Darien and Harry Potter

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Chapter 2

Family Bonding

Lily's delivery of Harry was difficult and she ended up spending three full days in the hospital, which was much considering most of time, magic and potions usually have a patient out in a single day. Harry remained in the hospital for a week. He was so small and under sized that the medi-wizards thought that it would be better for his survival for him to put on some weight before he was sent home to his family. Darien was a little broken hearted at this, he really wanted his little brother. James and Lily didn't care, they saw the extra time as the last bit of peace they would probably get for months. Harry was a colicky baby. He was always crying in the hospital, it was a weak cry, but still it was crying and his parents on their visits didn't like it at all.

Lily refused to breast feed little Harry, and so she had yet to truly bond with him. In fact, before leaving the hospital the nurses tried repeatedly to get her to hold her new son, but she just refused, politely of course, but still refused. James was also offered the chance to hold his son, and nearly did a couple of times, but then Harry would cry before he reached James' arms and so James would suddenly remember he had to fire call someone and then leave. Darien was different. He climbed into a chair, and asked the nurse to let him hold his little brother. Harry would cry at first, and then Darien would hold him a little tighter but gently then smile and Harry would stop crying. Darien even made him laugh a couple of times; this sent Darien's heart to soaring. He loved little Harry's laugh. Darien insisted that he and his parents go visit Harry everyday until he was released from the hospital. His parents didn't want to go but they could deny Darien nothing he truly wanted, they loved him so much.

Soon it was time to bring Harry home, at first he was to share a room with his parents, the way Darien had when he was first brought home. A crib was set up in their room and they did make an effort to take care of their newest son, however Harry was still colicky, and cried a lot. James and Lily tried to stick it out, but every time they tried to pick Harry up he would cry harder, he wasn't rejecting them really, it just hurt to be moved, and it hurt not to be moved and so the child was just suffering so much. A week after Harry came from home the hospital, Lily and James called the medi-wizard Payne to check the boy out, he seemed to sleep very little and cry very much, they both had jobs they needed to do and him keeping them up all day and all night, was beginning to effect their performance.

"Well, I've examined your son, and from what I can see it's just a simple case of him having colic. Unfortunately, even magic hasn't found a way to cure a baby of this condition. He'll get better over time, but it will more than likely be a few days to a few months before he can sleep through the night or beheld without crying. I'm sorry, but you'll just have to be patient." Said the Medi-wizard as he packed his bag and wand.

"Patient!" screamed Lily. "We've got work to do; we can't be up all night every night with him! Darien was never like this as a baby. He was the perfect baby. He loved being held, and cuddle and slept through the night almost from the moment we brought him home."

"Yes, well, be that as it may, Baby Harry here is not Darien. And so he is different. I suggest that if your work is so valuable to you and if you so need your sleep, then why not hire a nanny, until he's out of this colicky stage. You could set him up in another wing of the Manor, where you can't hear and sleep and then take the child in the morning. Once he's able to sleep through the night you can bring him back to this wing." Said he medi-wizard as he put on his robes.

"Fine, we'll do that then." Said James.

"Good, I'll back next month with little Harry's shots, and hopefully, he'll be over this condition by then." Said the medi-wizard with a smile. He then left the room and headed out to the apparition point.

"I don't want some stranger being in here around Darien." Said Lily

"Me, neither, dear. He's the savior, we can't risk some nanny being in the employ of 'You-know-who'." Said James.

"Still, we need our sleep. Your job as an auror is dangerous enough especially in these dark times, and I have my editor breathing down my neck for the first 10 chapter of my latest book. We both need our sleep, but who can we trust to take care of the boy, at night, and during the day as I have much writing to do and Darien to take care of." Asked Lily.

(Pop) "Lunch be ready, Master James." Said Kenny the House-elf.

Lily and James both looked at Kenny, and a smile slowly crept over both of their faces. Kenny began to fidget; he didn't know what was going on.

"Kenny," said James. "As you know we have our new son here, Harry." He pointed at the crib.

"Kenny is knowing this, Kenny and Minny is thinking Master Harry is very beautiful baby." Said Kenny with a smile as he went over to the crib and peaked through the bars at the rarely sleeping child.

"As you know doubt, know Darien is a special child in his own right and we are loathe to hire a nanny to help with Harry because the nanny could be a spy for 'You-know-who.'"

Kenny cringed. He loved young master Darien, Darien was very respectful of the house elves and even cleaned up after himself as much as he could because he didn't want to put extra work on them. All the house-elves loved Darien.

"Aye, Master James, Master Darien must be protected." Said Kenny with grave seriousness.

"I'm glad you agree, we have to ask a favor of you and your lovely mate, Minny." Said James, with a small smile. Lily walked up to James and held his hand.

"We would like you and Minny to tend the boy at night." Said Lily. "We have very important jobs to do and with Harry crying all night our work is beginning to suffer. We can't hire a nanny for him, because as you know it could be an agent of 'You-know-who,' so we need someone we trust to take care of you him. We are both hoping you and Minny can do this. Your duties around the Manor will be halved of course and we will get extra house-elves to make up for your loss around the Manor, this will only be temporary, just until he's able to sleep through the night, and not cry so much."

"If it is your wish Mistress Lily, then of course Kenny and Minny will." Said Kenny cheerfully. He knew that Harry cries a lot and that he could barely stand to be touched at first, but he had also seen how Master Darien had held him until he stopped crying. He loved the affection that Darien had for his little brother and in truth he, himself was starting to fall for the little boy.

