Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters they belong to JK Rowling!

This is just a really short fic that my friend did when we were supposed to be revising. Basically I gave her the words Olive Hornby, Spellotape, Elastic Collision, Glandular fever, Frankfurter and Draco's sexy underwear with hearts and she had to come up with a story including all of those words. So hope you like it, please review if you do:)

"Pansy! How did you get in here!" Draco shouted in alarm grabbing his duvet to cover his almost naked self from the girl who has just stormed into the Slytherin boys dorm.

"Oh Draco" she sighed and threw herself on Draco's bed, Draco stiffened at the sound of a large crack.

"What was that?" he asked looking around the room nervously.

"Oh" Pansy said then reached behind her to throw Draco's now broken wand on the floor. "Just this silly piece of wood on your bed"

"Piece of wood…"

"Yes this"

"You broke my wand!"

"Now now Draco don't be ridiculous; you may use this tape to stick it back together if it's that important to you"

"Stick it!...important" Draco spluttered

"Oh Draco! I love your sexy underwear with hearts"

"Pansy what are you talking about? My sexy underwear doesn't have hearts"

"Yes it does"

"Are you ok?" Draco asked leaning over her and noticing her dilated eyes and flushed cheeks for the first time. "Let's get you to Madam Pomfrey"

Draco grabbed a piece of spellotape to tape his wand together till he could get a new one. PROPERTY OF OLIVE HORNBY! CAN CASUE ELASTIC COLLISION it said on the role of tape. He frowned at in confusion but taped his wand anyway.

Helping Pansy to her feet, he moved towards the door and found himself faced with a locking charm.

"Alohoamora" he shouted.

"Ooooh look Draco; food" Pansy said with a happy smile

Draco stared at her watching in surprise as she started easting a frankfurter from a plate on the floor.

"What the…" he trailed off realising his wand was further gone than expected.

Giving up on the unlocking spell, he banged on the door until Greg opened it up from the outside.

"What's wrong?" he asked dumbly as he stared at Draco and Pansy sitting on the floor eating frankfurters.

"Doesn't matter" Draco snapped and hurried to the hospital wing with Pansy in tow.

Twelve minutes later he was sitting next to Pansy's hospital bed with a quill to write a letter to his father so he could get a new wand.

"What's wrong with her" he asked Madam Pomfrey as she came in.

"Glandular Fever, don't worry" she answered.