It's disgusting.

I guess it's just animalistic, the way I think about him. It disgusts me but I can't get it out of my head. Look at him,

Take him Kurogane,

No, no, I can't do that, never do that.

He's pale. He's perfect. He's an angel fallen to Earth and I can make that mine. If only I would just go and take him.

For the first time, this is fear. I'm not fearful. I've run headfirst into certain death, but this is an entirely new form of danger. A danger I've yet to understand. Just stay and watch him. I'll never be ready, now or never Kurogane.

I just want it now.

I don't want romance, or exchange of those words "I love you" that I'm supposed to be chasing after. I just want him. That can't really be called love can it? Like I care. I want him and I'll have him.

I could, couldn't I? I could take him, and even if he struggled I could still have him. He is weak, and I am strong. Just another one of the contrasts about us that seems to make it all the more beautiful.

He is beautiful, together we could be beautiful, no more of this, I want him now.

He's just standing there, so innocent, but we're alone. No one else to see this sin I'm about to commit, I still don't care. He looks back at me and smiles, calm and content, fake and broken.

How I'd love to tear that right off your perfect face. I want to see you cry.

Your staring out the window, pale fingers against cold glass that separates us from an outside world we've learned to hate.I come next to you, and you acknowledge me. You smile.

It's disgusting.

I kiss you, I crush my lips against yours and you do nothing. I draw back and you pull away. No, your going to be mine, and I don't want you to do that. Once calm blue eyes are wide with surprise, and that suddenly turns to fear as I push you against the wall and you begin to comprehend what's happening. I kiss you more passionately, my tongue exploring your mouth in which I am not welcome. You push against me again but I have you and your not going anywhere. You cry out but I silence you with another kiss that's not returned, working at removing your clothes as you desperately try to struggle free. Maybe you don't want this. Maybe I don't care. Your beautiful like this, you know that? All broken and teary and naked and all mine. It's hopeless now, Fai, it's too late. Your going to mine.

Your so beautiful, it's disgusting.

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