1Entry#33: Twins

What if I had a twin? Flippin' sweet man. We could like, switch places all the time. He'd be my best buddy and we'd share cotton candy. The blue kind, not that pink crap. Then I would make him do all the hard stuff while I relaxed out in the sun. with maybe a bottle of juice, because I like juice. I'd be so cool. When Sakura bothered me, I could dump her on the other me, and I could go have ice cream with Kurogane because he is my home dawg, and also the only one with money to buy ice-cream since Fai is irresponsible and I seem to impulsively buy Sakura stuff.I would call him Hoolio. Hoolio would be an awesome name. How come I'm Syaoran and not Hoolio? Fate is sometimes so cruel. I think he would be blind in one eye too, but we could like, share each other's sights and let our sights become one or whatever. Yeah. I could only wish.

Entry#20: Training

Training is hard. Kurogane said that he would train me when I got my sword so I could become a swordsman or whatever. You know, I thought we'd be like, sparring and stuff. But no, no, we go out into the middle of this lake and he's on the shore with a handful of rocks. I'm standing on this eensy weensy little rock island thing, and he starts chuckin' these rocks at me, and I'm just like "What the foschizzle?" and I start with my super kicky-moves and all until I feel this HUGE pain in the side of my head and I fall in the water. Then there's the fact I can't breath, I feel like I have a concussion and there's this blood spouting from my head as I'm drifting to the bottom of a lake. I don't think I like training. So I finally get my wits together and break above the water, and doggy-paddle over to the shore where Kurogane is, and there's no "sorrys" or any of that crap, just "put this blindfold on and walk home.". So then I'm wandering through town blind, falling into garbage cans and getting laughed at by every passerby to ensure I'm never respected again. Then I hear like meowing, and I immediately think "Fai and Sakura!" What the hell is wrong with me! So then Ryou-ou, that dork, comes and ruins the whole thing by fighting this oni right next to me and taking the blindfold away. Screw him! So I finally get home, and have to pretend it's all good in the neighborhood. It's not good at all.

Entry#18: Boots

Okay, so we're I this world that's all snowy. The people here dress pretty funky so we all get like these colonial duds. I'm thinking "Wow, I'm looking pretty good" I mean, I am really good-looking after all. So I come out and take a look at evreyone else. Sakura looks like some retard storybook princess with like, this ridiculous bow and like uber-skirt. It was ugly. Kurogane is just in all black. I think he needs to expand his horizons. Then, my eyes (eye) fall on Fai. He's in pale blue, with like this crescent moon shaped hat, and worst of all, these Thigh. High. Boots. I just find myself staring at them, I mean, that is not right. Fai should not be in like...oh god, I'm not even gonna comment on this. So he's walking around like this in public, and no one bothers to say anything. I'm like screaming "God, someone put him in men's clothing!" but no one's listening, no one's listening. Fai just keeps on walking around like that, embarrassing us all. I think he is the reason people don't like us.