Chapter 2

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Tommys POV

Why did i come here he thought to truthfully had no idea what he was doing in an Edinburah hotel. He had just suddenly thought lets go to Scotland and this is where he had eneded up.

"Mr Quincy here are your room keys and if you need anything don't heasatate to ask." the reseptionest told him.

"Thanks."he replied

Room 21. Oh so not a good room for me he thought remembering the song Jude wrote and her confession that it was about him. He missed jude like hell but he had no idea where she was and she had got a new phone number or so her parents had told him. All he knew was that she had been sent to boarding school had no idea where.

Time to be your twenty one chimed on his phone he had a text it read: Tommy i dont no where you are and i can't tell you where i am but i can give you clues. So here capital of scotland.A boarding school first letters St G. Its an all girls school. I'mnumber 21. I love you Jude.

He sent back: Girl thats where i am meet me outside hay market station at 4.30 pm please. I love you Tommy

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