Lily and James gave Harry a room on the other side of the huge Manor far from their room and Darien's. Darien, of course, was angry. He wanted Harry in his room.

"Darien, you need your sleep as much as we do." Said Lily. "You're a growing boy, and at this stage in your development you need at least 8 hours of sleep everyday, having Harry in your room would keep you up all night and you would get sick."

"I don't care. Mummy, please, let Harry stay in my room. I want him. Please." Darien begged as genuine tears rolled down his face.

"No, you're room is too close to ours his crying would not only wake you up but us as well, we all need our sleep." Said James.

Darien didn't know what to do; they really weren't going to let him have his way this time. He needed to be with his brother. He wanted to take care of him. He knew his little brother doesn't feel good, and Darien knew that when he held him, his brother always felt better. Lily and James never noticed this of course. Whenever Darien would want to hold Harry, they would give him the crying child and then leave. They never saw how Harry would quiet down in under five minutes when held by his brother. They just never saw the innocent peaceful look Harry got when his brother held him and how he would simply fall asleep, they figured he had cried himself exhausted.

Kenny and Minny prepared a room from Harry in the West Wing. The rest of the family's rooms were in the East Wing. They put a crib, full size human bed, and an elf size bed in the room. They figured that maybe one of Harry's parent or Darien would want to come and spend the night with Harry sometimes. The room was decorated in a starry night motif. The walls were dark blue with star constellations that really twinkled and comets that shot across the walls. Harry had a magical mobile over his bed that include flying broomsticks, magical wands, cauldrons, and little toy flying owls. On the rare moments where he felt okay, he would look at his mobile and smile at the distorted shapes that circle silently over his head.

"Kenny, Minny is thinking Master Harry is not a bad baby. Master Harry is cute baby, something is special about Master Harry. Master Harry has power to him. Yes." Said Minny as she looked at Harry as he slept quietly in his crib.

"Yes, Master Harry is having power. More than his parents, Kenny is thinking. Master Harry will be powerful wizard someday. Master Darien is powerful too, but not like Master Harry. Both little Masters seem to be far more powerful than their parents. Kenny is thinking, we not be telling Master and Mistress such a thing unless they ask. These is dark times, I's be worry for Master Harry, Kenny not think Mistress and Master like him very much, they maybe send him away if they find out Master Harry has so much power." Said Kenny his ears drooping. He could see that Lily and James didn't really care that much for the child. The elves had heard them complaining during the pregnancy about not wanting another child.

"Yes, let's promise not to tell anyone about the power of young master Harry and his brother, unless asked. Wizards not be able to see their power like elves can, they need their wands to do special test. Minny be having idea." Said Minny her ears perking.

"What Minny love?" Said Kenny.

"We hide Master Harry's power from them." Said Minny.

"What! We can't do that, it's a betrayal of the house elf laws." Said a shocked Kenny.

"No it not, Minny is thinking, we are upholding House elf laws, if we do this. We be protecting, Master Harry's secrets." Said Minny with a sly smile. "And Kenny knows that is the number one law of house elves that we protect our master's secrets."

"This is true. We must protect little Master. Kenny think that if Master and Mistress find out about Master Harry, they give him away to be taught to be solider. Master Harry is baby. Master Harry need a home, Master Darien loves Master Harry. We be hiding Master Harry power but he is so power we can't hide it all, Kenny think with it masked it will look like regular wizard level of power, not special. And if Master Harry needs his full power he can access it easily, yes. This will work. Minny and Kenny will do this." Said Kenny.

Minny nodded she truly had fallen for her little charge. Harry had been home but seven days from hospital but Minny would often pop in and check on him. She had children of her own but they were out of the diaper stage and were beginning their training as house elves soon. House elves mature much quicker than humans. A house-elf pregnancy only lasts four months. And a house elf is ready to begin training to be a house elf by age five which is the equivalent of age 12 in human years. Once reaching maturity at age 10 the aging processes for House elves slows down, and they can live to be 150 in human years though some have indicated being over 300 years old.

The spell to mask Harry's power level would take some time to prepare about a day, unfortunately in two days time Albus Dumbledore would be coming to see the newest Potter. They didn't want him to see Harry's power level. They knew that as Leader of the Light, Dumbledore would do what it took to protect the magical world and if it meant taking a baby and training it to be a warrior he would. Dumbledore was not always like this, the elves knew. Before the war, all elves thought of him kindly, he was a nice man even after the trouble with Dark Wizard Grindelwald. However, this war has lasted too long, too many good witches, and wizards have died, too many muggles had been tortured and killed, and it all weighed down heavily on him. He was more powerful than Voldemort that was true, but he was nowhere as vicious, and so that put him at a disadvantage. However as the war raged on year after year, Dumbledore began to change, he grew harder, colder. He wanted the war to end, he was sick of watching his friends die, he was now a desperate man, and though he hid it well, the elves could all see it. And so Minny and Kenny feared for Master Harry. They had heard bits of the prophecy, after all, no one pays attention to house elves and so they hear everything. They heard about the prophecy from Lily and James. Lily and James would protect Darien, for they loved him and the old man would not get his hooks into him so easily. Harry was a different story, if he was proved to be the child of the prophecy, his parents would probably hand him over with a smile on their faces and a song in their hearts.

