he just wanted a pet dragon, or a unicorn, or maybe his own broom to fly on, I never expected he'd want a little brother. Lily, you know as well as I do there are only three things that have no way out, the killing curse, the wizard's oath, and a life debt. This happens to be one of the three. I'm sorry baby." Said James as he walked over and hugged his wife.

"I'll have this child, but I don't think I'll have anything to give it. I only want you and Darien." Said Lily.

"Me, too." Said James, "I only want you and Darien too, Lil."

"We'll do the best we can for it, that's all. And just hope that it's enough. Hopeful, he won't be some screaming little brat." Said James.

"Yea, I really couldn't stand that. We were so lucky with Darien, he was a difficult delivery but still he's been nothing but the perfect baby, always happy and smiling, he brings joy everywhere he goes. I hope this second child will be half as good, as Darien." Said Lily.

In mid-October, Lily and James had just finished a session of love making when they noticed a golden glow around Lily's stomach.

"What the?" asked James.

"Maybe I just conceived? This didn't happen with Darien, maybe it's because of the Wizard's oath a sign that the Oath is being fulfilled may be?" Lily asked.

"We'll go to St. Mungos in the morning and have you checked out. You don't hurt or anything because if you do we can go right now?" Asked James, a little nervous.

"No, no pain or anything, I just feel warm, like always do after we make love." Said Lily as she nuzzled into James' chest.

"Okay, we'll go in the morning, I'll have Sirius come and baby sit, Darien. Sleep well love." Said James, as he turned off he light.

When morning came James fire called Sirius to come and watch little Dare. Sirius happily agreed it was his day off from work and he had planned on just sleeping in but a day of playing with his godson seemed better than a few extra hours sleep.

Once Sirius arrived the couple were off to St. Mungo. Lily's OBGYN was more than happy to see her on such short notice. James waited in the waiting room while Lily saw her doctor alone.

"So what brings you here today, Lily?" asked Dr. Walden.

"In July, I made a witch's oath to my son Darien to give him anything that was within my power to give. Well, what he wanted was a little brother." said Lily sadly.

"Oh dear, I'm sorry, I know how you just wanted one child. And now you must have a second, I am sorry. I really prefer for my patients to want the children they will have." Said Dr. Walden.

"Well, be that as it may, both James and I feel the same about this, we really don't want another child, but the oath was made, and we must give a brother to Darien."

"I see." Said Dr. Walden thoughtfully. "So presumably you are here because you either think you are pregnant or need help getting pregnant.

"If I needed help getting pregnant I wouldn't be here, that would count as this being out my power to give and I wouldn't have to have this child. No, the reason I'm here is because last night after making love to James, a strange golden light appeared to come from my abdomen. We think it could be a sign that I conceived, but we never heard of such a thing, we figure it may have something to do with the oath, like it's verification that the oath is being fulfilled or something." Said Lily.

"Well, lie down and I'll do a scan of you, and let you know." Said Dr. Walden. Dr. Walden slowly passed his wand over Lily and detected a new life within her, barely a few hours along. He found no reason for the glow, and said that so far it looked like it would be a normal healthy wizarding child. Lily was apathetic about it, as was James. They simply did not care to have another child. The doctor did some calculations and figure the baby would be born the end of July or early August. The couple thanked Dr. Walden for his time and flooed back home.

"Dare, Sirius, where are you guys?" Called James.

Darien and Sirius popped up from behind the sofa and laughed as Lily and James both jumped startled by their sudden appearance.

"Cute guys, we have some news for you." Said James. James held Lily's hand, and they both plastered fake smiles.

"We just got back from the Doctor and Dare, you are going to get your birthday wish about the time of your next birthday. Mum and I are having a baby." Said James. Darien squealed in delight, he would have a baby brother, just like he's wanted. Sirius was happy at first until he saw the looks on James and Lily's faces. His smile became as fake as theirs as he was worried about them and the new baby. He knew they didn't want another child, andhe saw in their eyes the beginnings of a bitterness that was already starting to worry him for them and the new baby.

This second pregnancy started out easier than the first with Darien. There was very little morning sickness for Lily, though she for the most part didn't really take care of herself. She didn't want the child so what did she care if it was 100 perfect or not. She did almost none of the things her doctor recommended, she drank as she pleased, and though she didn't smoke she didn't care about hanging around her friends who did. She always over did exercising, trying to keep her shape, this resulted in the baby not getting enough food prenatal. Beginning of her third trimester was when her disobedience to her doctor started to catch up to her. She was having terrible cramps, and lite spotting. She was rushed to the doctor who examined and hetold her that the child was grossly underweight. Lily insisted that she ate everything she was supposed to but didn't mention her exercise regimen. The doctor noticed how toned her body was, and instantly told her to stop with all the exercising she was hurting the baby robbing it of food. She mumbled something about being fat, and the doctor gave her special diet that would strengthen the child without adding too much extra weight to Lily. As the cramps had been very painful, and the doctor told her that next time she could hemorrhage to death both her and her baby, she agreed to cut the exercising down to three times a week and only 20 minutes a session. She agreed follow his diet so long as she gained no more than 10 pounds. The doctor argued her up to fifteen pounds. And for the rest of the week complete bed rest.

