1Entry#14: Noise

I woke up last night to noise. A lot of noise. So I'm like "What the heck? I'm tryin' to sleep!"

So I bust outta there, and I look around, and nothin's there. Just the hallway, which only contains a couple of rooms, one being mine, one being Sakura's , and the third belonging to Kurogane and Fai. They sure are good friends. So I just guess that it was nothing and go back into my room to go to sleep. I snuggle into bed, it was so comfy it made me smile and forget that my life was terrible. So I'm just falling asleep when I hear the noise again. And again. And again. I'm beginnin' to get a bit suspicious now, like where the hell is this noise comin' from? So I sit up and bed and close my eyes to listen, and I hear it. It's like, I think it's Fai..or Kurogane...one of them. I listen closer to the wall, I like press my beautiful little ear against it and it is defiantly them. I wonder what their doing, because whatever it was it didn't sound very fun. It sounded like Fai was getting hurt. Then I started to freak out, oh god, Kurogane is killing Fai. All those nights of playing go-fish with those two were lies! So I wrench open my door, run down the hallway, and without thinking I kick down the door and jump into their room.

...I learned something that night.

Entry#16: Water

Okay, so we're in this new world now. It's real barren, and of course Kurogane's got to make a rude comment about it. I hate how he's always tryin' to be so manly around evreyone. Like he's better than me, I'll kick his ass. I think he does it to impress Fai. As far as what I know since what I saw last night, I think Kurogane's already got what he wanted. So Sakura just drops down unconscious, and then we gotta carry that bitch over and drop her somewhere while I'm expected to go swim in this lake thing and get a feather, or whatever. So I pop on my handy-dandy goggles and dive down underwater. It made me feel like a little sea-monkey. Then I find this whole little mini-town down there, it's like "Wow man!" and I get all wide-eyed in awe. I see this HUGE fishy over the town, and I just randomly decide to rip a scale off it. For some reason, I get a random flashback of my dad. That somehow fills me with bubbly happiness. What the hell. So I swim up and hop out of the water and it looks like some scene out of the little mermaid. Then Mokona's like "Sakura! Sakura is-" and I immediately assume she is dead, dead, dead. I freak, and then I find she's just asleep. Damn them all. She's in Fai's lap too. What the hell? Kurogane doesn't look like he minds though because he knows that Fai is his bitch. So, she wakes up and then I'm forced to talk to her. She's so boring. Why do I have to bear through all this while Kurogane and Fai make-out behind a tree?

Entry#6: Dreams

I had a dream about a dog on fire. What is up with that? I was all like "Hey! Doggy! You's on fiyah!" But it didn't really seem to care. I think that's how I started having the problem of randomly catching on fire. Someday I'm going to be cooked and eaten by Sakura. I shudder just to think about it. So now I'm havin' this dream, and it tells me that it will lend me it's totally awesome power stuff. I'm thinkin' "flippin' sweet!" So when I wake up I hurry and tell evreyone, because that's just amazin' and all. Then Kurogane tells me he had a dream too. I think he has erotic dreams about Fai. I wonder what their like. Probably something involving vanilla folders and broken speakers. Oh yeah. He says he saw an animal-thing too. I'm thinkin' "Bastard! That was mine!" I want to poke his eye out so we're equal. I wish I was tall like him and had his broad shoulders too. I thin I'll hollow out his body and live in it like a second skin. Then all the chicks will dig me. Fai said he also had a dream like ours, but he's a liar. He just wants to have cool animal thingy dreams like us. Bitch.

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