With the decision made to hide Harry's power, Minny and Kenny prepared for bed. Their sons Denny and Danny (not twins) were staying with the other elves in the house elf quarters. Harry, his first night in new surroundings, was as colicky as ever, and Minny and Kenny stayed up with him as much as they could, about three in the morning they fell asleep with Harry still in his crib crying his little heart out. Not long after the elves had fallen to sleep, little Darien came to Harry's room; he pulled a chair up the crib and climbed in with his little brother. He looked at Harry's little red face, and watched him cry for a moment, then got under the covers with him, pulled his brother close and held him. Harry quieted; he looked through blurry eyes at his brother, cooed ever so sweetly, yawned and fell a sleep. Darien smiled, held his brother to his chest and soon fell asleep as well, with the most contented look up his face.

The next day Lily and James awoke ready to start the day refreshed, it was the first night since Harry came home from hospital that they had gotten a full nights sleep. Lily showered first while James picked his robes for the day, when Lily was finished, James showered, and Lily put his robes back and got the real robes he would wear for the day, along with a pair of black slacks and nice black dragonhide boots. "Why do men always, think they can dress themselves?" She said out loud to herself. Lily then got her favorite lavender sundress as she wasn't planning on going anywhere today, just working her book and taking care of Darien… and the other boy. Once she was dressed she called a house elf and told them to have breakfast ready in 15 minutes. Then she went to Darien's room to wake him up and dress him for the day. She quietly crept over to his window and pulled the drapes back…

"Morning Dare, time to get up." She turned and saw his bed was empty. "JAMES!"

James came running from their bedroom struggling to put his second boot on.

"What is it, Love?" Said James as he stomped his foot to sink it further into his boot.

"DARIEN'S GONE! Where's my baby!" She screamed.

"Easy, Love, I'm sure he's in the manor, we just have to look for him. Is all." Said James calmly, though he was starting to panic too, he knew Darien was almost never up before they were. They summoned some of the House elves to look, but not Kenny and Minny, who were still asleep after long hours of watching baby Harry. The Potters and the elves searched the entire East wing and no sign of Darien was found after two hours. Sirius, Remus and Peter came over about an hour later, and were shocked to find young Darien missing. The wards were never activated so they all assumed he was still in the Manor somewhere. The trio joined the searched. The Eastern wing was searched again along with dungeons, the kitchens, the elf quarters, and the northern wing. More than a few times the thought crossed everyone minds; like, maybe the Dark Lord had found some way around the wards and had kidnapped young Darien.

"Lily, where's Harry?" Asked Remus. Remus was worried about Darien but it seemed like no one asked about the littlest Potter to him.

"He's probably still in his room." Said Lily as she on the verge of tears, if anything happened to her little Dare, she didn't know what she would do.

"Probably, don't you know?" Asked Remus incredulously.

"I haven't seen him today. He has his own wing. The elves stay with him at night; James and I haven't got a wink of sleep since he came home. So the doctor suggested we put him, in a separate wing with a nanny. Well, you know that 'You-know-who' may be after Sweet Dare so we decided to let the House elves look after Harry at night so that we can get some sleep." Said Lily.

"So basically as far as you know, if Darien was taken by someone, 'Merlin forbid' then they could have taken Harry too, and you wouldn't know it." Said Remus more than a little surprised by the callousness of his friends towards their own son. "Which wing is Harry's room in?"

"West Wing, I believe he in the last room on the left on the first floor, I think." Said Lily as she went to search the East Wing again.

Peter had heard the whole conversation and followed Remus to the West Wing.

"Do you believe this, they wouldn't even know if Harry was taken too?" Said Peter, who was as shocked by his friends' behavior as Remus.

"I just hope the little cub is okay. What worries me though right now is that Harry is a colicky baby and we don't hear him crying right now?" Said Remus as he quickened his pace as he realized they were near the west wing. Peter nodded and quickened his step as well. When they reached the last room on the left in the west wing it was obvious that no one had been there in ages. All the furniture was covered with dust clothes, and the room smelled stale.

"Great, they don't even know which room is their son's." Said Remus who was getting more and more angry about the treatment of the cub.

"Well, I guess we have to check them all." Said Peter.

"Fine give a yell if you find Darien or Harry, I'll do the same." Said Remus, as he opened his senses hoping to catch the scent of Harry or Darien. It wasn't likely though, it was too far until the next full moon and his wolf senses were at their weakest. However this wing was hardly used and once he filtered out the stale smells he hoped he would smell the littlest Potter or Darien.

The Potter Manor was incredibly big, nearly the size of Hogwarts actually, about four-fifths the size. The West wing was huge, and for some reason, most likely worry, Remus and Peter never bothered to check with the house elves to see if they knew where the Harry's room was. The West wing was about four stories tall and had about 30 rooms on each floor searching each floor and room could take some time. Remus, Sirius and Peter had arrived about 10 a.m. hoping to catch brunch with Lily and James, since James was having a short day and wouldn't need to arrive at work until noon. It was 1:00 p.m. when Remus and Peter finished the search on the first floor of the west wing. Peter stomach growled loudly and Remus decided to call a house elf to bring them sandwiches.

Remus snapped his fingers and said "Elf." loudly and clear.

(Pop) A small gray elf dressed in lavender pillowcase appeared.

"I am Dibby. How may I help yous, sirs?" Said the female house elf as she bowed low.

"Yes, we're starving we'd like a couple of sandwiches, please." said Remus.

"Right a ways, sirs, what kind of sandwiches would you be liking." Said Dibby.

"Um. Roast beef sandwich, with extra mayo, lettuce, pickles, red onion, and jalapeno, on a sweet French roll, and a butter beer please. What you like Peter?"

"Sounds good, same for me." Said Peter.

"Right a way, sirs." Said the elf as she disappeared with a pop. Seconds later, (pop) "Here be yous order, sirs." Said Dibby.

