The times are hard, and the days are getting short. A chill in the air signals that winter is on it's way, and summer is now biding it's farewell. Father said that soon the summer- my favorite time of year- would come again, and as always he was right about it. In months to come, the summer would come back. Though I sat in my balcony, as the cold air, blew my black and silver hair into my face. Being 14 wasn't the easiest thing in the world. As far as I knew, nothing was easy. Not in these times. People are always declaring war on one another and so many deaths are at hand. It was nice living far from that though. Inside a castle where I was safe from the front lines. Even yet, I wished I was there. Though I was young, I still knew quite a bit of fighting, and I was quite good at it. I really only liked to use it for defense though.

"Seina." A voice called from down the corridor.
I answered, as most any would. Being told by my mother to go let some energy lose outside. She wanted me to sleep for once at night. Though it wasn't the easiest thing. No one was around for me to play with. There was someone I had my eye on, but he was older then I. By a few years too. He was already 24 and he left his home in the West, finding adventures he could go on. Oh how I envied him, since he was able to do what I still could not.

"Seina please. You've been inside for the past few days, and also very sad. Please. I' m worried about you. Tell me what's wrong." My mother begged me to tell her of something I had nothing to tell about.
"Mum. You know I get like this when winter comes." I answered with a sighed.
"But something more is bothering you. I can tell." She persisted.
I shook my head lightly. I tried to tell her I was fine, though she didn't believe me, she left me to myself once again. She was right. Something else was bothering me. Something big, though I knew wasn't going to go away and I hoped it never would. "He promised in his last letter." I said to myself, "He promised."
I sat on my bed the rest of the night thinking, and writing in my journal.

He promised me he would come visit, and that he had

something he wanted to tell me. Though he gave no clues

as to what it was. I'm hopping it is what I want it to be, but

I'm not going to let myself get carried away in these childish

daydreams. I know that it's very unlikely that he will say what

I hope to hear, so I won't even go there. I'll leave it for my memory,

if it wants to remember. I must be off to bed now, I'll write again tomorrow.

I closed the book, and lay down. I left it on my bed. My parents respected my privacy, and didn't go though it. Slowly my eyes closed and I drifted away to where my mind controlled everything. Where I could be happy and my childish day dreams would come trues as I wanted them too. It was wonderful.

"SEINA!" A voice yelled from in the hall. This was masculine and strong. My father's.
My eyes shot open, and I yawned. Looking about, It was already about noon time. Did I really sleep in that badly? Oh well.. There is nothing I could do about it now. I rose and left for the hall, my eye's meeting with my father's right outside the door. "Yes sire?" I answered him.
"Clear the drowsiness from your eyes. Someone is here to see you." He said sternly, and my eyes shot open. He was astonished at how fast those words cleared my eyes. He hadn't seen me do that since the summer when 'he' would come over.
I ran down the stairs and to the room where we had always sent people to wait. I just called it a "waiter's room". I turned in the door, and saw a human villager, and sighed. He wasn't whom I wanted to see. Not at all. The sorrow returned to my bright blue eyes, as the human turned around.

He bow "Mistress Seina. My wife and I would like for you to say something for a daughter. In dragon, that could in a sense bless her, and keep her safe."

I listen intently, and nod my head. "Yes. I will do this for you, and your wife. Take me to her." I said, as he arose and led me to his village and to his daughter. I spoke in one of my many forms of dragon and it sounded as many grunts, growls, and a few things that sounds as consonances. In the end, all I had said was this. Daughter of humans. May your life be protected, and full of happiness.

The man bow many times in a row. " Thank you much." He said, and even his wife bow to me. "We are truly grateful to you."

"Worry of it, not. It was the least I could do for the loyal people of the land." I made my way back to the castle, and a newer scent was there. It was so familiar, and one I knew so well. Had he really come? Like he said he was going to- did he come? I ran to the waiter's room, and there was no one there. I sighed.
My mother came by. "Seina. Go to your room." she said smiling.
My eyes lit instantly, and I jumped up many stairs at a time. To happy to care to count. I open the door to my room, and on my balcony, he was there. Sesshomaru. The Lord of the West's son, in the flesh. I tried to calm myself.
"It's to late." came his voice. "I know already how happy you are. I could sense it from a mile away." Slowly turning to face me, his face show no sign of emotion, but I knew he too was happy. A connection between us, let me know this. He didn't have to show anything, as he normally didn't, but he opened his arms. "No hug this time?" he asked.
I jumped from where I was and basically tackled him. If he had worn his armor I would have been in a world of hurt, but he knew that it would be best for me, if he took it off, and on my bed it lay. My arms held around his rib cage tightly, as if never going to let go. He too put his arms around me. "It's been so long." I said after I let him go...finally.
He nod. "It has. 5 Months tomorrow." He said. "I've come to ask, though I know I should go to your father first, I thought you be the better one. Would you like to come with me. Tour the country side. See everything there is to see of both our fathers' land and of the Lands to the North and South?"
My heart almost stopped, and my head light. I slowly backed and sat on my bed, laying back.
Sessohmaru thought he had said something wrong, for he asked if I was fairing well.
All I did was nod slowly. I wasn't expecting him to ask that. Something a little less was more then I thought would happen, but now. Now I knew that I was hoping for something that was dwarfed compared to this. I sat up. " I would love to. Though. We shouldn't get our hopes to high. Father might not approve, because of our ages. And their differences.""I will ask him. My best at persuasion is all I can offer. As well, I will come and tell you, what his answer is." He said, and sat down next to me.