Oh well, I don't own anything but my original characters, nor do I own any of the spells (except for a few), nor the Wiccan rituals. I'm not a practicing Wicca, so if anything is wrong in those rituals, it wasn't meant to offend. Also, the list of Knights is true from a web page on Arthurian legends, and the story of Bran is from a book about Merlin.


And so, as his ancestors did before him, Artorius Castus cast off his chains and ascended the throne of Briton.

No longer did he acknowledge the name of Artorius Castus; he reclaimed his Briton heritage by assuming the name of his Pagan roots: Art-ur Pendragon; or otherwise known as the son of the Dragon, Bear.

Now known as Arthur Pendragon.

He married a wonderful woman, who became his queen, therefore uniting the magic and fantasy of Avalon and the surety and reality of Briton.

With his friends and family by his side, Arthur ruled Briton with firm fairness for many, many decades.

Arthur's children, Mordwen, Brenna, Morganna, Sean, Tiernan, and Loreilai, all learned well from their mother and father and married well too.

She, too, married her lover and father of her children, Lancelot, and had many children after the twins Orrin and Roslyn. They are named: Ulla, Wilona, Thane, the triplets Babai, Trakan, and Mae, Rider, and Tina-just recently turned twenty and five.

But it wasn't all good tidings for the family, many hardships happened that threatened to destroy their hard earned peace. The most horrible occurred, when Rumina, daughter of the evil sorcerer Turok and the banished Brietta of Avalon returned to the place of her mother's shame to enact revenge for the mother who died bringing her into living...

...Maevelyn, daughter of Marquis Tristan and Lady of the Lake, Lady Isolde, was practicing her fire magics when Rumina arrived and started cursing the area around her.

Maeve watched in horror, as the land she loved turned black with death. As Rumina turned her attention to her, Dermott, in his hawk form, swooped down and intercepted the sickly yellow org of light aimed at his little sister.

With a shriek of pain, Dermott's body was forced out of his animal form, into his mortal form, and once again into his animal form-permanently.

Day after day, week after week, the strongest priestesses of Avalon tried to remove the curse from the son and heir of Lord Tristan and their Lady, but to no avail. Rumina's revenge remained strong.

After a while, the Mother Superior realized that the magics from Briton and the mystics of Persia had made Rumina stronger than even she and Elaine.

To save her brother, Maeve left her homeland and set out to find a mentor to teach her to blend the magics from the west and eastern worlds together as one.

After many trails, Maeve realized how to defeat Rumina and restored her brother to human form once more.

Orrin glanced up from the parchment roll he was dictating on, and sighed. His mother, the most beautiful woman in his world next to his twin, little sisters, wife, and daughters was slowly dying and there was nothing he could do to stop it.

No one could.

Princess Elaine of the Royal House of Pendragon, Lady of the House of Lyon, The Roving Lady Priestess of Avalon, sister of King Arthur, and wife of Marquis Lancelot Lyon was crumbing in the face of time.

His mother had outlived everyone from the original Knights of the Round Table, and she was truly happy to finally start her next adventure in the afterlife with her brother and husband, Arthur and Lancelot.

Her breathing was coming in short gasping bursts now.

Her time was running out.

He wished he could end her pain, but she had convinced him not to use his magic to help prolong her life.

As he stared at her with unseeing eyes, he felt the others enter the room.

As they settled down to witness her final journey, the final words for her memoirs whispered themselves into his conscience from the reassesses of his memories of his father many years ago...

...for it was a time neither for sadness nor morning.

For those who died, died for a greater cause on that battlefield...

...for Freedom.

And those who died shall never be lost in the haze of time...

...tales f their great valor will never be forgotten...

...told me father to son, mother to daughter...

...in the tales of King Arthur, and, his knights.

With a final swish of his quill, he was done.

And so was Elaine.

The greatest story ever told was finally over.

He griped the parchments...

But never forgotten.

The End