Lily obeyed and James pampered her like crazy. She loved being the center of attention, both James and Darien were completely at her disposal. Darien was nearly three now, and he could hardly wait for his little brother to arrive. He wanted more than anything for his little brother to be born on his birthday. Lily worked in bed for the rest of her pregnancy. She didn't eat everything she was supposed to but she figured since she wasn't exercising then it should all balance out. She had James and Darien gather whatever she needed to do her work from bed, as she was starting a new book. James would pick up books for her on his lunch break from his job as an auror. Lucky for him Sirius was his partner so it gave him a lot of time to find the books, Lily wanted. Darien for his part, did what he could to take care of his mum. He had the house elves make her lunch when she forgot because she was working. He would run errands for her in the house, and he could run her bath for her. He always played quietly and out of the way, he wanted her happy, because then his little brother would be born happy.


Time passed and on July 31st, 10 pm when Lily went into to labor with the new baby. James woke Darien up and Darien was bouncing around like a rubber ball, his baby brother was coming today, on his birthday. James' fire called Sirius, Remus and Peter, tomeet them at the hospital. James then flooed Darien to the hospital and then went back for Lily.

Sirius had found a nurse and wheelchair and they waited for Lily and James to arrive. A moment later Lily and James stepped out of a fireplace and into St Mungo's arrival station. All the paper work had already been completed and all that was need was to move Lily to her room.

"Hey kiddo," said Sirius to Darien."You know, there's a chance the kid won't be born on your birthday, there's just an hour and half left of your birthday so he could be born August 1st." Said Sirius.

"No, he'll be born on my birthday, he's my birthday present, and he'll be born today so that I'll be able to share my birthdays with him forever." Said Darien quite seriously.

Suddenly, Sirius realized that Frank Longbottom was in the waiting room too. "Frank, long time no see, how are you, old man. Are you here for Lily and James, too?" asked Sirius.

"No, actually my wife Aliceis here giving birth to my first child. Bloody hell, it's been six hours already. I wish it was over I'm sorry about my wife." He said shaking.

"It'll be alright old man. I'm sure your wife will do fine. Why when Lily had lil Dare over here, she was in labor for 36 hours. Got the point where I was about to go in there and pull him out myself." Sirius said with a cheerful smile, and a wink. Sirius noticed that Darien had fallen asleep on the sofa. He smiled and put his coat over the boy.

Peter and Remus and just watched and rolled their eyes. They didn't say much just watched, and prayed for their friends and their baby. At 12:05 a.m. a plump, blonde haired nurse came out and said, "Longbottom?"

"Yes, I'm Frank Longbottom, how's my wife?"

"She fine, your child was born at 11:58 pm on July 31 congratulations you have a healthy son." She said.

"Congratulations old man, I knew you could do it. Congratulations tosweet Alice for me as well," said Sirius and he gave Frank a big slap on the back.

"Yes, that's great Frank, congratulations." Said Remus and he shook Frank's hand.

"That's wonderful, news old man, should you go see her though?" Said Peter.

"Right, can I see my wife now?" Said Frank.

"Of course, right this way." Said the nurse and she led Frank back to where his wife was recovering.

Two minutes later another nurse came out, "Potter?"

"Yes, I'm James Potter, how's my wife?" Said James.

"She had a bit of a time with it, we nearly lost her twice but she should be fine in a couple of days. Your child was born a bit underweight, and we suspect he will be sickly for a few months," said the nurse. "Your child was born at 11:59 pm on July 31, and you have another son. Congratulations." Said the nurse.

"Hey kiddo," said Sirius as he picked up the sleeping Darien from the sofa. "Kiddo, your little brother has been born.

Darien eyes popped open. "Was he born on my birthday?" asked Darien.

"Yes, with one minute to go." Said Sirius.

"Nurse, can I go see my wife now?" Asked James.

"Yes but just you, she pretty out of it right now. The rest of you can go see the baby in the viewing room down the hall, fall the pink and blue line on the floor." Said the nurse and she led James to Lily.

Sirius, Remus and Darien followed the lines to a window in the hall. In the window they could see lots of baby beds some had babies in them maybe six or so. Remus was the first to spot the bed that had "Baby Potter" listed at the foot of the bed.

"There, second baby on the right, it says 'Baby Potter." Exclaimed Remus.

They all turned to look and remarked at how small the baby was. It looked almost like a premature baby. The baby stretched its tiny arms and looked around the room with blurry brilliantly green eyes.

"Look he has eyes just like Mummy." Said Darien.

James came up behind them and looked at his new son, he was surprised at how little he felt for the child, he held papers in his hand.

"Darien, it's time to name him, as you are the one who wanted him so badly we decided to let you name him. So what do you his name to be?" said James.

"Well, really like my middle name of Henry but I don't want it to be the same for him." Said Darien.

"How about naming him Harry. It sounds very similar to Henry." Said Remus.

"Yes, and you could give him your father's name as a middle name." Said Peter.

"Yes, I like it." Said Darien. "His name is Harry James Potter."

End of chapter 1

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