"Thank you, Dibby." Said Remus as he took the sandwich and drink. "Now if we could just find Harry's room?" He wondered out loud.

"Master Harry's room is on the second floor third door on the left, near the main staircase." Said Dibby.

"Thank you, Dibby. That was most helpful." Said Remus with a smile.

"Dibby be happy to help sirs." She said as she disappeared in a pop.

"Why didn't we think to ask one of the elves sooner?" Said Remus.

"Because we are tired and hungry." Said Peter as he took a bite of his sandwich and swig of his butter beer.

"Okay, I'll go with that, let's go see Harry." Remus said he then drank a bit of his butter beer and bit his sandwich and led the way to the main staircase and up to the second floor.

"James maybe it's time we called Albus and the aurors we have to find him. We've looked in the North wing, the East wing, and the South wing, we've checked the dungeons and the gardens and still no sign of Dare. Honey, I'm scared." Said Lily. As she sat on her bed, trying to think of somewhere else to look.

"Has anyone check the west wing?" Asked James.

"Remus and Peter are over there. They wanted to check on Harry and I'm sure they'll search there too." Said Lily. "God I want my baby back."

James walked over to his wife and hugged her. "Don't worry, Hon, we will find Dare, I promise you. I want to search the manor once more before we get Albus and the aurors involved."

Remus and Peter found Harry's room, and were worried that at 1 something p.m. in the afternoon, they still weren't hearing a colicky baby's cries, they opened the door and saw the elf bed first, a sleep were two elves. The covers had been knocked off and Remus quietly crept into the room put the cover back on them. Peter followed him and looked around the room. On the left side of the door, he spotted the crib.

"Remus," Peter whispered, "here's the crib." He and Remus quietly stepped over to the crib and peered within, there they saw what they thought was the most adorable sight, Darien asleep with baby Harry curled up in his arms. They stood there and studied the sight for a moment, then silently Remus conjured a camera and took a few pictures, the sight was so precious it had to be preserved. Remus motioned for Peter to follow him into the hall, and they quietly exited the room.

"I think we should call an elf and have them inform James and Lily that Darien is with Harry." Said Remus.

"I think we should let them suffer a bit for not caring if Harry was safe, but I supposed it is the proper thing to do. Besides, I'm sure they are on the edge of calling the Aurors and Dumbledore by now." Said Peter.

Remus snapped his fingers and said loudly and clearly, "Dibby." Dibby appeared with a POP and bowed.

"How may Dibby help sirs?" She inquired.

"Yes, please inform Lily and James that we have found Darien and that he is asleep in Harry's crib with Harry." Said Remus.

"Very good, sirs." Said Dibby as she smiled and then disappeared with POP.

"I want to look at them again." Said Peter.

"You are such a softy when it comes to those boys, Peter." Said Remus as he grabbed his friend around the neck with the crook of his elbow and gave him a playfully nuggie on the head.

"Like you are not? Besides they are the first of a new generation of Marauders," laughed Peter as he pushed himself out of Remus' headlock. His face turned thoughtful, "What about Harry though? They never thought about him, until you asked and even now I'll bet they still haven't thought to checked on him."

"Yes, that worries me. I suppose we will have to be here for him. I'm sure Lily and James will adjust to him being here eventually, in the meanwhile he will have us, eh? We will be here for him whenever we can and love both cubs, right?" Said Remus.

"Right, hey and since I couldn't be godfather for Darien, maybe Lily and James will let me be godfather to Harry?" Said Peter hopefully.

"Maybe." Said Remus. Remus would love nothing more than to be Harry's godfather, but the ministry doesn't allow werewolves to have children, or guardianship of children, Remus wouldn't even be allowed to be a godfather, and it broke his heart since he loved children. Peter remembered this…

"You know if I am made godfather to Harry, I want you to be my co-godfather." Peter said. "I mean it, the ministry said you can't be a godfather, but I think it be possible for you and someone else to be it together, to cover the nights when you get all hairy-scary."

"I would really love to be his godfather, but I don't think the ministry would even allow me to be a co-godfather." Remus stated sadly.

"Hey you never know until you petition." Said Peter. "Now let's go, and see if the boys are waking yet."

Pop, Dibby appeared in the bedroom of James and Lily Potter. "Mistress Lily, Master James, I have word from Master Remus and Master Peter. They be saying that Master Darien is in the crib of Master Harry."

"What?" Said Lily

"Master Darien is in the crib of Master Harry."

"Oh thank gods!" said James as waves of relief washed over him. "Where is Harry's room?" James didn't even question his own question. Which would have been why didn't he know which room was his son's. The elf gave them the directions to Harry's Room and the couple was floored too by the sweet innocence of Darien sleeping with his beloved baby brother in his arms. Lily and James were awed for a couple of minutes at how beautiful their boys were and how sweet they looked peaceably sleeping together in Harry's crib. They were knocked out of the moment however when Dibby popped into the room to announce the arrival of visitors in the foyer.

Lily picked up a sleepy Darien and left the room, Harry awoke because of the suddenly loss of warmth from his brother and began to cry and that to James was a signal for him to leave. Remus and Peter had remained in the room when the Potter adults arrived they observed how the couple was subdued by the innocence of the sleeping children, they also saw how once the moment was passed they took Darien and just simply left poor Harry to cry with only the house-elves to watch him. It broke both their hearts, would have been really so much trouble for them to take Harry with them or to pay even a moments attention to the innocent child? Remus walked over to the crib reached in and picked up Harry, while it was true that Harry that was just a week old, Remus still felt like he was holding a feather, Harry was so very light. The child in his arms cried for a couple of minutes, then quieted, cooed, yawned and fell back into a peaceful slumber the whole thing didn't last but two to five minutes.

