Okay, this is hideously OOC, but these are my twisted views on the things that go on in Syaoran's mind behind that determined little would be various entrys in a little diary he wrote in. I know it has spelling and grammatical errors, but that's just how Syaoran scribbled things down, he's not perfect people.

Entry#34: Screw this

You know what? Screw this. Forget Sakura, forget these retard feathers, I'm done! I could of been back in sandy land, diggin' all day long, but no, no, now they've got me runnin' all over the universe lookin' for these stupid feathers. I get hurt, I cry, Sakura doesn't remember a god damn thing, I'm done with it! Yeah, she's a ditz, like I'd want to spend the rest of my life with her. Screw that. I'll be a ice cream man, they get to drive all over and see the darling chillun's smiles. Then I could eat ice cream every day, not have Sakura falling down asleep because she's a freakin' narcoleptic amnesiac and Fai always humping Kurogane's leg every time you turn around. I'm done with this, Screw you Yuuko.

Entry#26: I'm afraid.

I'm really afraid. I don't know how to wash the dishes. I try and I try, but the machine hates me. Why does it only hate me! I never did anything to it, Fai and Sakura seem to work it just fine, and Kurogane says he's way too manly to be washin' stuff. Don't know why I even tried in the first place. I go to put a dish in and BAM it's got my arm, and I scream and scream and no one hears me. There's these buttons and dials see, and I like, press em' and it makes this HORRIBLE noise, like all hell just broke lose in this little washin' machine. Where does all the food on the plates go when you wash it? Where the hell does it go! Does it think that I too am but a stain on this giant plate we call life! You open the thing up and like, woosh, no more dirtiness. Where does the dirty go, not like it just dissolves right? Am I too to dissolve? Oh god.

Entry#24: The man-pride

Kurogane said that besides him, I'm the only one that retains even a smidgen of man-pride. Okay, he didn't use the word "smidgen" but I like it so too bad. Anyways, we were talkin', and I wanted to know about like, why he was so mean to Fai. He just said that Fai was a disgrace to man-pride, and when I said "what is that?" he hit me over the head with a porcelain statue of a cat. It hurt. He told me that I had to be a man like him and not a pansy like Fai. Isn't a pansy a flower? Maybe that's why Fai smells so nice. Kurogane's scary though, I don't wanna be like him. I want to be like "Super Syaoran" or something and shoot lasers from my eyes and fly. Then I'll have a restaurant named after me.

Entry#22: Nobody loves me.

Why does no one love me? Sakura is always with Fai. Why! And he's like, holding her hand and like doin' things for her and she's all smiley. Screw that blond gender-confused retard. I'll kill him. Then maybe I can have those snappy shoes he's always wearin'. I think it's the shoes. Fai always gets all the chicks. I want some too. Maybe just Sakura, and two or three more. If I had Fai's shoes the possibilities would be endless. But my feet are so little...why am I the shortest? It's hard to look imposing when your two feet below evreyone else! Oh, I am never ever gonna be loved. Maybe it's the fluffy coat. What if I had a fluffy coat! I'd be like "Syaoran the pimp" and I could have like one of those hats with a feather in em', and a cane. Then I'd like drive a fancy dancy car. I could do my hair like his too, so it's looked all wispy and fluffy. Yeah, yeah man, then I'd KEEEL Fai, and stuff him in the garbage. Kurogane would eat him if I cut him up into bite sized pieces though, maybe that's a good idea too. Hmm...

Entry#21: I suck.

Why is the sword I got so little? It's like, 2 cm. Wide. How am I ever gonna do anything with that! Now Kurogane, Kurogane gets this big bad ass one and I get like the wusstastic thing. I'm not even gonna use it, screw that. Why does every thing I attack usually catch on fire? Like, I'll do something and it's like BOOM huge flames a'risin' everywhere. Then I never get burned, even when they're like, all over me. Maybe I'm in the matrix. Maybe I'm "The one." That's flippin' sweet.

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