Everything is bathed in eye-gouging white.

It's blurred at the edges, but that's okay because there are no edges. It's a kaleidoscopic tunnel that's frayed at the fringes, a perfect chipped opium dream.

Naruto, flashing a grin and a thumbs-up sign, tells her, "I'll protect you!"

Sasuke, standing on the opposite side, nods and murmurs, "You'll be all right. You'll make it through."

But both of their backs are turned to her, and she can't reach out to touch either of them. They step away from her, each going the opposite direction from the other, until they are but dots in the distance, and she is left alone with nothing but their promises.

And she is stuck wondering, in the middle of this murky alabaster dream, who is blinder: them for promising her, or her for believing it.