"Remus, I want to hold him. Give'em here." Insisted Peter as he reached for the child.

"Fine, but remember to support his head." Said Remus as he gingerly passed Harry over to Peter. Harry didn't wake but just sort of leaned closer to Peter's chest where he maybe heard a heartbeat. Peter sighed, and looked at the boy in his arms.

"He's so beautiful, how can they be so cold to him." Said Peter. He looked at Harry and saw a miniature of James in the child face, though the nose and eyes definitely were Lily's. Harry looked like a mix of the best physical qualities of his parents. He had his father's cheek bones, jaw line, and the trademarked Potter jet-black hair. He had his mother's emerald eyes, and pert nose, Harry was in a term 'simply beautiful.' He was extremely small and somehow that made him seem all the more precious.

Remus conjured an antique rocking chair and Peter sat down holding little Harry in his arms. "So much like James." Peter thought to himself.

"We have to be there for Harry, Peter." Said Remus. "I don't know if Lily and James will ever care about him but he needs and deserves to have someone even if we can't live with him."

"I agree, he's too precious. I'll never abandon him. I'll love him all my life." Said Peter, as he never took his eyes off of Harry.

Remus looked at Peter, something about that statement felt… off. He was thinking the same thing, he will always be there and love Harry for all his life, he knew that in his heart, Harry was now his cub and he would never abandon his cub, but he didn't think it was the same for Peter, it felt different. Maybe, he was just imagining things, maybe he wanted the cub all to himself, still he would keep an eye on Peter. Remus had always suspected that Peter cared a bit too much for James. Remus never knew about James and Peter's sexual experimenting, but he knew that Peter thought James hung the moon.

Peter, back in school, followed James everywhere, believed everything James said was right and correct. In Peter's eyes, James could do no wrong. All the Marauders were bisexual, though they tended not to date each other. Though Sirius and Remus did have a relationship on and off over the years, and they knew that James had dated a couple of guys in school, they never thought that James and Peter had done anything. James just never seemed to go beyond a couple of kisses at the end of his dates. He never took any relationship seriously until Lily. Sirius was a bit of a dog in school, he would date anyone who would say yes, and prided himself on his sexual conquests female and male. Remus was quiet; his werewolf status kept him from actively pursuing anyone, he dated males and females but never went a bit further than a couple of kisses. He and Sirius did a bit more, but kept it light they didn't want to risk their friendship.. Peter they never knew anything about, he never seemed to ask anyone out, and went to most parties stag. He did go out a couple of times with some girls, and a couple of guys, but it always seemed like it did it to be a part of the group not because he was genuinely interested in anyone.

It had been two weeks since they moved Harry's crib into Darien's room, much to his delight. For a week after they couldn't find Darien, they found Darien made his way to his brother's room climbed into his crib and slept with him. No matter how much Lily and James told him to stay in his own room, Darien wouldn't. Finally after five days, James resorted to magic since talking to his son was getting him nowhere. He put wards on Darien's door that would prevent him from leaving the room, as Darien's room had it's own bath, the boy didn't really need leave it at night. That night it was a Thursday night; James went to Darien,

"Dare, I'm sorry but you've left me no choice. I'm putting up a ward on this room so that you will stay in here and not go to your brother's room. I'm doing this for your own good." Said James.

"Daddy, why can't go to Harry's room? I love him and he's really quiet when I sleep with him. Please don't do it." Darien begged tears building in his eyes. Darien wanted to stay with his brother as much as possible because he knew that Harry wasn't doing so well. True he slept through the night with his brother, but he wasn't eating as much.

That night, Darien was in his room and it was the time when he would usually slip out to go to Harry's room and sleep with him, he tried to get through the wards but they just gently pushed him back into the room, it was like a giant rubber wall. In his room, in the west wing Harry lay in his crib quiet, missing the nightly warmth his brother provided. Harry wanted his brother, and Darien wanted to be with Harry, somehow, something incredible happened, the two boys magic as young as it was in both their cases melded to bring Darien to Harry. Darien was apperated to Harry's crib. Darien looked around smiled at his little two-week old brother, Harry cooed as Darien pulled his close, got under the covers and both boys fell asleep.

The next day, James went to Darien's room, he intended to show his son that Harry didn't need him to sleep with him every night and that it was okay for him to stay in his room. James took the wards down and entered the room he looked at Darien's bed and found that the boy was not there. James checked the bathroom, and still no Darien.


Lily came running, "What I thought you were going to up wards to keep him in?"

"I did, as a matter of fact, I had to take them down in order to come in here this morning. I don't understand. We better check Harry's room and make sure he's in there." Said James. Lily nodded and they both ran to Harry's room. When the looked in Harry's crib there was both Harry and Darien sound asleep. Lily gently picked up Darien, and left the room closely followed by James. Harry didn't wake; he was getting weaker and weaker from his lack of eating and was starting to sleep more and more. Minny and Kenny were very worried about the littlest Potter, whom they were beginning to see as their own.

"Darien, Dare, honey?" asked Lily trying not to startle the waking child in her arms as the head back to the east wing.

"Yea, mummy." Answered a sleepy Darien.

"How did get to Harry's crib last night?" Asked James as the walked quietly to the east wing.

"I wished to be with Harry, and he wished for me to be with him, and we got our wish." Darien yawned, as he laid his head on his mother's shoulder and fell back to sleep.

"Do you think that's possible, that he and Harry wished to be together and their magic brought them together?" Lily inquired.

