Okay.. Well.. So far, the people want first person, so that's what it will be until maybe we get more.. But now.. 1st.


Why the hell am I doing this!? He'll get pissed if he sees me doing this, and it's my ass he'll go after! I growled at myself thinking my actions over, for apparently I wasn't thinking before. A teacher? Who the hell needs a teach to learn how to fight.

"InuYasha?" Her voice rang out over my thoughts, "What are you thinking about? You're unusually quiet, since you're not yelling at me for something..."

I growled at her, " Why don't you just shut up! I said I'd teach you, not converse with you!" I growled at her, and she smiled!

"Now that's normal."

"What the hell do you mean that's normal?"

"You're yelling at me again, and that's normal... You thinking... not normal.."

"You're not kidding.. If I was really thinking, you wouldn't be here." I growled at her, then realized after I said it, and while she was laughing, I had just called myself thoughtless and in a way, stupid. My growling got deeper, but she took no heed to it. "It doesn't surprise me that Sesshomaru got rid you..."

She stopped and glared at me, " I told you.. I ran away." she snapped, now she was getting mad.

I snorted, "Yeah.. So far that's all you say.. Don't have a reason?"

"You don't have reason and I'm not complaining." She normaly had a way for getting onto my nerves, and yet I never felt the need to kill her yet. So far she was more trouble then she was worth.

"When do we start training?"

"When you shut up."I growled at her.

Kiera hissed at me and her hackles raised. The red tuff of fur around her neck became all bristly. She almost looked threatening. The cat ran back to Seina and stayed close eyeing me, and – what it looked like – was planing an attack on me.

Seina saw looking around now, randomly. Her attention like to wander over everything. She was completely different from what I had though some that first encounter with her back before the winter. She didn't complain very much, until it came to when I would start training her... which I was trying to postpone... I had no idea where to start, or what to do. Seina seemed eager to do anything other then just walked around all day and look at everything that passed by.. Knowing my brother, that was all she was allowed to do.

I stopped smelling another demon close by. I didn't know who it was, it wasn't Sesshomaru, and Seina knew that because she sighed relief. It smelt like a wolf... and it was, Koga.

The whirling wind tunnel came close and stopped about 30 feet away from the two of us, or if you count the little rat, three.

"Well if it's not the mut... Oh.. And the mut has a little girl friend." Said Koga with a laugh.

Seina growled, and spoke before I could. "Huh.. At least he doesn't have flees... You're the one missing a bit of fur. Have you been scratching to much lately?" She laughed, and Koga snarled at her.

I smirked, the kid had wit, I had to give her that much. "She has a point Koga.. I don't wanna fight you know.. They might get on me too."

Koga's face turned red with rage as he got ready to fight me. He lunged forward and clawed at me, but I jumpped to the side and he just left a few marks in the dirt. "What's wrong, scared I might hurt you."

"No, he doesn't want a flee ridden stay giving him the little bugs you have." Seina snapped at him, since he was now closer to her then he was me, he turned on her.

"If you fought as much as you talked, you wouldn't be defenseless." I muttered.

Koga laughed.. " Oh.. I a defenseless demon that runs her mouth.. Wouldn't mind saving the world from that." He laughed at her.

Seina growled at me, " You really are stupid.. Aren't you.." She looked back at Koga, then growled at him, "Not completely."

"Oh really... That's not what he says." Koga said pointing at me.

"Believe a half-wit and be a half-wit." She laughed, and then I growled at her.

"Hey.. I could just let him kill you."

"You already are since you're just standing there!"

Koga laughed and stood up straight. "If I killed you, InuYasha wouldn't have someone to annoy the hell out of him."

Seina growled and looked like she was focused on something. The muscles in her right hand were tight, but the fingers were out straight, and it was glowing a light-ish red. It looked like.. Fire was moving around her hand. Her eyes went red, but it wasn't because of being mad. She wasn't that mad, and that was obvious. "Koga... I was easy on you last time, trying to swipe at you. But there's a thing I've got up my sleeve." She laughed sinisterly.

Koga looked at her, "What do you mean last time?" He asked not remembering about last time he'd seen her.

She lift her head up to her eye level and Koga back away a step, seeing the flames around her hand. She threw her hand down at the ground and a whip came from her fingers, but as it lay on the ground the grass wilted and charred. It looked at like Sesshomaru's poison whip, but with fire instead.

Koga jumped back from her and growled, "So you really aren't defenseless." He got a slight smile.

I jumped forward and used Tessaiga to swing at him. "Just stay away from her."

"Oh, so now you're protecting your girlfriend." Koga taunted him.

Seina smiled, "IF I was his girlfriend... I still don't see your's, Koga." She lashed the whip at him and it missed, but came close, giving him the feel of how hot fire is. Tugging it in a slightly different direction she was able to pull it back and the very ti p of it caught the back of his ankle.

Koga howled with pain as it burned his flesh from the tendon and muscle. He still put his weight on it and looked at Seina, "You.. Little bitch, will die someday, Mark my words."

She laughed, "Marked and dated... even a little side note that says 'yeah right' with it!" She smiled and pulled the whip, and held onto the other side of it, then dropped it to the ground on her ride side. "Come, Koga.. Let's fight.."

I looked at Koga and with a little concentration I saw the windscar. "Or just die because of me." I said and cut threw the combined winds. "WINDSCAR!" The blade cut threw and the yellowish white light came from it and surged at Koga, becoming wider and taller as it moved.

Koga high-tailed it away from the windscar attack. He was fast enough to evade the wave and leave before either of them came after him again.

Seina was already looking at me, when I turned to look back at her. At first I was going to yell at her, but when I saw her face, I forgot what I was going to say. For almost being attack by Koga she looked fine, like nothing had happened, and before I remembered what I was going to say she spoke, "Thanks InuYasha..."

I recoiled from it, I didn't need her kindness, or anything. I'd lived long enough without any of it from anyone, so why need her's. "Pfft... Like you would have live with just that attack." But to tell the truth she could have... When I got the Tessaiga from my father's tomb, Sesshomaru's poison claws were enough to deal with... and now her with fire? Fire was probably better, and if she learned how to use it, against Sesshomaru she could beat him easily. His poison powers would only fuel the fire she made. I sighed. "You really do need help."

She growled slightly, "And hence, I'm still here putting up with your pigheaded-ness."

"Who are you calling pigheaded!?"

"Look in a mirror..." She snapped and walked over. "Just keep walking."

I growled, but it was the only thing to do. And so we moved on.