Alright, since I am in a romantic mood (I just watched Howl's Moving Castle… how romantic is that!) I felt like writing another AlbelxSophia. I kind of like that pairing. It can be angsty. On with the story! Told in Albel's POV. What! It is fun writing in his POV.

I watched her walk. It was a bouncy, care free walk. With every step she took, it seemed to make her look like she actually enjoyed this trip and that we were just taking a stroll in the forest.

I know I must be in love when I notice these kinds of things. It was pathetic of me.

But I could not help but think these thoughts. Even when I tried to bar them from my mind, they always seemed to find a way to squeeze their way into my mind.

I watched her again. She was studying her nails. How queer. At a time like this, she was examining to see if she had broken one. How very… girlish of her.

I came to and pushed the thoughts of her away. Tried to think about other things. Like swords, being the strongest, watching out for monsters, Sophia…

Damn. She came back.

Sometimes when I watched her, she would look at me and smile. A reassuring smile. That everything would be okay. Me being the most excellent charmer, I would scowl and look away.

Her smile.

I could not explain it. It has its own unique nature and could light up the darkest chamber.

But she reserved another, more special smile for someone else.


That boy whom we traveled with. I felt the most sickest of jealousies when I looked at him. He was not special in the least, and had nothing going for him.

But she still gave him that smile. And she gives him those looks. And she hangs on him, and she comforts him, and she flirts with him, and she laughs with him, and she depends on him, and she loves him.

She loves him.

Not me.


I stab my katana into the ground and give out a frustrated cry of pain and anguish to the heavens above us. Everyone turns around and looks at me questionably.

"What?" Fayt asks. I flash him the cruelest look I can muster. Grab my katana forcefully from the ground.

"Nothing," I say, walking. And when I walk away, I look out of the corner of my eye at her. I see something I had never seen before when she looked at me or anyone else for that matter.


I quickly avert my eyes.

And smile.

Hahaha. I could not think of any other way to end it. I was trying to think of a look that would show that she actually cared for him but could not be love. I think the ending was kind of weak. Ah well. I think I might write one with the same scene, but with Sophia's POV. I dunno yet. Review please. I tried making this one long, but it did not work out too well. o.o;