"Well, Darien is powerful, no doubt about that, but Harry is only a few weeks old and Dumbledore said his magic would be average at best. Still, this Manor has anti-apparition wards on it he shouldn't have been able to apperate at all." Said James. "Do you think we should talk to Dumbledore about this?"

"No, Dumbledore wants to take Darien from us now as it is, if he finds out he's doing accidental magic of this level, he'll stop at nothing to get him. I love Albus as much as you do, but I also know this war has lasted too long and he's getting desperate. I don't want to lose my Dare because he's trying to end this war quickly." Said Lily. Lily may have been placed in Gryffindor like James, but the Sorting Hat told her she would have done well in Ravenclaw and Slytherin, she was definitely no one's fool. She only wound up in Gryffindor because she tended to let her fiery temper get the best of her sometimes, and the Hat said that, that was Gryffindor all the way.

Every day, Minny and Kenny was that Harry was eating less and less. Darien hoped that his presence would get his brother to eat, but it wasn't working, still Darien insisted on at least sleeping with his brother. The elves and Darien tried to explain that Harry wasn't well, but Lily and James just wrote it off to the colic.

Minny resolved what the problem was but it was difficult to bring up, still she loved Harry and would do whatever it would take to protect him. They had already worked the masking spell to hide Harry's power from Dumbledore's scans. When Dumbledore arrived and scanned Harry, just to be sure that he wasn't the prophecy child, the readings came back normal for any wizarding baby of average power. What Dumbledore didn't know was that the masking spell the two elves worked on Harry had to be done three times and took all night, because the child's power was so great. The next day, two other elves had watch Harry while Minny and Kenny recuperated their magic. Still, if Harry ever needed his full power he could easily access it, and override the mask. Now the problem, was a bit more grave, if Harry didn't start eating regularly and soon he could literally starve to death. He was only 4 weeks old, but already he was living on just one feeding a day refusing to eat any other time. Minny figure what the problem was but now came the hard part, getting Lily to go along with the solution.

"Mistress Lily, Minny is needing to talk to yous." Said the nervous house elf.

"Yes, Minny what is it?" Said Lily as she was used a muggle manual typewriter to work on the next chapter of her book. Lily longed for a computer but the Manor was just too magical for it to work their, Lily had an idea to adapt a computer to run on magic, but she had to put the idea on the back burner while she was pregnant with Harry. A manual typewriter can run anywhere since it is a simple machine and doesn't need electricity.

"Mistress Lily, Master Harry is not doing good. Minny and Kenny are feared that he will…" The elf broke off large tears rolling down her face at the mere thought of losing sweat Harry.

"I don't understand, what's wrong with him. I've seen him Dare's room, he sleep quietly now, I don't see a problem." Lily said as she turned to the elf.

"The problem Mistress is that Master Harry be starving to death. He has not eaten in three days and before that he was eating but once a day. Mistress, Master Harry is small baby already but as things stands now I don't think he last more than another day or two." The elf was sobbing at this point.

"Why isn't he eating?" Asked Lily

"We have tried all the magical baby formula we could find, magicked in from all of Europe, he will have none of it, we have tried all the muggle baby formulas as well, still he will have none of it. I think, Mistress, that he is like all magical beings, wizards as well. He be needing to…" The elf stopped not sure how to say the next part.

"Need to what?" Lily asked.

Minny looked worried then decided the best way to say it to just say it, "Needing to breast feed Mistress."

"What?" Lily wasn't happy about this she was close to not producing milk anymore, truthfully she didn't like doing even when it was for Darien, she was hoping to skip it all together with Harry.

"Mistress, a magical being mother's milk provides not only nourishment for the body of the child, it stabilizes their magic, and strengthens their life force. Minny researched and found that magical formula only works in the case were the mother is dead, the child senses this and their magic becomes more general and the can survive on magical formula. You are fine, and so Harry's magic is still specific and tied to you, if he does not feed from you he will die."

"Well, maybe all he needs is fresh milk. Why don't you breast feed him?" Said Lily hoping, she's right.

"MISTRESS! This is something you can't order a house-elf to do. There are only three things you can't order a house-elf to do and this is one of the three, although we are free to choose to do it, but you must understand Mistress Lily, there are great risks to the child. That is why we house-elves can choose to do this or not."

"What risks?"

"House-elf magic and wizard magic are not compatible for the most part. Strange effects can occur; the most common of them is that the child becomes a squib. House-elf magic and wizard magic canceling each other out in the child and they are never able to use magic. Another possible effect is that the magic is too compatible, what happens is that a wizard child's magic level is double or tripled, also there is the possibilities of transformation. The child will not become a house-elf, but if Mistress Lily or Master James has the blood of any magical being, be it veela, vampire, werewolf, or anything it's brought forward in the child and the child become a half blood, half wizard and half what ever the magical being in the family tree is. In the past house-elves have been blamed for these effects and killed so over the centuries, it was added to the laws that house-elves can choose to do this and accept the risks, along with the parents. A rare effect is that more than one of the other effects happens in one child. The rarest effect of all is that nothing happens and everything is fine."

Lily thought on this a moment, she still didn't care to breast feed Harry, but nor did she want him to die. True she didn't love him, but nor did she want him dead. "Minny, dear, won't you accept the risks for Harry, I will on my part. I'll accept that there is some risk to him but it's better than him starving isn't?" She said in a sing song tone.

Minny thought for a moment, if she did this she would bond to Harry like no other wizard, she would love him forever with a mother love, and then she thought, I think I would do that anyway. "Mistress, Minny will do this but ONLY if you breast feed him once a day. Maybe if you do that he won't be a squib."

