Um, this is my first ever serious story. Woot? Um, it is AlbelxSophia. It is really REALLyshort. it is probably really bad. xx Sorry my skittles suck. But that is why I need to practice. Anyways, you do not want to hear this. Read on.

I always was by her. Just in case I had to come to her rescue.

And I always slept near her. Just in case a monster had followed us and I could protect her.

When I first saw her, she was like an angel. Her pretty face and beautiful soul was what helped me up when I had fallen down.

Before, when I was without her, I was cold and heartless and felt no compassion.

When I first looked into her cute eyes, I knew for the first time what it meant to be warm.

She was the one who gave me warmth. I loved her.

But my love was something I had to keep a secret, for she loved another. And if I told her that I loved her, she would surely break down and cry.

I could and would not do that to my angel, my beauty.

Since I could not tell her I loved her, for it would cause pain, I promised I would look after her and protect her forever.

And ever.

Daaang. It is over. Poor Albel. ;; Um, hope it was not too bad. That you somewhat enjoyed it orat least did not hate it. Any suggestions? Review or email! Later dogs.