Lily thought on this, well, she would still be producing milk but at least she would have to feed him several times a day like she did with Darien. The boy would live too. "Okay, but just once a day after lunch."

"Thank you Mistress, it's after lunch now, and as I said he is starving, I'll go him." And with that the elf popped and vanished. Lily groaned.

Minny appeared in Darien's room, Darien and Kenny were checking the crib, Harry was so quiet and hardly moved the looked at him worriedly.

"Good news, Minny agreed to Mistress, she has agreed to help Master Harry… up to a point."

"What Minny mean up to a point?" Asked Kenny as he looked at his mate, he saw her ears droop, and her eyes go to the floor.

"She will help if IMinny… Minny… breast feed him too." Said Minny in a very small voice, however Kenny heard her quite clearly.

"WHAT! Is Minny mad?" Kenny could barely believe his mate agreed to this.

"Minny is loving Master Harry, and Mistress would not feed him if Minny didn't, so he will be getting fed from both of us. Mistress will feed him once a day and the rest of the feedings will be Minny. Minny figure this way, Master Harry not become a squib." Said Minny trying to make it sound like it's the best thing.

"But what about the risks, did Minny tell the risks?"

"Yes, all of them and Mistress still want to do it this way." Said Minny, "Minny taking Master Harry to his first feed with Mistress Lily now."

"Kenny hope Minny know what Minny does." Said Kenny.

"Minny too." Said Minny.

Minny picked up Harry from his crib and then walked to Mistress's bedroom, she felt he was too weak to travel by magic. When she got to the room, Lily was sitting a rocking chair, Minny figure she must have just transfigured it, since it wasn't in the room before.

Minny handled the small child to his mother, it was the first time since Harry had been brought home from the hospital that either James or Lily had held the boy.

"He's so light." Lily remarked. She looked at his face as she held him in her arms. It was the first time she had truly looked at him. She was shocked he was beautiful. She saw her eyes in him, looking up at her, she saw her own nose in miniature, and she saw James wild hair, James' cheeks and jaw-line. She put her finger to the tip of his nose, and a tiny hand rapped around the tip of it. Her heart melted, it was something that touched her to the core, to feel those tiny fingers grip her hand, and shining green eyes look up at her. She suddenly felt ashamed of herself, for not wanting anything to do with him. How could she, she was a part of him, and he a part of her. Suddenly she understood what bonding was, and why the hospital had wanted her to hold him so much. She looked at him and he smiled, warmed her heart so, he had the same lop-sided smile as James and Darien.

Lily then opened her robes and held him to her. She expected feeding him to be painful after all he was nearly starving, but it wasn't, he was very gentle with her, far gentler than Darien was at his age. Darien is a sweet boy now but at Harry's age he was a bit greedy, and it hurt to feed him sometimes. Lily supposed that it didn't hurt so much because Harry was still weak from hunger, but still, she was glad to feed him. She would still have the elf to feed him as well, she still had a book to write, and Darien to take care of, and though she no longer resisted Harry, and maybe even loved him, she would keep the deal with the elf. Even if Harry became a squib, she knew now that she would still love him, as would Darien. Over the next few weeks Lily did feed Harry, and more than once a day but still she couldn't feed him alone, and he still refused all formula so the slack was taken up by Minny. Both Minny and Lily worried about the effect of this, but it couldn't be helped, work, raising a three year son, and being the wife an up and coming auror who turned out to be a political animal as well, tended to eat up a lot of time.

Darien was a happy boy, his mum loved his little brother too. He even walked in on her once when she had just finished feeding him when he was three months old and heard her tell Harry that she loved him. Darien did his own little happy dance at that and waited until she put Harry down for his afternoon nap, he then ran into her arms and kissed her, "I knew you would love him, Mummy, I knew it." The family would have been perfect except for James. He still didn't like Harry, he had held him after much insistence from Darien and Lily, but he just didn't bond with the boy. No, to James he had one son, the right and perfect future destroyer of evil, Darien Potter.

Harry was a very smart child, at three months, he said his first word, Mama, and his second was Dare, and then came Kinwy and Minwy. At six month he said his first sentence, "where dare?" Darien was on a play date with the Weasley Twins since they the same age. James seemed to do nothing but work and plan ways to keep Darien and Harry a part. Lily was getting a little frustrated with James. He loved to play with Darien, but when it came to Harry, he just sort of shut down and thought of things he had to do elsewhere.

Harry was now six month old he still didn't have a godparent like Darien did, James seem to be dragging his feet in this area so Remus and Peter decided to just talk to Lily.

They came over to the Manor one Sunday in January, they decided to wait until after the holidays, in case they got shot down, they didn't want to ruin the holidays for the boys. Remus and Peter both came to play with the boys as often as their jobs would allow. Peter still ran into that mysterious man from time to time, but he hardly listened to the man anymore, so what if he couldn't be Darien's godfather, he had a second chance with Harry, and even if he was sharing the position he was still honored and still loved Harry with all his heart. After all, Harry was a part of James, even if James acted like Harry wasn't.

Remus and Peter arrived for Sunday brunch; Lily opened the door with Harry in her arms and Darien at her heels.

"Hello boys, it's good to see you." Said Lily as she stepped aside to let them in.

"Hello Lily, hey Dare, how's my cub doing today?" Asked Remus as he picked up a giggling Darien. Remus always referred to Harry as his cub and Lily was glad of it, considering how James never spent time with the boy, she saw Remus as a second father to Harry, and a favorite Uncle to Darien.

"Fine, fine." Said Lily.

"Hi Lily, hi Dare, hey Lil Prongs." Said Peter as he followed Lily and Remus to the sitting room.

"Brunch will be ready in ten minutes guys, so how are you doing." Said Lily as she set Harry in his playpen, Darien instantly tried to climb in so Lily lifted him up and put him in. She knew there was never any danger of Darien hurting Harry; she figured Darien would give up his life for Harry if the need ever arose.

"We're fine," Remus spoke for both he and Peter, "Lils, we want to ask you something."

"Lily," said Peter, "We want to be Harry godparents."

"Both of you? But Remus you know you can't be, you're a werewolf, and why I would love for you to be Harry's godfather, the ministry…"

"We've been talking with a friend at the ministry," interjected Peter, "and she's assured us that as long as I'm the co-godfather we can both legally be Harry's godfather.

Lily had to think, she really did want Remus to be Harry godfather, she knew he already love him like a son, but Peter, he just felt… off to her a bit. James said that she didn't like Peter because of his past relationship with James assured her it was in the past. Still, it was the only way to get Remus to be Harry's godfather, and that was something both of them really need, Harry and Remus, especially with James being as distant as he was with the boy.

"I'm good with it. I know you both love Harry and that if anything were to happen to James and I, you would both do all you can to see that Harry is well taken care of."

"Even more than that… Lily, I've already made Harry my heir, I'm just a poor werewolf and as werewolves are not allowed to have family, we generally choose someone to be our heir. Harry is of course still your son, and one of James heirs, but he is also my heir too. Like I said, I'm poor but what I have if anything should happen to me, I want to go to Harry." Remus said with a shy smile to Lily.

Lily got up and went over to Remus and kissed him on the cheek, "that's the absolutely sweetest thing anyone's ever done for one of my children, thank you Remus. You've shown me that I've made the right decision in having you as one of Harry's godparents." Remus blushed furiously.

"And thank you too, Peter for wanting to be there for Harry should something happen to us." She said to Peter as she sat down.

The next day, the paper work as sent off to the ministry, officially listing Remus P. Lupin and Peter P. Pettigrew as the godfathers of one Harry James Potter. James happily signed off on this, to him it meant that Marauders would be a family forever now, and that was something he had always wanted.

Time passed and Harry and Darien grew older. Darien and his dad got along great, they both loved Quidditch, and flying. The only times Darien wasn't crazy about his father was when James planned to keep him away from Harry. Harry was now over a year old and was walking and talking quite well. He was even beginning to learn to read. Lily often read him bedtime stories that he learned word for word as she read them to him, then when the day came he would get the book and try to match the words from the story to the words in the book. Lily realized this after Harry kept asking for the books she read the stories from, and walking in on him one day struggling to make connections between the book and what he heard her read to him. She was so impressed with her little boy.

In early October a small package arrived for James Potter at his desk in the Ministry. "Hey, Sirius, do you know who left this package for me?"

"No mate, it was on your desk when I got in. I checked it though, they were any spells that I could detect on it, so it seemed safe so I left it on your desk." Said Sirius.

"Thanks, Padfoot, I should have known and old hound like you would be watching me back." Said James.

James opened the package; there was a smaller blue velvet box and a there was a note,

Mr. Potter

You don't remember me, but I do remember you, and I thought this little gift would make the perfect thank you for all you've done for me.


Sirius read the note over James' shoulder. "Maybe you saved them or something and they just want to say thanks?"

"But why wouldn't they sign the letter?"

"Shy? Beats me open the box, it looks like it could be jewelry." Said Sirius.

James shrugged his shoulders and opened the box. Inside the box was a man's platinum bracelet with the word Potter, inscribed on a flat piece of the chain about three inches long. It was very elegant, and James check it for spells, after all he was an auror and he had spent lots of time with Mad-Eye Moody and his 'constant vigilance.' James ran some scans over the bracelet and detected no known spells, so he tried it on. It looked nice on his wrist, and Sirius complimented him on it so he decided to leave it on.

Professor Albus Dumbledore was sitting in his office, going over the paperwork for the month. Running a school the size and importance of Hogwarts involved massive amounts and paperwork, and takes quite a bit of time to do, even if you are one of the most powerful wizards on the planet. It was one of the days when Dumbledore truly wished he had taken the position of Minister of Magic when it was offered to him.

"Come in Severus." Dumbledore said before Snape had a chance to knock. "How'd the meeting go, you were out all night."

"Trouble sir, big trouble. Dark Lord has decided to know wait for the savior to come of age, to take him out now. He knows that it could one of three children and two of them are Potters and the other a Longbottom. He's planning an attack."

"Well, that will do him no good, I'll just call James and have him and his family stay in their Manor. As you know, no one and nothing can get to a pureblood family in their ancestral home."

"I know that, so the Dark Lord, he's said he's planned for that but didn't say what it was, I suggest you get them home now before he puts whatever plan he has in motion." Said Severus.

At the Longbottom Manor, a package arrived for Mrs. Virginia Longbottom, Alice and Frank Longbottom were out with their little one-year-old Neville. Mrs. Longbottom opened the little package inside was another package with roses imprinted on it and it was a note,

Mrs. Longbottom,

You don't remember me, but I remember you, and I wanted to send this little thank you. I hope you like it and use it well.


Mrs. Longbottom opened the second package and it contained a bottle of favorite French cologne. She smiled and sprayed a couple of squirts on her skin.

Some miles a way, a man with red glowing eyes and snake like skin laughed. "Now it begins."

-End of Chapter 2-

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